Garbage matchmaker

If you are playing at the ceiling of this game, the matchmaker might have different issues. I think if you view it as a percentage of your power-score it makes more sense. I’m content to play at a 10-15% disadvantage, but when it reaches a 25% or greater disadvantage, I’m not having fun anymore and feel cheated, especially when that disadvantage becomes consistent. Then the harder you try the worse it gets.

Since Supercharged 2.0, the speed nerf, the wheel nerf, and the Hover buff, things have been drastically different for me. I totally suck. I relied on those nerfed features a lot, I guess. I took a break for about a month, came back and It’s not been the same game.

They probably have updated the way the matchmaker works too, and that’s why none of my old tricks work any more…or I imagined the whole thing, but I don’t think so. They used to openly use these matchmaking de-ranking schemes in brawls, so I don’t think it’s far fetched to believe they can do that. They’ve done it before.

They don’t demonstrate the kind of ethics or morality that would normally inhibit somebody dealing left-handed here at Crossout, either. Crosscrowns are a fine example, so they make me suspicious when I see trends like de-ranked power-scores, or even long queues when I know there are games to be had and players available for matches.

Maybe 2.0 has it’s own thing going, and the matchmaker is not playing by the old rules. IDK. My builds kinda suck to hard for me to test any theories.

I unloaded two Nests (no ammo-box) on two Hover-bots last night and killed neither of them. Both of them alternately being attacked by some other dude (who flamed out and ran), so I’m guessing my schit sucks pretty bad when two bots bobble around in circles for two minutes shooting some other guy and I can’t kill either.

I’m very lost in this game right now, and I don’t know what to do with it. It sort of needs to be treated like a new game. It’s indeed very dissimilar to the Crossout we had last year.

In short, I guess you’re screwed. Got Hover META?

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I’d rather struggle with a huge PS disadvantage than have to always play hover metas. I’ve done it, and still will from time to time, but I do not - nor have I ever - had a hover meta saved in my blueprints.

FWIW, this morning, I took that weaker shotgun build, moved things around a bit, and slapped a single Assembler on it.

I knocked out the Canon daily with it… MM was very kind to that build. I was highest or at least top 50% for every match. None of this makes sense to me. :man_shrugging: :laughing:

I’ve been trying to decide if I want to keep or sell my Dusk, so last night I ran Bigfeet and Nests all night. It sucked all night. I kept thinking I’d get the hang of it, but nope. Bigfeet suck, the nest sucks, and so does the Dusk. I couldn’t really notice any trend in the way the matchmaker dealt with me though. It may have tried to throw me a soft pitch or two, but my build sucked too bad to take advantage of it.

I really like Bigfeet, but they suck. It was especially bad with four ST Bigfeet. Gawd it handled bad. I don’t want to sell the Bigfeet, because they are most effort I’ve ever spent on crafting (crafting sucks too, IMO), but I don’t know what to do with them…none of that is really the matchmaker’s fault, and I drifted off topic into simply complaining again. Sorry. Not real thrilled with the way things have been going in the wasteland lately.

On the upside, my drone-boats work(ish) and are fun to build and drive. I guess I’ll focus on what I’ve got that does work…in regards to the matchmaker, none of that is above 7K. The game looks worse the higher up you go to me, so if you’re playing at 14K, I’m not surprised to hear it isn’t much fun, and is a wonky mess, unless you’re sweet on Hovers. It always looked like a META festival there to me though.

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IMO Bigfoots are outclasses by hermits - if you need more tonnage, just use more hermits.

Nest was over nerfed - this weapon is not good.

IMO the dusk cabin was never good, I think I posted something about it right after you bought it. The way it works is not how I want to play guided rockets.


For rockets, the Stepp Spider is the way to go. To me, it’s what the Dumb… er… Dusk was trying to be. It nerfs their damage, but they fly so fast enemies have a harder time ducking for cover. Bring a KA-2, the Golden Eagle your bestest radar & annoy people to no end. I actually managed an MVP in Get the Wires earlier with that set up.

