Give rippers a new perk. At 5 energy per gun at 3000 ps per gun theyre useless against hovers

Using a set of 3 as the devs intended because they do no damage with anything less you are at 9000 ps before even thinking about modules and cabin

Add on these and armour and you are at 17,500-19000 ps minimal

Whats at 17,500 19,000 ps and above? HOVERS

whats 100% immune to the ripper’s current perk? HOVERS

Why are these things called a RIPPER when they get stuck in the 1st layer of armour and do nothing after?

Against spaced armour the most common damage numbers to be seen is 18 and under

Why is a RELIC costing 5 energy per gun doing less than 18 damage per hit

Give these guns a perk like the vulture, you hit somebody and you do damage over time for 3-5 seconds from the moment the saw makes contact with another build, but make it RELIC worthy if a part dies while the saw is still active have the saw move onto the next part under it and damage over time on that and repeat until the saw goes away or it falls through the build and hits dirt

Relics should be scary they only cost 32,000 gold to make

I personally want this weapon to not work like a direct damage weapon and really work like a “Minelayer”

If not this weapon should be changed to uncategorized.

As it is now this weapon is not a minelayer and if they are going to make changes I hope the changes push it more in that direction.

I mean the porcupine is a mine layer and most people dont use it as a trapping weapon but direct damage

The porcupine can at least be an effective mine layer, a good porc player will use this weapon as any area denial weapon then change to DPS when the enemy is within range.

The Ripper does not really have that option. You can try, but it is just bad at the roll of a minelayer - which it is suppose to be.

But that’s only my two cents :slight_smile:

It needs some change for sure - anything would be better then what we have.

what if they increased the duration of the blades when you shoot them into the ground to something more effective such as permanent or 2 minutes or 1 minute?
Increase the damage box so it 's high enough to catch hovers?
It would help them be area of denial.

I’ve only used them on test.

Then the visual appearance would be too small and it would making hitting playets even worse

The perk only does 10 damage if a bot drives into them (tested in patrol where wheeled builds exist)

Your change would just make the rippers even worse

This damage needs raised a lot.

It just needs a new perk

The current perk doesnt work

No amount of changes to damage can make it work

Stop trying to make it work

At the power score these weapons are in there are no builds out side of patrol that can trigger the perk

It needs a new perk and forget this perk exist or give it to some teal pack exclusive thing like a caltrops deployer

I would never try to make it work in its current state, it needs completely redone to work like a mine layer.

Maybe it should just move away from the mine layers as it wont affect hovers they fly right over unharmed

The perk should add significant weight to the build they’re stuck in.

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I like that idea. They should have a lot more impulse as well, consider the size of the projectile.
As far as the minelayer aspect, if they had melee resistance and did lethal damage to frames they could be interesting. Maybe they should do extra damage to movement parts?

I’m all for that.

That’s why I mentioned in my first post if they are not going to make this weapon work like a mine layer then don’t call it one.

i mean it currently does work like a mine layer, shoot the ground and it leaves traps behind

except they do 10 damage

and due to their energy cost and weapon grade their powerscore is only against hovers which can ignore them like they dont exist so even if hitting them was buffed to do 250-500 damage they would still not be viable due to hovers floating perk

The sad thing is when this was first announced I think many people thought it was going to be a relic version of the Fortune. Which in my opinion it should have been.

I think that Fortunes are currently better then Rippers.


If the new projectile mechanic changes, just change it back to bullet damage

The really sad thing is that you have to destroy a perfectly good Fortune, a perfectly good Arbiter and loads of other resources to make a Ripper.


Lol yeah, to make a ripper build you have to give up 2 good builds for one bad one :slight_smile:

i really think they are usable the way they are.
for dogs you can shoot the ground and delay their head on attacks, damaging wheels and even framing them.
for hovers you shoot them directly.

the only thing that really sets them back is spaced armor. yes hovers are immune to their ability, and directly hitting a spaced armor build is not a good thing. but how to fix this.
well lets think about it for a minute. what exactly are rippers? they are spinning saw blades. so what would happen in real life if you spun a saw blade at a fast speed and let it go to slam into a vehicle or even a hover?
the answer is alot of recoil (or rather alot of impact upon being hit). not to mention they are a literal giant circular blade, they should have more oomf then normal.
so how id solve this is give them more impact towards hovers. the more you have the greater the impact (much like the spike or the toadfish.) and the harder it hits to turn them.
another solution is to give the sawblades piercing. like the blades have a certain amount of damage and will go through parts until that damage threshold is upheld, only then will it get stuck in the parts. the only exception being the cabin where itll come to a complete halt.

this problem has really impacted cannons as they have the same problem as well. spaced armor is really a big issue for anything that reloads or has a single shot within a few seconds. machine guns dont really have this issue as they can just keep firing with constant damage.

still what do you think with my suggestion?

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what dogs? at 17,500-19,000 PS there are only hovers. sometimes there is a spider bot but mostly even bots are on hovers too

against at 17,500-19,000 ps everything has spaced armour

theyre not useable in pvp in their current state

they work ok in patrol and theyre only meta in levi clan war because they abuse the AI targetting of the levi to only shoot the saw blades

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