Good Cop paint became untradable , where is my refund

Hello ,
i would like to bring this to the public attention ,since for me it s a first but maybe not a "last.
My “good cop paint” became untradable so i expect a few things:
-1 It s normal and i lost some coins for no valuable reason.
-2 it s a bug and i expect it to be fixed asap.
-3 it s one of the many features and all people who own this paint got scammed.
-4 it s never been tradable , and i was transported in a parallal dimension.

I don 't care about the value of the paint. but what if some more valuable items become untradable tomorrow?

Just want to bring this to a wider attention , also i checked if i was not dreaming and crossout wiki does state this paint as tradable.

Added info : i never won it in any tournament , i did not buy the ck pack in which it was available (don t own the associated portrait) so i must have bought it from market , and i m pretty sure i did

It’s 1. Or 3. You’re not the one who suffered from it. And this paint is not the only thing that has become untradeable.

Forum brownnosers will keep telling you it’s fine and “YoU jUsT cAn’T eNjOy GaEm ReEeEeEe” :crazy_face:


well , looks like you accurately summed it up . think i can bail out.

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Check “Pattern: Lava” if you have it.

this time i have a trace at least

Annnnnnd it"s gone (insert stupid south park reference)


look at all these people…angry about now having parts no one else can get…what’s up with that?


That’s not the point. The point is, they can’t sell the item anymore, because it’s now inexplicably unsalable.

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It’s not like they rob people of cash, really. It’s like they rob people of stock that some people could sell at some point of their… playing.

And, yes, that’s not the biggest problem with making items untradeable. The biggest problem stated above.

okay, now i see what you’re saying. fine. make a big enough stink about it and it’ll get changed back. I do apologize for driving the issue so hard. limited understanding and all.

I appreciate EVERYONE’s patience with me.

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Maybe, just maybe, that was a bug, because a ton of other paints is still tradeable. But knowing them developers I wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned for some reason…

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let’s hope so.

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Great, now we conjured the forum troll.

I’m hoping this is a bug. Can’t sell them, can’t salvage them, and can’t even recycle them.
I think all the weapons and paints we got in free vehicle packs are like that, right? And most of the things we can win in events.
I wonder if maybe they do it to control inflation, but it seems random and unnecessarily annoying.
Items changing their status is super weird. Maybe some old event items used to be sellable, and then at some point they set up some code to make all new event items locked, and it somehow also grabbed old event items that people had already bought and sold?

Feels like another “feature or bug” moment, which unfortunately always seems to be part of the Crossout experience.

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Look at Supperax’s attached snapshot. It says “Unlock Paint”. This suggests to the educated person, that the paint is locked. Did I say something that suggests I’m trolling? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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yes, you are, leave me and supparax alone! you almost baited me into logging in to check this out, bastard!

its been a hot while but im pretty sure the “not tradable” tag is not given to merely locked items. supparax might have died from anger reading your post. its not funny you know.

I wonder if they are trying to boost participation in events, by making the rewards exclusive to those events?

On the topic of comparisons to the real world, I feel I should point out that there are lots of circumstances where you can buy something, and then government rules change and you can no longer sell or in some cases even use that item. It’s generally controversial and makes people upset, but it does happen nevertheless.

For example, occasionally the regulators decide that some hair product we use at the salon is unsafe. We are still stuck with the stock we have, and we can’t do anything with it, and generally can’t get a refund either. It sucks, but it’s a reality of life.

Even so, I’m going to have to side with the guys that are pissed off.

If I get something and it is tradable when I get it, then it should say tradable.

If they want a event only version then make a second one that is not tradable.

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To be clear, I am annoyed as well. I’m pretty sure some of mine have changed status too.

I’m just trying to understand why this has happened.

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then read the first post and stop making silly arguments why dont you?

How can I test a paint I do not own? You post your screen shot, the Money symbol is crossed out and the word unlock appears. Then you unlock it and money symbol with the cross mark is now gone. You should hover over the paint, wait for the pop-up and screenshot the pop-up. I can only go by what I saw in your screenshots. My clan leader owns that paint, and it is not tradable as shown in the pop-up. It says the pack has already been purchased. What pack? My clan leader bought no packs, he just wanted white paint back then to assemble the Mach Five. We both have gotten Free Packs like Morgenstern.