I have them flying sideways, though… 2 to the left, 2 to the right. I have the trigger for the left ones the left mouse button & the trigger for the ones on the right the right mouse button.

Two are also fused for faster reload. I put one on each side… so, after the 1st volley, it’s an almost steady stream of single rockets.

Fun stuff.

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I know it’s stupid, but I have a hard time getting past the green lights on Hermits. I don’t like them because they harsh my color-schemes. True story. I’m not OCD, but that makes me feel like I could be.

I really don’t play to win, as much as I play to escape. Things like that keep me down, like ugly-ass builds. If the META wasn’t so ugly, I’d be more inclined to play it. Like The Shotgun wedge; it can actually be pretty cool looking (IMO), and I’ve even seen a few cool Boring-Truckers. Never seen a cool looking Hover META though. The cannon META was kind of fugly too, but that seems to be over.

It’s like, if I had to have genital warts to get laid, I’d go into the priesthood.

Hermits aren’t that bad though (I exaggerate a bit, as usual) Maybe I’ll give it a shot…Nah. I don’t expect that to make this game more fun. It seems more practical to just lower my power-score and use Racing Wheels that I have cool CKs for, and just play at a lower PS. It’s still roughly the same game, but with less BS (overbearing advanced weaponry, OP movement parts, and the overpriced modules that make it all possible).

I’m really salty today. sorry. What a 817CH, right?

Can’t you cover the center with a hubcap?

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One is a racing wheel and the other is a hermit.

You got to be pretty OCD if that bugs you :wink:

The hermit has more details, it’s an awesome looking wheel.

I probably could, but why bother? They are just Racing wheels for high PS. There are no play-styles that interest me at high PS that can’t be had at lower PS…well, I like the idea of ML-200s, but hovers, so I’m not going to bother with that. I wanted to build some kind of Tank, but tracks and Cannons both suck too, and also-Hovers.

For now, I’m just going to build low PS drone-boats, and art fart around the Wasteland…which reminds me; I still need that fart-horn from the Drone brawl. Damn thing gave me another Duck last time. I like the Duck (a lot), but I don’t want two of them. So now I’ve got two really cool ducks and a bunch of the ugliest stickers this game has to offer.

They don’t have the fart horn this year.

I scrapped mine for resources last year :wink:

I feel the same about the green lights on hermits, so I always cover them with hubcaps.
On that note, I need more hubcaps!

you all need to write on ever thread? :rofl:
how many times have you all seen this matchmaker?


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Does it really mater?

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Well, damn. I kept hearing about a fart-horn being one of the prizes. I guess that’s good news and bad news. The bad news is, I don’t get my fart-horn. The good news is, I don’t need to mess with that brawl anymore. I wish I would have realized that sooner.

It’s not that hard to dredge through that brawl long enough to earn a biscuit, I suppose, and that dirty mattress paint was pretty good. I don’t enjoy it at all, though, and am always glad to stop playing it. It’s the wobbly driving. Simulated lag is stupid, IMO. I don’t like it.

As long as I don’t have to play more than for or five matches to meet the quota (2) I’ll keep doing it, probably. I’m a sucker for paints…and now Ducks a little too. This duck is hyper-cool though, IMO (still don’t want 2).

Glad it’s not just me…sort of. Sorry to hear that gets under your skin too, is probably more appropriate.

I’m also in the more hubcaps lobby. I’d like to see some classics.

you all off Topic anyway…as always :crazy_face:

u know i’m just messin with u all… right? :crazy_face: :rofl:


This topic has been milked dry. I’m not sure what else there is to add.

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Should we start a “Cool Hubcaps we’d like to see in game” thread? I’d really like more of this feature, myself.


Yeah we know :rofl:

Also, I read about 50% of the posts you make then delete. I also find that hilarious.


yes you start it,but i want hubcaps for small tracks… :kissing_heart:


I was actually looking at an opportunity to go play a few rounds. I’m heading for the door.

I’ve gotten pwnd by maces a few more times since I built my Sledgehammer wedge, and I’m probably going to go get some to update my shotgun slot. I should have went for those instead of the Junkbows.

Maybe I’ll see you out there again.

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