Golden Eagle needs to be buffed

Golden Eagle needs a buff to speed/power. 8% and 40% while colossus has 7% and 50% makes no sense. Make it:

15% and 40%
10% and 45%

Golden eagle has a very specific perk that can not be balanced by anything else. I think its fine as it is.


The only thing they really should do is add legs to the list of parts it speeds up.


Adding legs would make it MUCH more popular…while I would enjoy that, I think that would be too much.

Bigrams are pretty balanced vs Hovers, BF, Hermits, and Small Tracks. With 10 km/h, they become too strong.

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Every epic engines has a specific perk, so I don’t understand your point. As is, GE is rarely used. It is the cheapest epic by far. Those two simple observations make it clear it isn’t a balanced option.

Could just do it for MLs


I use it on most of my auger, omniwheel, and track builds. The speed boost is significant enough on those parts that I always try to use it with them (if I have the energy to spare).
I wouldn’t mind if they worked for legs too, but I’d prefer it help with tonnage instead.

Colossus gives better or equal acceleration. Regarding top speed, 10 km/h is reasonable for a perk…but the 8% speed results in many cabin/movement part combos not even realizing the full 10. When you compare the 8% and 40% to Colossus (which has a more popular perk itself) at 7% and 50%, GE is lacking.

You guys surprise me sometimes. It is a part that few utilize and yet yall pretend it would be OP by having a small buff.

Oppressor also needs a buff but not sure what I would recommend there.

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I don’t think any of the engines need a buff. I use golden eagle on any light to light/med cabin build with small tracks. I used it on triangle tracks for heavier med cabs and lighter heavy cabs.

It really just depends on the cabin im useing. On some cabins it doesn’t hit the mark with a movement part sure. But thats the same for all the other engines paired with whatever movement parts. If I use golden eagle on a cabin and movement parts don’t reach the movement parts max speed nor does it reach its max mass I just drop a tonnage engine on. Or I change movement parts to a heavier track.

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I would have agreed whole-heartedly a while ago when Colossus still gave 20% reload speed. I also agree that GE’s stats suck compared to Colossus, and Colossus isn’t even a great engine as far as stats go. I also agree with your analysis that its low % speed makes the perk less useful. BUT

15% speed 45% power is obviously a big no, I suspect you typed these values to see if people were even paying attention. Can def get behind 10%/40% or something like that tho
And I really don’t think Oppressor needs any buff. If have a fused Cheetah and an unfused Oppressor, and the Oppressor ends up on most of my CW builds since I play lethargic weapons. I know hover players go ham on the Oppressor too, because it’s the highest power tonnage engine.

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Oppressor is quite useful on a lot of my builds. I don’t think it needs a buff either.

A power upgraded Colossus lets you negate the power drain of 11 hover thrusters and gives them 20% more HP, though. Also gives over two tons of extra mass limit to any vehicle. I think it has great stats overall. May not be very useful for a speed freak like me, but even I have to admit that its stats are overall very good.

As far as the OP is concerned, I suppose the Golden Eagle could have a 9% boost to speed instead of 8%, but I’d rather have the devs pay some atention to the special rarity engines that are only used as crafting ingredients. I wish they let us use one engine of each rarity on builds.

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I’d rather just have more new epic engines.

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I’d like to see more engines in general not just epics.

Yeah, Golden Eagle is supposed to be THE track engine, yet colossus works way better on all tracks and as an added bonus, you can use it on builds with other movement parts as well.

Colossus is not better than Golden Eagle on faster track builds. Those extra few kmh really matter if you’re playing small tracks or omniwheels. I also find Golden Eagle really helps my auger and tank track builds, assuming my cabin can take advantage of the higher speed cap.
Mobility is very important to me in Crossout.

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having high health is point-less and useless on this game

everything that has a lot of durability, but can’t reach more than 70 KM is instantly useless nowdays…

yet people don’t want “heavy” items and vehicles to be buffed to be on “par” with light and fast ones…

I don’t disagree with you, but I would argue that when you get up to big spider levels, that extra HP is what can allow you to survive a dog attack.
When I play heavy spiders, I like to make sure I can fire downwards at smaller cars trying to chew through my belly.
And when I play flamethrowers or melee, it’s the big spiders that are hardest for me to take down.

To me, track builds are a completely different strategy from true high durability builds. On tracks I prefer some extra speed and acceleration over extra HP.



This exactly.

Small tracks Grinders and Omnis are very popular, and if you are into those then Golden Eagle is must have. I don’t know anyone who runs tracks without a Golden Eagle, except one friend with an Echo Porcupine Grinder build that uses a Hot Red so he can carry a Doppler. In his case, he is very aware that he is paying dearly for his radar.

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