Groupless Missions

Can we get missions where people can’t enter them in groups already? It would be nice to have that option for some genuine pvp rather than playing bingo with which team gets the 4 man group cheesing the matches with things like 4 miller bricks or 4 cyclone spiders working in perfect group coordination


Even if you create such a mode, people will find a way to bypass it. All they need to do is queue the game at the same time and go all together into same battle

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This is why they took storm warning and free for all away from us. To many exploiters.

I really liked the Storm Warning brawl. It was a lot of fun with my old school Echo Porc brick. I would go find a good hiding spot in some hole where the storm would hit last, and blast anyone who entered my space.

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Anything that divides the player base on PC is undesirable.

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Anything that divides the player base is not good for all platforms.

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Says you.

I agree, playing against groups and hovers are annoying.

I’d gladly opt into a hoverless match. I’ll take the wait over frustration.

If nothing else the matchmaker should pit these groups of 4 more against each other, rather than group of 4 on one team, complete randoms on the other, every match

There were 3 different groups of 4 playing in the ps I was playing at for multiple matches, I kept running into each group countless of times, but not once were they in a match against one another, it was always group of 4 on one team, randoms on the other, instead of group of 4 on one team, another group of 4 on the other

Grouping isn’t such a big thing. I play half my matches solo and win all the time at high power score against micd up clan players. Here’s how:

I’m a clan player running tried and tested meta builds at high power scores and usually so are all my random teammates. We use the ping system and have a general sense of where to be and what the objectives of our team are. Under those circumstances, there isn’t an insurmountable advantage to the Micd up team.

At lower power scores, you often have less experienced teammates running bad builds with bad gear that they are playing badly. Under these circumstances, when you run into a stacked clan team, the difference is obvious and insurmountable. A solution to this matter, is to get some friends, and get some Destructors, and get someone to make you a good build and go take what you think you deserve.


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Agreed +1

I play 100% of my confrontation matches solo. I have a very high win rate in this mode.

Most the guys complaining will not even try to build a competitive build. It is easy to complain that the build you have don’t work and it’s unfair, then dismiss the mode.

Honestly at this point all the guys that can’t do well in Confrontation I wish they would do one of two things - 1) stop complaining and “try” to learn competitive play and builds. Even if you don’t have it down you can still tell if they are trying and that is all I can ask for. 2) If your not willing to try and just want to complain - then I would suggest not playing the mode and in return this will make it better for the ones that do want to play.

Every time 1 person here complains about playing vs META builds you had 100 guys complaining about playing with a box build with their guns slapped on top. The difference is the 1 guy complaining about META will come to the forum to complain - the competitive people complaining about Aces in Box Builds just screamed at their monitor :slight_smile: and didn’t come here because they keep clicking the play button.

'but why has this game come down to 'building a box to play with?

what happen to creativity?

'all i see now is boxes and i’m heart broken…:broken_heart:

I think that’s a pain in the ass too, but I don’t think they need to fix it either. It doesn’t happen that often, but then I rotate my builds a bit and don’t play the same thing for very long, and I think that helps.

But, if I was getting moshed by kill-squads consistently, I take that as “time to do some raids,” or even Patrol, or maybe I sit down and build something new. Maybe, I grab the drone-boat and troll for guzzaline. Just change gears. Maybe troll the market.

This game has a lot of features, and I don’t think players explore many of them. They should, IMO.

I think the kill-squads are a crummy deal, but I don’t think it is so big an issue as to need to pray to the developer gods for salvation. It does suck though.

However, if you’re playing PVP above 10K, you should be wearing your big girl panties, and expect that to be viscous and merciless. I like to stay in my lane, well away from the freeway that hits above 9K…on the other hand even the randoms there understand team-work often. That’s not so much the case down low.

I get kill squads at 5-6K in their cloned META builds occasionally, but I just deal with it. It sucks, but when that happens, I like to try and find a travel buddy and stick together, because I know they are probably experiencing the same ordeal. This is also why I like the Bots. They know the routine, even when the squids don’t.

I feel your pain, but I’d rather the developer gods brought us more amusing lands to explore than fiddle with prohibitions like this.

More maps, please.

Best thing to do when you are being tormented by a death squad is to focus on finding a build that specifically counters their strategy.

There’s always a counter to anything in the game.

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I’m not sure anything counters team-work outside better team work. I think team work will counter any META, and is the real META in this game. Even a group of aces in ace-mobiles can troll the best META, I think.

Also, this game isn’t always in the best condition as far as balance goes, and often certain builds are just OP. I’ve rarely seen any random team I’ve been on be able to counter a squad of Melee bricks at 6K, for example. They just get steamrolled until the developers make an adjustment.

On a good day, I’ve been able to play hard enough to tip the scales in favor of a team of random aces that played like a team against melee brick squads (speed kills), but it’s a rare thing at 6K. Usually it’s just frustrating and not much fun, like Kohtupora_69 says.

EDIT: I’m not sure melee is as strong as it used to be, but it used to be pretty bad at low PS.

Of course your going to have a hard time playing a “9k” mode at “6k”

Just like CWs - it don’t mater if they have a scale - play has high as you can to 9k.

When I started playing, I had a 12k Assembler hover and I was tormented day and night by Breaker wedges. I didn’t understand the importance of fusing my cabin, so it was kind of a gooshy sluggish hover. One clan in particular, ran PVP Breakers almost around the clock. Eventually, I gave up on Assemblers and got 3 Fortunes and then a Porc and two Fortunes and I started playing Clan wars. Eventually, Breakers weren’t such a big deal anymore.

I’m actually in a clan now with two of the guys who used to torment me with Breaker wedges. We laugh about it now, but one of them can’t hardly play anymore because of strokes and bad stuff caused by 40 hour Crossout binges. (That’s a different subject).

The point is, that counter building is true, but if you are in a power score, you should have several counter builds for that power score. Have a dog build if your power score is infested with Scorpion hovers, or have Porcupines if your power score is infested with dogs, or have Crickets if your power score is infested with fat spiders and so on.

This is wrong. Squads should stay out of 6K IMO.

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Well, I’m glad to hear you say so. I think they look a little silly down there, but it is what it is…and actually it doesn’t happen a lot. That’s why I don’t think it’s really so big of a deal that the developers should need to step in and make any changes beyond the regular balance adjustments.

I don’t think I understand why people feel like they need to play at 16K, especially if they are having a tough time doing so, and if they insist on it, well then get the right gear. Mic-up. Find a group. I mean if you want to be hardcore be hardcore, right? There’s little sense in joining the big-league and then telling them to stop hitting so hard.

I think that the "right"gear is really expensive at 16K, but it’s so very not necessary to play at 16K. If it sucks, why do it? I really don’t understand why people insist on playing at that level, then complain that it’s too hard.

I can understand why some people do like it, but it’s not for me. I just think this game is very versatile if it’s anything, and nobody should think they must play at 16K, and if they can’t everybody else should get some kind of nerf hammer so they can participate at a level they aren’t qualified or equipped for…equality quotas and all that.

I sure as hell don’t expect kids to loose to my art-builds at 16K or in Confrontation mode. They work fine for me at 6K in PVP (usually) and that’s good for me. If I was to try and compete at 16K, I’d take it all more seriously, get a mic, get a group, get a clan, drop a little cash, do some META, give up on wheels and tracks.

Random solo at 16K seems like asking for trouble. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but expect trouble.


I feel like a fast Yaoguai car would counter a low PS melee squad pretty efficiently. I doubt any of them are running interceptors at that PS.

Ya, good point. They actually do pretty good all alone and solo down there naked at low ps…maybe too good? Good point, nonetheless.

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