Give a helping hand to the Devs

One only can help if the person in need wants help, that’s true.

Today was cannon day and i, as usual, gave it a pass but as i was checking the dailies and weeklies the mouse wondered off to the cannon day and a list popped up, and i noticed Median… today i didn’t see any. I usual see a couple.
that got me thinking.
Must be hard to be a dev, it’s not hard to come up with a thing , harder it’s coming up with the next thing , and the next and the next… and so on.
Every single one of us is a major idiot (idiot is a person with many ideas) , every single one of us could attend a devs meeting and spit ball an entire BP from scratch and i bet that most of us would ran out of ideas by the third or fourth BP.
But the ideas must flow again and again and again and so on, money has to be collected.
Sure there’s plenty of parts that are viable as they come out (during and shortly after each BP)
but as soon as the balacing (nerf) starts they no longer are fun/ efficient and so forward, and the devs must know that.
Or they are not meant to be (past a certain point) , or it’s just a temporary part, or just a filler to complete a product (the BP) to be sold, or any other reason.
The new BP isn’t out yet, and the devs probably are working in the next one.

the end result are parts that may be lucrative when hyped and them they serve a second role as a tier thickener, a transitory part so not much more time is spent in tweaking it and they stay forgotten, left behind by them

Our ideas must be a nightmare to follow, to implement and to balancing, most of them are too decisive, too powerful, too fun and in some cases could cause problems to the game engine.

yeah, i know, the devs don’t read us, they ended the suggestion topic in the old forum, but i can imagine them.
i can’t do this , i can0t do that, i can’t do any of this.
you (us) are not helping
Most certainly would be their answer to us.

the thing is.
we are stuck with sht and the game it’s cluttered with useless stuff

We must do better guys, what could we possible came up to have it all, fun parts but at the same time things that the devs may like (profitable and costs efficient that wont occupy the space for the next part)
What we can came up that will be powercreeptable but fun at the same time?


I think, and I could be wrong, but I think that one thing we all can do as a player-base is to play in the mid and high ranged PS, and to fully stop trying to make maxed rigs with the highest PS possible…I think doing that maxed out stuff is (literally) game breaking and, when something breaks, the devs need to focus there. Also, I think that encouraging people to max out their PS is one of the things that leads the devs astray when they start getting the numbers reports. The reports can only show so much, and they probably show the devs that Crossout wants “this” when it really NEEDS “that” … but the devs can’t see “that” as long as the players keep breaking the game on the far end of the PS spectrum. That’s my 2 cents.


you cant have p2w without powercreep, duh.

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I… could not disagree more. As in emphatically disagree and think that this is just an encouragement to race to the bottom and never improve as players.

I think the singular largest issue next to outsize voice out of the few hundred who hardcore it with CW, has been a focus on the middle ps. Full stop.

I’m tired of things being nerfed because people don’t want to progress or play.

Middle PS is like an overmixed album. There’s been so much focus on it and so much added that IT is cluttered. The fact is that very low PS and High PS are the two portions most in need of love and attention and who get the least amount of it positively. That’s demonstrated time and again as things have been nerfed time and again to cater to mid-PS players, aim-assist concerns on console, or people crying “boo hoo seal-clubbing”.

How about we stop trying to reduce the game to roblox with guns.

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Only a bot would comment something like this. Yes, you might be a real human but you have the mind of a bot.

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Hi Kuba. You should understand that, when I made that statement towards you, it was because you made a comment that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of my thread. This comment I left here is in direct answer to the topic of the thread. Wanna try again?

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Staying in the center is not “racing to the bottom” it’s staying in the center.

Playing in the extremes of the game (the very low PS and High PS) doesn’t grant progress. Practicing your craft grants progress.

From my point of view, as I cannot afford to have a bunch of high PS parts, I’m stuck in the middle of the game…and you won’t come down to play, so, you are the one that does not want to play.

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Yeah… cause everyone enjoys having to play against enemies with extra 1-2k PS outclassing you from time to time.
Getting maxed is the only guarantee you won’t have to face those unequal encounters. We have enough madness and unequal teams making it challenge as it is.
That being said I am kind of stuck on lower PS while for whatever reason I don’t have IMPs, and don’t have trouble with that, but even when I had I felt much more reliable ~9000 PS with Big G versus building maxed out build with Apollo and having to face double Scorp toxics.
I also noticed that with higher PS, balancer kind of extends that PS range. If on 4000-6500 PS you will only face 1k PS higher opponents, playing 7-9k PS makes you fight 9-11k opponents accordingly, and even more so at 11k+

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I think the devs have focussed on mid PS for the last year or two, which makes sense because that’s where there are the most players (judging from my queue times), and because that’s where literally every rarity is used. I even see the occasional car using a bunch of chords or luperas with an Apollo, and performing much better than I would have guessed.

It’s true that there are more experienced players in high PS, and more new players in low PS, but mid range has lots of both, so it’s a good place to watch for balance issues.

