Got a 24 hour chat ban, without reason of explanation

Wasn’t breaking any rules. I would like to know what I did that made the mod ban me from chat for 24 hours. Is this normal in this game? Getting banned for no reason?

dkmaffia called me a racist, to which I responded reported, and next thing I know I am the one banned. What is going on with your mods in this game?

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With the mods in this game, I’m going to guess that you got ban because “they can”

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Ok. Thank you. Back to not participating in chat I guess.

Yes in game mods are supposed to give warnings before they ban, but they never do. They just ban. So technically mods are always breaking moderator rules.

#bad in game mods.

And the “grandmaster mods” just let them get away with their poor moderation and breaking moderator guidelines.

It’s a joke.

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Just read the rules.

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Read my post. I didn’t break any rules.

Did you take any screen caps?

I got ban chat for asking respect for the Guy stop be Toxic you can look the history of my profile Andre_madeira_93 i got ban chat for no reason but the tóxics wins ok Nice job

This they can say balls cant ? Show me where i offended some 1 that Mickey he was Toxic to me i just ask for respect

Sometimes if chat goes to fast they will accidentally ban the wrong person because the chat is filling and it scrolls too fast so if you got clicked on and blocked its because you talk too much haha. Idk?

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Maybe but this guy talks Trash and got spam etc talks more than me my 1st day talking after 1 year

i have been 5 years Here on the game 1st time ban lol GM comes talks Nice

Who knows man. If i was on i would give em heck haha. Im usally joking around so some might take it the wrong way but thats to be expected its the internet afterall. Im on xbox so idk these names.

Hello @48796288,

If you want to appeal, please follow the procedure:

Best regards,

We have had Mods on Xbox that abuse power too.

Let’s just say that people that play clan wars should not be mods.


Okay I’ll be the mod.

Lol, how about No.

Perhaps a PC player should explain something about Joe.

He spends 8-10 hours a night in general channel whining, accusing the devs of cheating him, and during that time he will repeatedly rage-quit matches.

His uh… Antics… are well known in the PC community.

I’ve never noticed him lol…

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I go ban 2 days ago but this they can do

War between them i cannot show all but looks Ugly down there

You aren’t generally on the times of day he is. Be glad of that XD

Why not? You nervous?