Get rid of the exhibition download feature

Simple as. People should not be able to download blueprints from the exhibition. It would immediately increase build variety in the game 10fold, and undermine meta-chasing sweatlords. Games would no longer consist of each team having 2-3 essentially copy-pasted builds.

Alternatively, only allow the download of our own blueprints, and those on our friendlist or in our clan. But I think no download at all would be the best.


It would screw people sharing fusions with friends, I play with some friends who have cool and good fusions and it’s the one guy who makes them which is easier as it helps making them connect rather than spend ages telling someone the clocks etc etc. So I’d say friends only but that still would suck, idk


Also people will just look at a build from exhibition and just copy it themselves anyway


But if they do that all the builds will be gone. til now i’ve been 100% original trying to be a step further than my nemesis through out the PS.
But i do mark builds that i like in the exhibition, builds that for some reason i wish i’ve done it, builds that someday with my personal tweaks, maybe will be mine too.

No they won’t. For anyone capable and willing it’s enough just to see something in battle. Others just too lazy.

About the topic. 100% agree. Exhibition download is the means of metas infestation.

They will lol

Anyone who built it - deserves it. Doesn’t matter that much where they build it from, own ideas or some picture. They will still have some parts placed differently though.

Eww what a grinchy idea. I don’t even use meta builds and think that’s a bad idea. If you want to add the option if turning off your own builds downloads I think that’s fair but don’t make it default.

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Maybe we should get rid of certain $28,000+ weapons too, like scorpions, so that those of us who’ll never be able to aford them will stand a chance against the trolls in bedlam.


How about no Scott?

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I totally agree with you on this.

One of the worst ideas I have heard in ages, sure it would limit the amount of meta builds, but also make the meta even more better because of only a handful of people can build them from scratch and run them, making matches even more imbalanced and in favor of the meta.

Not to mention downloading other peoples builds and messing around in them and with them gives you valuable building tips and tricks and a better understanding on how to make builds and position things, than trying to invent it all by yourself from scratch. And the Bedlam art scene would die off completely, I mean it’s on life support and begging to die already, but still

Bruh… 2 heavy melee per battle or 6 heavy melee per battle. What’s more meta infested? Can you even do basic math?
You mean those that actually build something powerful will be in a more beneficial position because there will be less competition? Why shouldn’t they be?? It’s a bloody craft building game. Someone capable of building should be rewarded for his efforts. What is the point of building if there is available meta and make almost no sense building something if you aren’t sure you can make something even better.

Because bedlam art scene consists of mediocrities that assemble exhibition builds and take it to bedlam? Why does that even need to exist? Besides, most people there actually do show what they actually built.

Most of builds don’t follow simplest logic like having a base for weapon more durable than weapon itself, or same goes for frames. People copy there meta, building mistakes, like building largely overpriced weak builds for their PS thinking it’s ok because others do it.

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This isn’t a bad idea, but doesn’t stop players from copying the same build. A few ss and videos of the build and that’s kinda all you need.

I would say, if you don’t want any of the builds you make taken from the exhibition, don’t post them in the ex. I recommend art builds be posted instead of your actual builds. You have blueprint slots for personal builds.

Absolutely NO.

All it takes is Proof of Concept for people to copy builds…

I mean, how that guy with a wedge is scootchin peeps? Man I will build a vehicle with a wedge!

Now you have 2 wedgers even without the exhibition. PVP games are ALWAYS about efficiency. People will nearly always figure out the most efficient way they can do something. Not everyone thinks inside a tiny box.

Build Variety in Crossout is NOT about the exhibition and downloading off the exhibition.
It’s about weapon balance and how humans copy things that work better.

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Of course they will. But they will have to do something! So we have a bit less meta because some lazy noobs will rather ride their “good ol trusty rusty”. Next thing - everyone will do it slightly differently - hence more variety.
I don’t know how people can be THIS dumb, talking as if building from picture or video is same as oneclick assemble(optionally replace some missing parts with whatever).

Unless you remove the exhibition all together… you can see everything, even roll it on some garage ramps and see the underside

Ok let me explain this to you a bit clearer.

We as a player base are not “dumb”. If you were insulting me, you are entitled to your opinion. I certainly understand your analysis and agree with it to a point. However, the exhibition is not the cause of the problem you are saying you want fixed. Because what you want changed, does not really effect who builds what build, it is a pointless change to something a large amount of the player base enjoys.

We are some of the most creative of game players, we chose a game about building, then fighting. Not Black Ops or whatever FotM. We like to share our builds, see what modifications others make etc.

I would purport rather that you lack comprehension.

Monkey SEE Monkey DO. Never forget this. Learn from success in others as well as failures.

The exhibition has nothing to do with build diversity represented in the game. Far from it.
If anything it gives new players ideas on how to build with what they have.

While I won’t insult you, I would postulate that perhaps a limiting factor to build diversity would be more along this:
“Edit for clarity: Monkey A starts playing”
Monkey A sees Monkey B kill Monkey C, D,E… thinks wow…
Monkey A then works weeks or months for Monkey B’s setup.
Monkey A sees Monkey X kill Monkey B over and over.
Monkey A then works weeks or months for Monkey X’s setup, but has to play Monkey B’s setup the whole time because that is what he or she has unlocked.


Monkey A gets Monkey B to play. Monkey A tells Monkey B “you need X then X then X” resulting in a carbon copy build. Then the previous begins.

Keep in mind, many players do not have premium. A single end game build (with the exceptions of parts from seasons) takes months. For some years.

Only players that have played a long time or players that have put massive amounts of money into the game (thank you for supporting the game so I can play!) can actually compete with diverse amounts of builds. You know, a built in limiting factor.
Would just any old build I can make work in Clan Wars? No. You must play a build that has weapons that are balanced comparatively. You will be facing other people that want to win just as much as you do.

But sure, think it’s the exhibition, in your tiny micro-chasm.

Just NO to the OP.