Grinding tips for FTP players

Such fun that the teams have to complement the shoes. :rofl:

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they can use them while making epic parts?

I did play this week with some of the different combinations of specials. This really seems like a PS “bracket” of parts… that are lacking a place to fit in. Most of the modules and cabins are pretty good and seem to have a PS bracket targeted. When you start with the weapons, you quickly lose efficiency.

The problem is, if you build a vehicle out of all special blue parts, you are in high enough PS that you are facing mostly purples and legendaries.

The parts in themselves are pretty good. It’s just they don’t really have their own distinctive “step” in the actual PS pvp brackets overall.

But the cabins! They are vastly improved with the perks.

What PS were your special builds coming in at? Mine are all just a bit above 5kPS, and I didn’t feel I was struggling.
But I was using Bat, but the others can carry a lot more armour.

avenger been nerfed into the ground

That’s not really true: it’s still stronger than it was before the big buff, but not so strong that people can use it for seal clubbing.
So yes, avenger has been nerfed, but overall is stronger than it was a year ago.

specials was running at 2450- 4k like 2 maces unfused and 2 sinus-o unfused.

That question was actually for someone else, but how are you getting your special builds so low? Are you using rare cabins and wheels, and no generator?
Two guns doesn’t seem like enough for that rarity level. I would usually run three maces or three sinuses, with two energy points used for coolers/rads.

Would you mind posting a picture of one of your special builds, with the item info information showing?

no rare cabins. maybe 2 small tracks. only other thing using sprinter cab. want to get duster though.

. if going to 4 k will use growl. Now that i have 6 omni after selling 3 hovers for 1033 each. will experiment with 2 omni wheels using specials. or 2 avengers with blue ammo box. because the ride is a glass cannon it fits right in with the more durable counterpart. the mobility is where you win. so its NOT seal clubbing because they can easily kill you with little effort.

with omni wheels want to keep the ride as light as possible. so its zippy on 2 wheels. using bumper skids for stabilization. definitely NO meta build. . missing too many parts for any real metas.

also fuel tank and barrel thus why trying to get as low ps as possible to avoid squad preselects.

Yeah, using a common cabin, rare movement parts, and special weapons might not be the best plan. That might be why you’re feeling like paying players are dominating you.
Post some photos and details in the “show your builds” thread, and I’m sure we’d all be willing to offer some advice.
Too much mixing of rarities without enough modules can be a recipe for problems.

that’s an exaggeration.
Not long ago i did my dailies with them post nerf.
And it run smoothly.

the only difference it’s now i run out of ammo, before i didn’t.
I don’t even use ammo boxes.

I even did a Low PS build with them.
It’s ok… i guess, and in this PS bracket you won’t need ammo boxes nor you will run out of ammo.
In case you want to try it…

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I said if I moved up to 4 k switch to blue cab. I don’t have any purple light cabs yet. harpy likely first one when get more resources and coin.

by running set of purple mobility is 500 for omni 460 for set small tracks. As long as I avoid preselect groups I do really well. I am only getting dominated by preslect squads. need meta to deal with those fools. when running randoms.

2 parts short of my first retcher. need impulse and owl will buy impulse likely and craft owl. our platform owl runs for 900 impulse for little over 500.

think my first retcher build will use a shiver, and RN, both fused. 3 or 4 omni depending on ps it comes too and which bracket can fit it into. likely use growl. since cab is BIG ps sink. example bat is 1300 ps. growl only 750. 1800 for harpy.

want second retcher before going harpy and atikan. fused Rn, fused. shiver ammo boxes depending on ps whether multiple fused blues or 1 or 2 fused expanded. likely the blue fused carry several.

as degunner/crippler build, move on if others are close. .

I really think you need some epic cabins, modules, and movement parts before you even think about retchers.
Maybe try Emily first, and see if you even like grenade launchers?

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do raids! easy raids everytime you have free fuel for the badges :wink:
what’s left over in the week do reg raids for plastic… :crazy_face:

Poony is right. Take this one step at a time. Focus on getting some special or epic items first. A Seal or Shiver is very useful for a variety of weapons. Epic cabins and movement parts go a long way too

Most legendary and relic weapons are overrated anyways. Retcher is very flashy, but it has a lot of downsides.

High PS isn’t even fun. There shouldn’t be a rush to get there.


Yes. Retchers don’t even work without a couple of Seals or a Seal and a Shiver or 1 seal and a Huginn cab. I would get Retchers as a high priority though, as they unlock hard raids where real gains are made. If you can do 3-4 hard raids every day with a good score and make a point of doing all your daily missions, then you can craft a legendary item every 3-4 weeks of casual play.

think craftibles first.

A heads up for anyone new reading this. Retchers are surprisingly hard to use. The grenades have a very low velocity so it can be hard to lead your enemies. Also, Players and Raid Bots alike are quick to target Retchers.


yup they agro on you when your doing the most damage. Thats why I am after retchers for the hard raids to compensate for those screwing around in raids that cost team a win. key is to degun and move on. I see too many retchers keep hitting the same target instead of working as team and letting the mg-gunners or autocannons finish off the degunned enemies. while retcher focuses on degunning.

after the retchers for the hard raid as main bread and butter build

I might play 5-10 raids a month, maybe…

But I can’t remember ever losing a raid in years.

Sometime I wish the other 3 guys would blow up right off the bat so I can take all the points.

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