Guess It was Bound to Happen

After Playing this wonderful Game… I was suddenly presented with this:
Crossout os
I guess my time is almost done… Oh well… I didn’t want to upgrade to Win10, and I see there
is no other way out…

I wish to thank all that have helped. Until I upgrade to Spyware 10, I guess its over, but I’m not sure.

Thanks to all… Have a great time…This has been a good ride, and I’m glad that I don’t have any
Premium or Millions of coins…

Time to head for Tahiti, and spend my days on the beach…I’m sure a piece of crossout will wash up on the shore…



There’s nothing wrong with win10.


Is this for real? I use windows 7 and I’m happy with it. I don’t like windows 10. Does this mean my Crossout days are over? :*(

your gonna have to upgrade to win 10 anyway,i did because i bought a new hard drive and needed an os, $110 usa bucks for a thumb drive lol
ya they don’t do compact disks anymore.
i’m looking to buy an i7 gaming rid,my potato i3 is gettin old :crazy_face:

I’m on windows 7 and I haven’t received this notification. Are you playing through Steam? Maybe it’s an issue with Steam accounts, at least for now. Maybe you could un-steam your account with Support. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile:

My machine is 9 years old. I don’t need or want windows 10, I don’t like their snooping and all the rest of the microsoft bullshit they stick in their software these days.

Is Gaijin or targem issuing a statement about this? Are they gonna allow us to play without the anticheat garbage? Is there a way to bypass anticheat?


I just went into the game 10 minutes ago and got the message (I’m on 7 also).

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Like they needed to narrow their player base some more. Anti-Cheat just needs to FO with this.


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i think it’s more microsoft than any company on the internet that forces these companies to upgrade…it just makes sense.(wanna use my software? then upgrade)
'example -do you still use analog tv or digital ?

we all had to go to digital,so its the same is fastly improving :shushing_face:

Easy anticheat is a service that GAIJIN elected to use. See

In the interim, they can solve the problem by removing the service from their game and writing their own game-checker. It’s not hard to count bytes and check file signatures. I did it 30 years go.

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The issue is more with Bill Gates than how technology “improves,” I think. Fuck Bill Gates, and his tentacles. That is the issue, I think.

As for TV, I schit-canned that years ago for similar reasons, and any time I have to watch one (brought to you by Pfizer) I remember exactly why I don’t have “TV.” I mean, I have the device, but it’s not plugged into any service providers. The MSM can kiss my ass.

I will likely schit-can Crossout rather than “upgrade” my OS (totally not an upgrade). EasyAntiCheat’s creepy-ass black-cube-of-Saturn Panda logo always made me uncomfortable anyhow.

Sad, but probably the healthy decision is for me to just FO, as I doubt EasyAntiCheat will.

I saw this EasyAntiCheat warning early this morning, but I figured this was going to be mostly a me problem, and not many others would share it, so I didn’t mention it. Now I see there are probably quite a few people this will actually effect, and I don’t think Crossout’s already floundering numbers need another hit like this. On the contrary, this is the last thing they need, and it’s completely unnecessary.


This afternoon I will send in a support ticket to Gaijin asking them if they are aware of this (I’m assuming they are) and if they will be issuing a workaround. I’m sure that more than just a few of us are affected.


If we could all move on after Windows XP, then, you can move on to 10. It’s okay.


This is not at all the same as moving from XP to Windows 7. Windows 10 and 11 are both garbage operating systems.


They only get what you allow them to, so you play some games,

I actually prefer troubleshooting 10,11 over dealing with 7

I have dealt with different operating systems since MS DOS 1.0. (yes version 1; I was there). Windows 7 was the last of the best. Windows 10+ is nothing but a mass of intrusions and headaches to deal with. I have to maintain Windows 10 and 11 for some relatives…you need “permissions” for everything, you’re bombed with advertising and news feeds you don’t want or need. I don’t need Microsoft snooping on my activities, and I don’t need Microsoft storing my office files in a “cloud”. No thank you.

I upgraded a cousin’s machine from Windows 7 to 10, and then spent hours researching and turning off various “services” and other crap, that did nothing but invade privacy and degrade his pc’s performance. Windows 10+ is not the wonderful thing they convinced you it is.


This is the wording of the support ticket I sent in to Gaijin today.

Easy Anti Cheat Requiring Windows 10

The_Purple_Snit Today at 15:14


I received a message from Easy Anti Cheat (see screenshot) informing me that I have to upgrade my operating system to Windows 10. I am using Windows 7 with other upgraded hardware and have no problem playing Crossout.

I will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for technical reasons. I have spoken with other Crossout players who have the same issue.

I love your game and the people I have met here, and have spent over $600 in the two and a half years I have been here, to show my support for the game and the effort you put into it.

Is there any way around this situation? Is there anything that Gaijin can do about this? I do not want to lose access to Crossout due to the whims of a 3rd party software vendor. I am hoping that you can do something for me and other people who are now about to lose access to the game.

Thank you for your consideration, Dave


you guys are all pre historic who the fuck is on windows 8 and below ??? what year is this?


I hear this often though and then I end up having to fix their machines to get their programs to work correctly. If your using a win OS below 10 you’re an actual security risk at this point on larger networks. Beyond that Win 10,11 is twice as secure as win 7 was. Steam is not even supporting versions 7 to 8.1 they stopped at the start of the year.

I know a few people that constantly say they can go turn off various services for performance too. This is one of the things that slowly leads you into thinking that 7 is more reliable because yourself compromised the other system. Sure there are some graphical aspects you can turn off but leave the major ones alone and it will run better long term than 7 ever did.