Nothungs hit about 2700 on the damage meter and have 233 durability. Punishers hit about 3000 on the damage meter and have 368 durability. Arbiters hit about 4000 on the damage meter and have 226 durability and there are 4 of them. Destructors hit about 3100 on the damage meter and have 350 durability. Nothungs, Arbiters and Destructors are 2 blocks high. Punishers are 3 blocks high.

Punishers out degun Nothungs at short range. Arbiters out DPS Nothungs. Destructors have perfect spread and high DPS. They beat everything if you are close and the shots land.

Against Punishers, Nothungs must stay away and rely on the size difference and the good Nothungs spread to win.
Against Arbiters, Nothungs have to move a lot and duck in and out of cover to disrupt the Arbiter spool up cycle to win. Against Destructors, Nothungs have to stay out of range or move so fast that the Destructor shots don’t land. This also goes for matchups against Breakers and Hammerfalls.

Nothungs aren’t invincible but they have fighting chances against all the other top machine guns and shotguns. What more do you want out of a legendary weapon?

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To be good in raids :laughing:

Anyhow for the purposes of PvP Nothung is better than Aspect, and probably even better than both miniguns. I don’t have Punisher so I’m not sure if it fits to compare it with any legendary MG.

Destructor… is it really that good to be compared with? It’s either hit or miss, with long reload. Close-range weapon, more like.

Now I’m doing the grind so I can have third Noth and finish my second Catalina-hover car. I just hope I’ll be able to earn lighters after 75.

I only have one fused Nothung as I used all of my lighters to fuse 5 of my Sleipnir tracks (I fused the sixth one without lighters). Hopefully, I will have enough lighters at the end of the BP to fuse a second Nothung. I plan to rat hole 3-4 of the unfused ones and fuse the third one for spread at a weapons event.

You’re gonna need 650 lighters for that. With 15 lighters per level it’s ~44 levels for one Noth. So you either buy them or grind them, if there’s enough time. 220000 exp with 35500 per week means ~6.2 weeks to grind. That’s what I’m aiming for… since I already paid for BP I might as well get all the lighters I want to :man_shrugging:

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Also nothung is probably the best machinegun for peek firing. Get your five shots off and go in to hiding while overheating. Pop out and get another five shots off. Tripple nothung is for peek firing what parsers used to be before they were nerfed. The dammage is about the same for the first five shots and for one volley of the old original parsers. And it has better range.



Try it with favourite cabin

I dont think we can have a reasonable balance discussion without talking about fused items. I have many battlepass items and I want them all to lose all but one selectable perk because fully fused battlepass inventories are harmful to the game. It keeps new players out, it keeps new content from being balanced properly when everybody who paid 10 bucks gets versions that are 15% better, and its planned obsolescense. The same thing that makes new cars, appliances, machines, tools, and electronics short lived, overpriced and irreparable shit.
Had fused ML200 and a fused steppe spider? Oops they added Bigrams and changed the Steppe perk.
Had fused augers? Oops they added Omnis and buffed them to be superior to augers in every way except melee, while nerfing augers in the same patch that brought omnis (not formally but they completely replaced the driving mechanics and handling for augers with omni’s except at a lower speed kek. No more acceleration or crazy tight steering)
Had fused bigfoots? Lmao kid get some Hermits. Oh you have fused Hermits, thats great but we came out with Sabbaths.

Nerf battlepass item fusions and quit hustling me by obsoleting what I had fun with.

Regardless of fusing or BPs, as long as the game keeps adding items and rebalancing old ones, your perfect builds will keep on becoming “obsolete”.
I put obsolete in quotes, because nothing in the game is really obsolete unless you’re playing CW.

No build can remain being the best, unless the game stops growing.

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The USA has laws on the books that companies have to use “planned obsolescence” when engineering mass produced products in certain categories (washing machines are one example). It is not possible to have an advanced economy based on consumption if there isn’t enough consumption.

I am not sure what has become obsolete in XO due to BP upgrades. Items still work just as it did before the introductions. (half of it horribly)

That being said, I agree with the general sentiment in your post.

I would prefer a slower pace of introduction and faster reactions with Buffs/Nerfs. Though these are probably two seperate people doing this.

Sorry, what US law are you referring to?
We learned about planned obsolescence back in college, but at least here in Canada it was referred to as a principle that large companies have found profitable, not something that was mandated on them by the government.

Is there actually a law, or are you saying that as a figure of speech?

(Sorry for veering off topic)

And we r all broke while investment banks and stakeholders steal all our wages and lobby governments. Same things happening to videogames.

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But the new items can’t replace the old ones in all directions, there are still people using Bigfoot and ml200,In addition,the meat grinder and tracks are in an awkward position, it’s a matter of ability, I had suggested changes to them, the Omni is indeed overpowered at times but sometimes has some operational problems, it needs an optimization and nerf, I agree that they shouldn’t open up perfect upgrades for items in the pass, a lot of perfect upgrades would upset the game balance, they should be worse upgrades (but unbalanced upgrades are also a problem), so it’s almost impossible to have a perfect solution

They think this is the way to get more gains, but it actually loses more potential gains, they just care about the immediate, but it hurts everyone (including themselves)

Try nuthong with favorite cab? No thanks id rather get that five shot dammage buff as fast as possible. Favorite cab definitely isnt a good cabin for that gun.

Of course not nothung, I mean gungnir

My bad, it was a policy after WW2 not a law. There are not any laws on the books encouraging nor discouraging planned obsolescense in the USA.

Man anyone who gets caught intentionally giving a limited service life to EXPENSIVE shit that could last ages like fridges, printers, ovens, cars is straight up a subhuman and should be hung by the ankles above a gator pool while a kids audience cheers for the gators.

And yes, we’d need a lot of gators.

What I find hilarious is when some dipshit politician tells me that I need to be responsible and live in a freezing house all winter-long to save the planet, before he bends over in front of planned-obsolecence-heavy industries to get some fundings for his shit ego-stroking campaign. Then people wonder why half the population doesn’t even bother voting for these clowns. :clown_face:

Talking of both Nothungs and Gungnirs, I feel like the weapons are a bit too similar to one another. Both have their own things, but at the end of the day the “higher accuracy/less damage/constant firing Gungnir” VS “less accuracy/more damage/tap firing Nothung” end up feeling like they perform and work about the same. And while both need different kinds of builds and parts to work, and even if they might need different kinds of tactics, Gungnir needing you to strip weapons before killing the enemy and taking longer for a kill, and Nothungs offering faster kills and not needing to focus so much on gun stripping, end up around the same PS bracket fighting the same enemies.

Not to mention how there are already so many machineguns and they really do not bring anything truly new to the table because what we already have works around the same give or take, tap firing spectre hover, constnatly firing Equalizer hover, constantly firing Gungnir hover for example all being about the same, these guns really feel like the epitome of we’ve run out of ideas

So that includes 99% of capitalists?..

Let’s not start a political debate here besides, hoaxmocracy is a failry tale for simpletons