shrugs capitalists made fridges which lasted 50+ years in the 60s. I’m not sure capitalist necessarily equals being a scumbag and con artist

Okay, modern capitalists.


Well back then people took pride in what they did and made, now it’s Greed Capitalism going on where it’s built as cheaply as possible and charged as much as possible while designing stuff to break conviently after the warranty has ended or say it’s not covered by the warranty

Guys, this thread will get locked if we keep talking about economic theory.

(But I just want to say that capitalist greed is not a modern development, and to take your rose coloured glasses off when thinking about the past. Modern capitalism is the logical place for classic capitalism to end up at, and was always the point. “Capitalism” isn’t a synonym for the free market, it’s about the concept of capital itself (ie wealth) generating more capital. if the best way to make money is to start off with money, we inevitably end up with the world we live in today)

tbf I feel like most people recognize Gungnir is crap except the usual couple randoms who’ll tell you wacky shit. I’m not sure what more can be said about it, there’s not a single redeeming quality about it.