Grinding tips for FTP players

I thought it might be useful to have a thread for tips for free-to-play players who want to maximize their grind.
I don’t like the game to feel like work, so my tips are based around someone who wants to play as much PvP as possible.

  • do your daily challenges. All that extra scrap ads up. If you want to rush the weapon part, do it in Patrol.
  • do the three weekly resource challenges, then play whichever resource is going for above average prices on the market.
  • before you craft, check the market. If the item is currently priced at the lower end of that rarity, it’s probably better to sell resources and buy the item. Only craft that would be too expensive to buy.
  • avoid selling items, unless you really don’t like them. You’ll often regret it. But if it’s going for insane prices, go for it.
  • keep track of average resource prices so that you can spot surges and crashes. I’m currently just sitting on some resources and even buying them because they’re so low. Eventually they’ll go back up. Others I’m unloading and grinding more of.
  • if you don’t like raids, don’t do them. If you need plastic or electronics, use badges or buy on the market.
  • just play a lot. Don’t worry about whether you’re winning or losing, because the reward difference isn’t that much. Just do your best, and your scrap pile will grow.

Hopefully some of people who’ve been playing longer than me can add to my ramblings.


A few of my own:

  1. Enjoy the ride. Have fun at the lower PS ranges. High PS and Clan Wars aren’t very fun.

  2. Don’t be afraid to take a break.


Looks like good advice to me.


Thanks for the information.


That reminds me, you might consider turning off chat. It’s not worth it, unless you’re in a group.


Just want to add, try not to get wrapped up in the Fear of Missing Out. Items in Battlepasses always come back around.


If you want to earn more coins per battle, add both the white and vlue rarity fuel tanks. Either hide them underneath frames, or if they continue to blow you up, attach them at the end of a 1x6 frame on the rear end of your vehicle. This will stop them from hurting your build. If they get blown off, no loss no gain. If they survive, its free coins on top of your resource grjnd.


Use your badges for purple crates. This will be your highest return on badges over time. Don’t use them on crafting materials.
Utilize that 200 free fuel EVERY day. Certain raids give higher rewards.

If you don’t like raids don’t do them. But be aware you are missing out on many free resources you have to pay for in one way or the other. You will lose 10% to sell what you farm. So basically by not raiding you are increasing your time spent to get the same resources.

Free to play losing 10% is a massive amount of time over the course of a year.


You get a purple worth 1/3-1/2 of what the average purples go for, you lost a MAASIVE amountover 10%.

Dont gamble. Trade for the highest tier resources when they are at the highest amount.


It is averaging. Over time you will get more by using them on purple crates.

Or at least use them on melee/damage redux parts you don’t have so you can armor your guns up.
There are many many goodies there for new players.

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grinding tip for f2p players: Dump 150€ in the next big BP and sell a bunch of legendaries day 1

Recently opend 20 crates in a row for science. I got something like 50+ coins average out of the items than I would have out of the crates. I’m to lazy to maths rn, but I suspect it was a better deal than ressources.

I haven’t used badges for crates for a long time, but I’m curious why some people say it’s profitable.
Are you selling the crates, or opening them for the random reward?
I used to enjoy the random free items we’d get from crates when levelling up, and kind of miss them. Most of my fused rares came from me getting duplicate untradeable items.

You can definitely grind faster if you do the raid challenges too, but unless you enjoy doing raids, you risk burning yourself out.
It’s not like if you grind enough items the game suddenly gets easier, so you can get stuck on a hamster wheel of feeling like you’re never getting ahead and not having fun.
I would also argue that playing PVP is going to improve your skill level at building and playing much more than playing raids. It seems to me that the newer players who have concentrated on raids are the ones who are most frustrated by PVP, and also the ones who are most convinced that they are being beat by P2W players.

The best way to ruin Crossout for yourself is to treat it like a job. Better to see it as a sport/hobby. Every PVP match is just more training/play. If it’s an extremely unbalanced match, that’s just an opportunity to learn and grow as a player.
You’re not going to figure out the hidden weak points of your build unless you encounter players who are better than you. You’re not going to learn better playing tactics until you get demolished by some pros.
And as long as you get that minimum 40 points, you still get rewarded for losing/learning. Take that scrap and use it to get the items you need to improve your build.

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I am simply stating what I think is the best path after leveling 2 accounts and now running a 3rd for a month to see how it works NOW.

The best way to play xo is to understand it is a long term game. If you want a 20 hour to the end level game, that is what you need to go find. It isn’t XO.

The biggest thing that is the problem, not everyone has the skills to play the game.

Most of the complainers build junk builds, have no plan and rush in with no strategy.

It reminds me of when I played WoT and newbie would buy a pack an rush across the field because they were “P2W” but they still can’t win.

Real fact of the matter, 50% of people will be BELOW average players and lose. They lack the ability to develop skills.

Purple crates over time (say you play a year, over 52 crates) will produce more coins in your pocket.

Open them and sell the part. Yes sometimes you will get a junk part like a pyre. Over time it averages out.

You may get a part you want or don’t have if you are a new player. Save weeks of farming. (how much is that worth??) It’s 3 purples a month if you don’t CW, 4 if you do.

do not buy blue crates. thats junk.

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Keep clicking that button to launch a new match whatever it is. Just do whatever you think is fun and don’t worry about completing dailies and weekly’s unless that is something you like to do.

People can get burnt out fast if they feel like they need to complete all the challenges or max out resources. But if that’s your thing, then more power to you, have fun.

Don’t let the game play you, you play the game.

This game does not really have an “End Game” and every power score can be fun. Remember that It’s not a race to the top unless you make it one.


This is why I would not suggest crates for new people.

They need that guarantee what they get is not going to be a crap.

So for the first few months it might be best to take the highest coin resource and sell them on high instead of crates.

I think more established accounts can take bigger risks with crates.


There is an end game. It’s called CW. Just because I may or may not participate doesn’t change that.

It blows my mind that “advice” is taken as “you must do X”. Players should be smart enough to understand if they aren’t having fun do something else.

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Wouldn’t it be better to get the damage reduction passive melee parts… They are 300 emblems.

I like your logic here. Maybe the first 6 months they play starting with a few good passive melee parts (plow, pioneer bumbper etc). Moving into best resource return after grabbing 2-4 (mainly to armor guns). Then into crates for maxing return after they have some builds.