Grinding tips for FTP players

Getting structure parts is always good. So I would say definitely trade your badges for structure parts (and keep levelling up your factions).

Ultimately, whatever you spend your badges on will help you. If you’re doing resources, check the market to see what’s selling for more than usual.

I might actually start using my badges for some crates. I’m at a point where my inventory is big enough that I’m not going to be disappointed if the crate is a dud.

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I wouldn’t spend badges on structural parts you can unlock through leveling a faction unless its a passive melee part/dmg reduction part.
Fenders and stuff like that are just variety and a waste of badges imo.

I saved up my pyre’s and fused them. After 5 years I have 6 fused ones. But I get 3 crates a month. I made a fused rad this way, but its better to sell the rads.

Nothing you can get for badges is available through rep, unless I’m mistaken. Some parts are INCREDIBLY useful. Elbows, Puncher bumpers, etc…


Yeah but the passive melee/dmg reduction parts are far superior return for your badges. The fluff can be picked up later as the account matures.


For sure, don’t waste your first 300 coins on that shitty Syndicate knee or some horror like that!


I think your on to something here. This was not a thing when I started so I don’t think of it as a starter feature.

I few of those parts are must have items, if you get those items early your going to be stronger then the guys around you that didn’t. Knowing what parts are worth it is the hardest for new guys.

Then in return you would get more resources because your builds would be better.

But I still think you need to focus on some gear first.


I started a new account on PC and have been checking out the new leveling experience.

This is the way.

Sell all farmed mats. Use all fuel at EACH level. Don’t make chords or anything else. Just sell and enjoy the easy first 10 levels of engineers. Buy blue Sg/Mg/Cannons.
Use badges earned to open passive melee/damage redux parts to armor coin bought guns.
Club everyone that doesn’t have protection parts. It’s easy to see who has armored up their guns and who hasn’t. Increased profits from increased resource gain. Buy Rads/Coolers/cabins/reloaders/dmg redux.
Repeat. Edit: I forgot: Skip all cyan parts. Not worth your coin.


We should probably list the good structure parts to trade badges for, but I’m not sure if all the BP structure parts appear there, or just the bonus ones.

Without naming the parts, get anything that does melee damage or has melee resistance, and get any parts with pass through damage.

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depends on platform regarding badges

I calculated it out and its NOT worth the low probability that you get part that sells higher than plastic on my platform. less than 1/3 chance it will be higher than plastic. especially since they nerfed plastic payout. plastic shot up in value as result. because now only getting like 15-19 per frontier defense, as grinder with NO p2w.

the parts in purple crate does NOT sell for as much as they should. and the crates themselves are low value. because its “random part”

Now, that i’m not sure about it.
From the top of my mind, there’s at least, three Special weapons one should have
Gobblins, Hawks and sidekicks, they do well. And there’s a flaw in your approach…

you can go back to pickups, and start over but you already gone through that process and certainly picked up some “tricks” along the way making this new levelling out easier.
When i finally had my build 100% blue it was a win, when i started to have blue weapons was like having a legendary on board and it took forever.
The type of build i could field I couldn’t do hard raids and easy raids were like hard raids today.
Build quality, limit of parts and specially fuel limits hurt a lot.
F2P, you can do up to 3 hard raids per day and get…600 copper.
As a beginner you do up to 4 easy raids and get what… 80…120 copper?
Blue parts must be among the most expensive parts to build 600/650/700 scrap, along with the legendaries ( relics are a world of their own).
So, as a beginner, you have part limits, fuel limits, mission limits, and the first thing you tackle are expensive parts.
I don’t have any tips, i did it in the hard way.
My very first blue cab was Jawbreaker, the first blue cab i bought was Hot rod, 350 coins, may well it be a Ferrari at that time. I bought it a few years later when they changed the BAT cab
I raced with a Dun horse, i could afford that engine, no way i could afford a cheetah.

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id stay away from all of those as a new player , but thats my opinion

I don’t think the special parts are as bad as people say, as long as you don’t inflate your PS too much.
The problems come when you try to run an Apollo and epic parts with them.

i think mace ,piercer ,sinus o and ac50 and maybe hulk and prosecutor are the most beginner friendly specials in that order … but maybe not so much the prosecutor as i wouldnt reccomend fixed aim weapons to someone without omnidirectional movement
, and the special cabins are now interesting enough to bother with early on

Avenger all the way, it’s best bang for the buck, Before i didn’t even bothered doing the dailies, know i do them sometimes. (10k ps /11k ps)
Booommm, booommm, booom it’s done. (i’m not a cannon guy)
they reload fast, they shoot often, they didn’t need ammo boxes.
I presume for a guy that doesn’t have flywheel or Echo/ hadron / harpy, 20 shells are still good.
Special Mgs… probably the Protector special version.

Why would you buy cyan parts instead of just grinding in a PS where your build is efficient until you can buy your purples weapons? If you read what I posted, you would see in a month I got 3 purple crates plus a bunch of coin. To put that in clarity: I farmed 3 purple weapons and the coin for the purple cabin of choice.

Cyan is still a waste of time if you are moving up the food chain.

Drones are kind of a waste unless you are always going to play low or med PS.

While the experience isn’t “virgin” by no means does that disqualify me to assess the game experience, rewards and systems.

Now, as I stated I started a new F2P account. I even stated the haul after a month. If you progressed slower than that, then learn something. If you progressed faster, teach us.

Describing that there are part limits etc does not give any reason your way is faster. That is something every player has to work around and choose for themselves.

Luckily for new players there is a forum to gather hints if they are smart enough to use it huh?

How could you not afford a cheetah for god sakes you can get one out of a purple crate. You just sell whatever item you get and buy the dam cheetah. might take two crates (two weeks). Cheetahs are one of the lower “priced” items.

The reason a new player might want to dabble with special parts is that they may not be ready for an all epic build. They won’t have unlocked as many structure parts, and they’ll still be figuring out how to build and drive.
For players at that level, getting to epic parts too early can mean they hit a wall of frustration too early.

But if you are feeling impatient about getting to mid PS, skip the special tier.

Personally, I still get a lot of use out of some special items. Maxwell is useful, I use Iris on some higher PS builds. The special shotguns, MGs, and ACs are all pretty decent at the right PS. Now the cabs have been buffed, and are a lot more useful. I also use the special cloak a lot on smaller builds. Hulk is a great cannon, and a tempura/melee build is great training for dogs.

Yes, a person builds a building from epic parts, and then dudes with relics will grow it. I do not recommend this game in its current state to new players.

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its not for everyone ,believe it or not some new players come here for reasons other than complaining

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I highly recommend this game for new players.

BUT if your the dude that needs the highest level gear to have fun… then maybe realize it might take years.

Crossout is fun at all PS brackets, it’s not a race to the top.


Another reason to deal with teal parts is that they are highly profitable on Xbox. You figure out what the high value item is then sell components for it at exorbitant prices. Someone will quick buy it.

Another grinding tip: Enter hard raids as a new player. Don’t use repair kits and kill some bots. Old players with gear will carry you to 1000 badges per week.

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