Guess It was Bound to Happen

I don’t think you understand the implications of “upgrading” to windows 10/11.

When windows 10 first came out, it was immediately touted how “easy” it was to upgrade your current OS to 10…all for free! That was already a farce back then, because what the people who hyped 10 didn’t tell you, was how much more resource-intensive it was. With all the background processes, monitoring, et. al., it’s very hard-drive intensive. Oh, did they forget to mention that too? You’re really supposed to use an SSD with 10 or higher, not a silly old HDD, unless you can accept a sluggish system. Remember what I wrote about trying to unbloat my cousin’s pc?

As far as security goes, in the 9 years I’ve used W7, I never had a single security breach, and since I’m only on a home network, my pc is not a risk to any larger network. In fact I never had any security breaches on XP, either. Yeah, I can do without 10’s bloatware, snooping, excessive resource demands, and that cortana crap too.

Newer isn’t always better.

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I have mirrored raid drives (normal HDD’s) for data, and normal HDD’s for the OS in my machine and it runs fine. I play with AI software on it too and they always suggest SSD’s for that too.

You probably actually made his system less stable doing it. That’s often the stuff I get hired to fix.

They got rid of Cortana last fall it’s no longer around… You don’t even need to install it on a win 10 machine. It’s not even available on 11.

Bull, I have it running fine on a AMD A6-5200 APU 2.00 GHz machine and I have a few other older machines running it outside of that.

This is your big issue neglecting all the years they have had to work on it.

Look up the statistics on which one is more secure.

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“I don’t like windows 10”…
Probably never used it or for 5 seconds.
I mean, win10 support is ending in 2025.
So… if you do upgrade…

I mean Win7 is nearly 15 years old, can’t expect everything to run off it forever


There’s a script one can run immediately after install of win10 called decrapify. It nukes much of the monitoring, cortana, etc and the ads. I get zero ads popping up. And it applies most all of the other settings to clamp down on all the bs Win10 is famous for. It removes the bloatware as well.


The internet used to scream at you like a dying cyborg psychopath when you connected to it. And it would do this stupid little routine for a good 30 seconds. They called it dial-up, and it was horrible. I know this firsthand, and im only 33. Some of these oldheads can probably tell you firsthand about 'Nam :laughing:

Point being: Windows 8 aint even that old. And its just an OS. Plug it into the internet, and itll do the damn thing.


When you hear that phone ring and know your gaming time was about to be cut short lol

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I will just consider this event my queue to focus on other things. I’m guessing I’ve got about two weeks until this happens? I would expect my tour here to end with the next update, and then the OS upgrade will be mandatory.

I hope it will be fixed, maintaining support for the current system requirements configuration.

Company won’t let a loss of significant part of auditory due to non explained jump of utility anticheat software and will find a solution to this problem.

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Wow, I didn’t realize how many people use Jurassic Park operating systems, I prefer W11, Though I understand people mistrust newer stuff, big brother and his nosy friends want to see what you’re up to and maybe even what you have up your orifices! :rofl:
But a newer OS is not nearly as intrusive as the tracker most people carry around with them wherever they go (Cell phone) or the Siri’s/Alexas they shove in their homes and cars!


The first computer games I played at home had to loaded off of tape. The move up to a floppy drive was huge!

I remember many years ago needing to update the OS on a Mac to keep some programs running, but then found out that the laptop was so old the hardware wouldn’t support the update. Pissed me off at the time, but in retrospect it was amazing that laptop was still working at all.

I still have one of those microtape data drives around.

This one used normal audio tapes, which is probably a term some people don’t recognize now. I didn’t know they also made tape drives for mini-cassettes!

HP used them for a long while, it worked with their early HP-150 desktops which surprisingly had a crt touch screen and laptops. Some of their early laptops actually had internal 300 baud modems in them too which wasn’t the norm back then. So the size format kind of mattered for portability issues.

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You assume I use those? I don’t.

Also, it isn’t just about intrusive and irritating bloat-ware. It’s also about utility and the software incompatibility issues I would invite by adopting the truly hideous OS W10+ is. All just for a video game? Nerp. Won’t happen.

I will miss Crossout…somewhat.

Don’t worry, something similar will happen to my builds after the last balancing changes go live. ahahahahahah

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Just do a dual boot system. It’s not that difficult.

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I think I like the incoming update, but for selfish reasons. I think it will help insulate my play-style from much of what foils it, but we’ll see.

It’s always hard to determine, partly because not all of the changes to the system are always mentioned in the patch notes or announcements they present. Some of the systems at play, like the functionality of the matchmaker, are never publicly addressed. They often trim features that don’t perform to their intentions without announcements.

I do have a rather positive perspective on the incoming changes.

That’s actually a good idea. I could implement a fix like that. I have done some similar configurations in the past. Thanks for bringing that up. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of that myself. It sounds obvious, now that you mention it. :+1:

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Actually no I didn’t just point out most people do, you’re on the no phone team too huh?

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