I personally play anywhere from 5kPS to 16kPS, and I don’t find any spot between those ranges any harder or easier than the other end. I find lower PS more about reflexes and driving skills, whereas high PS is more about building and strategy. Mid PS is glorious chaos, where you have no way of predicting what you might be up against.

(For me, mid PS means 8k-11k. Other players might define things differently)


Mid starts where low ends. Can’t say that 6k is low PS can you? So obviously mid is 6-9k PS. Maybe 6-10k. Because it doesn’t sound correct that high PS is maxed builds ONLY.

I think maybe I miss-stated that. What I image when I say that is…people who only build with epics, legendaries, and relics, under the idea that “higher PS is better” … those kinds of players.

I’m confused. All you need to get above 11kPS is a few legendary items on your build.
And while I would agree that that could consider 5kPS-8kPS as “mid”, I find my queue times too long if I go much lower than 5k.
Also, I feel like an all-epic build should be considered mid-range, and those tend to fall between 8k to 11k PS.

I would agree that a more detailed PS range divisions would put everything below 5kPS as low, then maybe 5k to 8kPS as low/mid, and so on. But that would end up being about 6 different PS ranges, which is a bit complicated for these kinds of discussions.

Shouldn’t go much lower. All you find there is newbies which a decent person would feel sorry for sealclubbing and those actual pathetic sealclubbers who feed on the newbies, who are boring challenge also. Besides, It’s rather boring there since the only cab used for 3-6k PS should be Growl(if it’s not heavy melee or caucasus banana)… and also melee meta is strong and ugly there, so usually no sane person wants to play there.

Shouldn’t look at PS from part rarity point of view. They don’t really balanced all that way for it.
4xIMP+big G+seal+hot red on 6xAPC wheels with Torero cab is ~9000 PS. An effective legendary weapon using build. Should I use Hermits making it +700 PS more? I don’t think crafts perfomance improves enough for the PS price. Should I use PU and add radar/invisibility or other stuff for reduced hp and increased PS? Not rly. Rarities bleed a bunch between PS, at least for now.

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I don’t think you are getting what I was saying, but it doesn’t matter.


the Dev’s don’t need or want a hand.

what they need is a crutch - as they seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot,

maybe it’s not the dev’s themselves, maybe it’s the marketing cronies, or they way they use their stats (poorly) or their failure to deal with known issues in a timely fashion,

Many are leaving due to Knee jerk decisions & illogical choices ( better lighting & lens flare vs better servers & regional engagement & recruitment…) & yet they only SEE the Raw numbers of players from each region,

  • they don’t see, they can’t see the difference, the distinction between Twenty new players logging in a for 30mins each one week (and seldom if ever stay around) vs 2 veterans who play hours every day, who bring long term support & effort, who build relationships, add value, players who no matter what play the game the real world is doing, do the events, do clanwars, BUY the Packs… etc
    one of that 20 may keep playing , one… & yet every week we loose another long term invested player who walks away & may never return to anything touched by the Devs

this is a common & known issue with games, so why is XO any different, why are these Dev’s any different, sadly they are not, even though this knowledge is clearly known,

Support your player base & they will keep the game growing, thriving, all the fancy fluff in the world is meaningless without an audience who can witness or appreciate it.

RIP the AU server, & Player base, the Asia server is suffering, there no support for the southern hemisphere at all & great players from all over who are desperate to play - if only we could…

not seen a regional event once (excluding FR & some minor NA events) since the game Launched, with AU, AS & NA all getting Launch incentives. why not? marketing & short-sighted publishers


This is a double edge sword.

For many people the best advice is to work toward 1 high PS build first and then use that build to farm all your other gear.

It seems to be the fastest way.

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I don’t think one tries to get the higher PS as possible, at least with me.
things just happens, for the second or third time my initial design starts a bit higher than what i wish and then with the refinement it comes down to a more comfortable PS bracket.
I do believe people play more mid range PS cause it’s a benchmark, the first one, then the player could enter in a cruise mode until the next thing which can take time.
for a casual player that reached the epic level the following level seems pretty hard to get there.

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let me restate that. I choose to stay in the middle of the game based on the economical leash I find myself tethered to. I do have several high ps parts afford to me through the battle passes.
what keeps me locked to the middle ps is the effectiveness of the builds that can be made with all those BP part combinations. They freakin SUCK! until, that is, one can start getting the high ps parts that are meant to match with one another.
like suits of armor, each cabin has specific parts meant to matched to it and, unless one can go out of their way (by way of fishing out the wallet), those combinations are unreachable. Even through crafting, some combinations are simply unreachable unless we bust out the wallet.

You aren’t staying in the center bud.

Try playing the game.

From my point of view all you do is make poorly written fan-fic that’s mostly rehashes of lore inside the game and then want everyone to play -below- mid PS because it upsets you other people have purples and above.

Please stop trying to encourage the game to be made worse.


And I think that players like you are 99999% of the problem.

Sincerely said. The fact that you want people in teals and below constantly to accomodate your ideal of the game?

That’s the problem.

Sorry that because YOU Are on a diet no one else can have cake huh?

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