Garbage matchmaker

The nice thing about sledgehammers & maces is that they’re pretty much identically sized, so swapping them out on the same build is super easy.


Back on topic & some more crybabying… :laughing:

I decided to keep track of what MM would do if I did nothing but play my quad mace sledgehammer build in Get Wires.

70% win rate, so maybe I don’t suck as bad as I thought.
The nicest MM was to me was 3rd from the bottom.
Two MVPs & one where I literally scored 0.

I guess I shouldn’t complain… in the grand scheme of things, maybe this actually makes sense. If I’m supposedly good with this build, wouldn’t it kinda suck for me to get matches where I go around wailing on everyone? I dunno… Even so, I think it’d be super groovy to get in to matches where I’m only 4th from the bottom. :man_shrugging: :clown_face:

FWIW, this is the build…

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Ya…I decided you’re very right about that, and it literally makes no difference, except if I used Maces instead of Sledgehammers, I would probably have to use Hermits instead of Racing Wheels, because it raises my Power-score to use Maces, in which case I would need more durable Wheels to cope with everybody else using scaled up weapons. It feels like chasing the wind to eat it, so I just left my Wedge alone. It works fine with Sledgehammers and a Mace-Wedge is exactly the same play-style (same exact build in the example here) as a Sledgehammer Wedge.

I went out an got MVP with my Sledge-Wedge just now, and figured, why bother? The matchmaker is just going to scale-up the baddies if I scale up. What’s the point? Do I need more hovers in my game? Nope. What’s to be gained with Maces?

If I really liked small-tracks or something and felt like I needed to use those, I guess because the PS is higher, I would likely need to scale-up to Maces in order to run those with any kind of survivability…chasing the wind, man.

They say contention is like taking a piss; it’s hard to stop once you get started (Proverbs 17:14)

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drones are 100% useless in raids and often times get destroyed before they can do anything. the moment they hit the ground the bots will instantly target them, this goes for land mines, kapkans, turrets, quad drones, wheel drones, fuzes, etc. theres literally no delay either, the instant you drop them the bots weapons will turn to the drone and kill it outright. i find this extremely unfair and i think the bot ai needs to be reworked for drones. because how are you supposed to defend yourself or use your drones if they just get instantly canned right after they are deployed?

i used an anaconda turret in a raid before and… it was practically useless… more often then not my drones missile would get blocked by a team mate, my team mate would drive onto / into my drone preventing it from firing, its shots would miss and it would get destroyed… i just wish the missile turrets were a bit more usable and maybe cost 3 power instead of 4.

i believe this used to be a feature in the game long ago, people would run lances, mow through about 2 or 3 people, suicide, then leave the match and go directly into another while getting the full reward from the match regardless if they lost or won.

yeah i remember this happening to me long ago to. when i ran id be 10k but run into people at like 12 - 14k ps. that was when i was running fuzes long ago

i do adventure for the badges, if you ever want someone to pop in and help get the extra badges im always willing to help.