Currently trying the new MG. I don’t get it. The purpose of MGs is to tap-fire. This one is about holding fire to get accurate shots, yeah ok.

Then why 3 Adapters deal 33% more damage than 3 Gungnir + Seal in 10 seconds for 1 less energy, no cooldown, with perfect accuracy, twice the range, the possibility to increase the DPS some more with reloading speed buffs, and arguably a better hitbox? Did I miss something? This gun feels like Emily all over again, it should either be teal or 3 energy :joy:


I was feeling pretty underwhelmed by the new guns myself, and had a bit of buyer’s remorse about this Battle Pass. I’m thinking I could have lived without this one along with the last one (which I did skip). I can’t really see buying another one at this rate. I like the structure parts a lot (not very many of those in there though, and they’re the free part), I like the art direction of this one probably the most out of all of them, and I really want to support this game…but man, they make it hard sometimes.

Maybe they’ll buff it in the future? That’s not really their MO. Usually stuff comes out OP and then gets nerfed. At least it’s not pay to win? They do fit nice and snug on the new cab (looks sharp too). Maybe their durability and fit is their charm? I’m not familiar with the numbers, but I’d be satisfied with that as a passive “perk” for this weapon.

The Gungnir will be my project for my evening romp. I’ll roll with that do or die for tonight…then come back and cry maybe. Maybe not. I’d really like it to work, because I like the diesel-punk style a lot.


i had crafted enough to fuse 2 , but turned them into nothungs and havent even thought about getting more gungnirs , although i havent used the nothungs in anything but radiance lol , its all just meh but the tracks are sweet

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I haven’t found any great use for it yet, but I swapped out the aurora on an equalizer build and it didn’t work as badly as I would have thought. Definitely lower DPS than with aurora, but the perk seemed to help degunning.
I doubt I’ll craft more of them, but might buy a set later if they get cheap.

Weapons should ideally have a linear ratio of ease:potential.
Spectres require heat management and tapfiring to maximize their potential. Since they are harder to use, they should have a greater potential damage output, which they do.
Same goes for Adapters. They’re projectile weapons, which require leading and don’t offer a great deal of visual feedback.
Meanwhile Gungnirs are very easy to use effectively, so they have less potential.

Not everything new has to become BiS.

It has no problems, I use it when using the favorite cabin, at medium to long range and keep maneuvering, almost no weapon can beat it, compared to the adapter, it is more durable, and its bullets have no flight time, which means you can hit the target at the moment of firing, no need to pre-sight, while the adapter does extra damage only when all hits, the test ability will be slightly higher than the actual ability

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It’s a long range hover/omni/legs weapon that you can just keep firing while pointing at the enemy from a distance while moving around and avoiding fire

Treat it more as a minigun rather than a machine gun and just put it on a hover and stay away from the main fight offering support fire, it suddenly makes sense


I 100% agree that hard-to-use weapons should slightly outperforms brainless crap if played properly. But I don’t agree that Adapter is harder to use than Gungnir, at least not in a way that warrants Gungnir dealing like 65% of the damage of Adapter with half the range. Gungnir is what, 250m/300m max? At this range, Adapter is as good as instant. Yes it takes more skill to hit cross-Crater shots, but at this range Gungnir just does 0 anyway, so…

Both weapons are about holding left clic and pointing the cursor at the target (Equa too). With no upside whatsoever in Gungnir’s favor, I just do not see a single reason to play it. In fact it’s so bad I’m convinced reducing its energy to 3 would barely break it. The dura/energy would be really high, but 2k dmg on the sphere with a fused Seal and the terrible drawback of 0 accuracy for 5 seconds doesn’t sound bonkers for epics to me.

For comparison:
Gungnirs, 13 energy with fused Seal: 1500 on the sphere, shortest range of the three
Adapters, 12 energy: 2000 on the sphere, longest range of the bunch, perfect accuracy
Equalizers, 13 energy with fused Seal: 2450 on the sphere without ramping up the perk beforehand, better range and dura/energy + redundancy than Gungnir.

And for the laugh, I found a dual Gungnir dual Equa Seal on exhib. 15 energy points for 2k dmg on the sphere…


It spins pretty quick though…


It works fine on any distances without any loss of accuracy with constant dps. Just track the target and hold down fire button.

Base damage is higher than Spectre-2 without its perk, accuracy is best among any mgs and yes U dont need to speedup barrels to shoot.


Why the lack of continuity in these weapon classes? You’d think advanced tiers would have the same general perks and playstyle but instead they got this weird thing going on like the jump from gungnir to nothung, spectre to aspect, whirlwind to stillwind etc. I’d prefer perks being the same from special to legendary.

These are obv liquid cooled machine guns that are very overbuilt. Why couldn’t a little bit of realism be embraced and give these weapons zero overheating, tons of dura and mass, super slow turn speed, and a garbage rate of fire with good accuracy? Maybe a perk where spam clicking to start a burst will cause the gun to cycle faster giving it overheating with more bloom, except you cannot cease fire until the gun has overheated.

It doesn’t have the aim difficulty that adapters have with their slowish velocity and projectile hitboxes (its slow enough if you have to lead your target by aiming off your target. It has enough damage to be dangerous without anywhere near as much wasted potential as other machineguns due to missed shots or lack of gun turn speed.

Raw damage on its own is very useless when comparing weapons. I do well with “low damage weapons” in XO and deep rock galactic.

They are inferior for degunning because they have projectile hitboxes that can’t shoot past parts as easily and they are not hitscan. If a weapon isn’t hitscan its ability to degun is very conditional. The MG user points and clicks on your guns, the autocannon/adapter player has to aim way above and behind, and ahead of your entire vehicle to hit your guns. Its extremely difficult to do compared to hitscan. Using cannons during heli event is extreme parallax. Aiming up at players who may be hull down below a ridgeline is another good example.

Miniguns have too much dispersion to degun as well as gungnirs or spectres. They will regularly miss a 2x3 target at about 50m. Combine this with their awful turn speed and they will miss shots.


I found these guns ok. Not great, but not bad.

I don’t think the game really needs more “it’s good for de-gunning” weapons though.


DRG is not a PvP game. All low-damage weapons there either have DOT or good overclocks. Or it’s a scout who. Is. Not. A . Gunner.

There are a lot of mods and stats that can be used to build a weapon and not everything boils down to dps.


It doesn’t matter. You can slow down all the bugs or plain electrocute them without dealing much DPS, yes. Still it’s a PvE coop. It can’t be compared by “usefulness of DPS”.

It’s very good at dealing with drones and degunning

Gungnir is definitely under par. Nothung is pretty good on the other hand. They are a little wierd paired together but they still work. My single gungnir single Nothung build is good enough for its 8k ps. Its going to be two nothungs come wed though.

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I’ve really been getting into Nothung play. Nothung has 3 things going for it that make it good.

  1. Nothung has an extremely tight spread. Play into this by using Falcon/Omnis/Bigrams or maybe Falcon +Omnis and Bigrams. Also play into this by tap firing the weapon rather than going for max dps. If you tap fire on your enemies’ weapons, they will pop off. Save full blast mode for degunned enemies.
  2. Nothung is only 2 blocks high. Play into this by embedding the gun deep into your build. If you do this, they are extremely hard to hit.
  3. Nothung has good range by machine gun standards. Use this to stay at far midrange against Punishers and Destructors.

Use the spread, small size and better range to win your next degunning war.

Nothung has somethung going for it.


Ok I’m out. → :wave: :pensive:

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And they’re overall good DPS weapons. I wonder if they have any downside.