Growing into a New Perspective

I’m slowing coming around to the idea that Crossout (possibly) is being developed in the direction of a Hobby Builder that lets you fight rather than an action fighting game that lets you build.

And, I think, if we start looking at it like that the main argument of P2W will be nullified before it’s even brought up. If it’s looked at as a Hobby Builder then, of course, paying into it will allow the user a better experience, that’s how hobbies work.

The META argument, too. In a Hobby Builder, groups that play similarly built rigs become just that group of people standing on the hill with their Wal-Mart RC’s. Nothing to make fun of, just realization that a group of friends has their start somewhere, somehow, usually by all seeing something at the same time and saying “Why not?”.

Then, there’s the Kit-Bashers that end up inadvertently inspiring new META’s in the minds of the Wal-Mart RC’s players that, eventually, start incorporating ideas into their own builds over time. Everyone inspiring each other to make the next iteration.

Well, that’s all I got. Your thoughts? Hobby Builder that lets you game or Simple Game that lets you build?


Neither. They are making it less skill intensive to play at a high level (i.e.- the new camera controls. No need to be competent moving your rig manually, just aim at the enemy and the build itself faces them for ease of use).

Why? Casual, not sweaty, non-time invested players can pick it up and be good. This makes it more approachable and in theory improves revenue because any joe shmoe can drop $60 and play 8k with a good rig. Whereas before Supercharged, youd get smoked for not properly rotating your build and optimiazing firing angles. Which means veterans would still own you, where now good aim and a good build are all you need.

Add in the predetermined, intentional rotation of metas, and long time and also newer players can blow cash chasing each new meta, while being highly proficient on any omnidirectional build so long as you have good aim and can work the exhibition to download the latest fad.


then, in less than 5 words: what kind of product would you call this. As I said, I’m thinking of calling it a Hobby Builder.

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Should be the first, I like crossout because I can fight in any way I want, it is such a game but not well done, the game is known for its freedom but in many positions is limited, but I do not see another similar and better than crossout game, so I’m trying to find a way to make the developers make changes

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You can call it anything you want. It just will not be right.

If the term “Hobby Builder” was in the description of the game when I started I would have never installed.

I think you have a group of guys that think this game is that (guys hugging in Bedlam, people playing on art cars, and so on) but those are non competitive players that just kind of goof off in XO. They are not the normal players, those are the odd balls.

To each their own and I’m glad those guys can have fun, but those are the guys that piss the rest of the people in the game off.

This is not a social builder game where we hold hands and hang out, this is a combat builder game where we build machines of death and play to crush.

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I like your metaphor, and that’s kind of how I approach the game.

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A wonderful thing about crossout is that it is both at the same time.

I play both styles depending on my mood, and that is why I am still here after years of playing.

I don’t have to familiarize myself with a hobby building game when I feel like goofing around, and I don’t have to fool with learning a Automotive combat game when I feel like being competitive. I have both in one place.

If I had to guess, I would say I spend a solid 40% of my time in the game doing the hobby building thing. I build art cars, Goofy cars, bizarre contraptions… whatever suits my mood.

I’d say 20% is non-competitive combat… raids, awakening, Patrol. Part of that is just to get the challenges completed, part of that is because when I am playing remotely, the data connection and machine I am on really don’t fit well with competitive play.

The remaining 40% is PVP. I only do that when I am on my home PC and know I can play for a while without distraction.

All of that being said, if only one of those three play styles were allowed in crossout, the only one that would keep me returning is the hobby Builder aspect of it. That is really the only thing that is unique about crossout. There are countless first person shooter type games out there. Many of those are automotive. There’s plenty of competition in that space.

As we have discussed at great lengths in other threads, there is apparently no other game that allows you to build a realistic war rig with the post-apocalyptic aesthetic that crossout has.

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Money vampire.

You people are still trying to find some sense in that drag of a game?

The part of the game you are talking about is a small part of the game. A very very very very small part of the game.

What we need is a patch dedicated to Clan Wars and End Game content.

We don’t need this pushed into a builders social chat world.

What makes you think it needs to be one or the other? It exists, in my opinion, because it excels at both.

If this game made me play with pre-built vehicles, I wouldn’t play at all. I suspect in far from alone in that.

Considering the popularity of the exhibition and threads like “show us your build,” I’d wager it’s a critical component… THE critical component, perhaps. The idea that players would want to show off, share and discuss what they’ve managed to build seems obvious to me. I can’t see how facilitating that would harm more competitive aspects of the game. It could only help it by attracting people who would otherwise not be interested (like myself).

So that being said, I think CW and the convoluted nature of the higher tiers certainly needs some attention… Even more so, I think the lower tiers and entry level play needs even more love from the developers.

The most fleshed out poison of the game is actually where I play… Epic, Special & Legendary.


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exactly. Its not World of tanks where you just select pre-made vehicle, tho even there you can customize them little. (tho here its world of hovers ;p)

Also exactly. Late game or CW need many attention. Not lower PS ones where only attention needed is not allow relics/etc play at them. Relics/legends should just have “min ps required” to play.


What I mean is variety of parts… Look at the number of blue weapons, hardware and cabins. It’s rather sparce compared with everything but relics.

Agreed… Similar to a point I’ve been making for a while. :+1:

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You are right…


Notice that even when someone is new player, its not so hard to gather coins for “special” or even epics quite quickly.

What i mean is i belive there is reason, the reason that they are “replaced” with higher tiers quite quickly. So they just focus on variety where people use parts for a long time of their play.

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I think describing it one way or the others is what sets people up for fun or frustration.

I remember being a kid and watching the grown ups race their RC trucks around like it was a game. It was even described to me as “a game” … something kids understand easily … anyways, when I tried to get into it, having to build something was the frustrating part. If, in the beginning, it was described to me fully, then, I never would have tried to get into it, as a kids I would have just preferred being allowed to have fun with it. But, that was as a kid.

So, yeah, both you and I would have been missing out on something we do enjoy just because of a few different words in its description. Do see what I mean? This games brand, I feel, has been changed, and it would do better with an updated description.

Yeah, I’m a mentally late bloomer, but I’m still capable of growing into new ways of looking at something that I don’t fully understand. That’s what this is really all about.

You reminded me of this:

Maybe I should clarify why the “hobby builder” metaphor works for me.
It’s not that the combat part is secondary: all the “hobby building” I do isn’t for the social aspect (I almost never talk to anyone in-game). I’m building things with the goal of having something that works well in combat. Sure, looks and originality are important to me too, but those aspects come after making a functional skeleton.

At the same time, there’s no point in caring too much about any individual win or loss. Every match is just an opportunity for me to test out what I’ve made, preferably against builds that are going to make me work for my points.

Like in the RC car example: the hobbyist driver wants to win, and gets a thrill knowing their homemade car beat some new shiny off-the-shelf competitive car. The people driving those cars are also having fun, but the building part isn’t fun for them, so they skip that.
Both types are hobbyists, but one is more into building. Both want to drive and want to win. Both are just having fun, and aren’t going to get rich off their hobby.


This is a shooter combat game with building features.

It’s not a building game with shooter features.

I know guys that have played this game for years and have never once built a car. We are talking about top 20 highly competitive players.

Try explaining to them it’s a building game :slight_smile: lol

Now, Building is my personal favorite part of this game. But the dev team has went out of its way to include faction blueprints, pack blueprints, the exhibition, and the feature many forget about the auto build feature.

We have one tool to build cars and so many other tools to make is so you don’t have to build cars, I’m not even sure this is a building game. It’s more of a “You can build if you want to” kind of game.

It seems to me that building is only a very small part of the game to many people, or not even part of it at all.

I feel like most of the guys on the forum like to build their own cars. But most of the people I know spend 99% their time in combat and very little time building.

Also they spend 0% on the forum and 0% in Bedlam.

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just some fun addition to the topic.

Crossout be like:

So Crossout is Crossout as always :wink: Its non-binary :rofl:


I’m definitely not implying that the non-builders are playing the game wrong (although they are missing out on a huge part of the game).

Like in the RC car example, the people buying pre-built cars are still hobbyists, they’re just not builders.

I’m just speaking for how I approach the game (and I believe the OP is saying something similar).

There is no right way or wrong way to play Crossout.

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