Help me spend "Lighters" ; )

Player from Day 1 but took a break for several years and now just getting back into the game. (Hence why my storage does not contain the best stuff, and low coin count)

Anyways, looking for general advice on what to spend my “Lighters” on. Just hit about 290. Ive narrowed it down to these so far:

  • Bastion (Im digging the built in plow!)
  • Omnibox (Like the slim profile and reload buff!)
  • Quasar (Its cool lol)

My Details: I play all styles and have no specific build/battle style
Cabins in Storage (Minus commons): Bat, Jawbreaker, Huginn, growl, trucker, wyvern

Weapons in Storage (Minus Commons): 3x Sinus-0 / 2x AC-50 / 2x Spectre-2 / 1x Fat Man / 1x Narwhal / 1x Jotun / 1x Skadi / 2x Gremlin / and the normal misc. rare type machine guns, cannons, borers.

My vote would be either omnibox or bastion. A cabin is more useful than a single weapon, and quasars aren’t the easiest cannon to make work.

Both cabins are versatile, which is good when you don’t have a lot of stuff yet. Maybe pick whichever one is worth more on the market, and then you can just buy the cheaper one?

Do you have many coolers/radiators/reloaders? If not, omnibox would be the smartest choice. Just remember that you can only switch between the speed buff and the reload/overheat buff, and can’t use both at the same time.


Ive got a blue chiller and radiator as of now. Spent the rest crafting. Aiming for the RN Seal soon.

Opening the game to take a look at the fusions offered rn. Will edit in 5 minutes.

Edit: The Bastion is the “best” as in most competitive fusion you can get out of it, but mostly if you plan to go full mass/highPS with it. It’s also really good at what it does, while Omnibox is severely outclassed by other cabs like Huggin, Deadman, etc IMO. Having a fused Bastion in inventory has been consistently good since its release, while I basically never see Omnibox ingame.

As Poony rightfully pointed, a single fused Quasar isn’t going to be very practical, especially since both the reloading speed and projectile speed will conflict with any non-fused Quasar you’d want to pair it with, making it more of a handicap than a bonus.


Awesome man, thanks for your feedback! Hopefully get on tonight and get a build going!

Prioritize the Seal, and try to buy a flywheel for your reload weapons.

Bastion is a better cabin in the long run, but boosting your weapons overheat/reload is very important. Better to do it with modules than the omnibox perk, but having said that, the cabin can be pretty useful at lower PS, especially if you are using lower level modules.

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well heres my thoughts on this.

Bastion: the bastion is a really good cabin and has a very high resistance to damage to multiple types of damage, however this only applies if the bullets hit the plow. it takes half damage from everything except energy. this cabin is very good and is a go-to cabin for me when making durable builds.

Omnibox: ive used it before and its ok. its good for the reload buff if you dont have the hadron and can hold a bit of weight to. just got to be careful on what weapons you put on it. its a good one to have.

Quasar: dont… just… dont… this thing sucks major ass. its hitbox is extremely tiny, it only flies in a straight line and its reload speed is based off how far away you hit the enemy. you couldnt hit a Tylenol suspended in mid air sitting still as a statue with that damn thing. trust me i have two of them and they are horrendously bad. the hitbox of the projectile is in the middle, its alot smaller then you think it is, even then the enemy has to be stopped or you have to have the aim of a god to hit anything with it at a distance. even with the fusion for projectile speed its still really bad and it has a slow turn speed to. they are big and easy targets for people to hit. trust me if the enemy moves even an inch at a distance itll more then likely miss… yes i tried using them in pve before and i laughed at how bad they were.

if anything if i were you id save for a fused legendary to get another legendary to go with your other fused one you get from the pass. if you have enough then grab an additional part like the bastion or the omnibox. just… dont touch the quasar with a 10 foot pole…

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Quasars are good if you land 80% of your shots. But only at 9k imo

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The fused Quasar currently offered is actually silly strong, it’s just taht having only 1 is pointless. The hitbox of the projectile is just as big as anything else, it’s just that the projectile itself does look gigantic in comparison.

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Thanks for tips guys! Got the Bastion last night and lovin it. I always build front end protection systems and now, its already built for me lol.

Experimented with placing 3 of the avenger cannons on it (Top and sides). Perfectly protected behind the plow! Just too bad cannons aren’t what they used to be. I was a total cannon guy back then.


Drop the Avengers and get some tacklers or other machine guns for a very good build.


this. tacklers are very cheap to buy and to upgrade. buy a few and wait for a event that lets you fuse them at a discount (2 weapons needed to fuse instead of 3) and then fuse away. they have limited firing angles but they are nice to use and are very cheap for an epic machine gun. if you do raids they are nice to have to. combined with radiators and coolers they are really good.

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What kinds of movement parts do you have so far? Just wheels?

For fixed angle cannons like avenger, movement parts that can strafe will help a lot. Legs, omniwheels, Atoms, Meat Grinders, Hovers. I always come
back to wheels though. And I always have at least one set of tracks in my storage to play with.

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if your in the market for movement parts id suggest looking into a few of these.
bigfoots, ml 200, bigram (if you have the blueprints), hermit, small tracks, meat grinder, omni (they are awkward to use).

ones i would not recommend:
sleipnir, gerrida, sabbath.

dont get me wrong, the gerrida and the sleipnirs are good, however because they are a battle pass only item they are ridiculously overpriced and should not be bought. i would avoid these unless they go way down in price.

bigfoots are a good investment and can be used in raid builds and are solid as they have good amounts of hp and can elevate your build off the ground if you want to hide some of your modules underneath.
ml 200’s are a good leg but they are slow and a bit clunky but still work.
bigrams are an issue and you need multiples of them to work. you can have them forward or backwards facing and if they get shot off it can cripple your build however they are more useful for speed then ml 200s.
hermits are a good wheel for smaller and faster builds.
tracks are decent but they are very slow. they are tanky but they are slow minus the sleipnirs and the small tracks. the small tracks though are the fastest track in the game but they have massive downsides. if your not careful they can flip you.
meat grinders are tanky and can damage enemies up on you to. i dont use them myself as you need many of them to be effective. why? well they can flip you like the small tracks can. two of them are useless so youll need multiples.
omnis are awkward to control. they function differently then a wheel, same go with atoms but atoms are more magnetic based and have a bit more awkward controls with no brakes.
hovers are ok but you need multiple and the community hates hovers so they keep getting nerfed and buffed all over again so good luck running those lol.

I would disagree on you about dual meat grinder builds.
Yes, they can be a bit tippy, but not nearly as much as they used to be. You can compensate for that by putting a lot of your mass below the frame, and by positioning bumpers to reduce front and rear rocking.
But more importantly, dual augers are much more maneuverable than quad builds. In low and mid PS PVP, dual auger builds can work, and help defend a bit against all the melee you see down there.
With quad builds, you’re going to end up in mid/high PS, and you’ll likely be too slow to compete in that range.

Having said that, I own four (used to have six), and I do play bigger quad builds sometimes. They aren’t impossible, but feels like you are driving a house.

anytime i used them they were just like small tracks, they can tip you over if your builds not wide enough. for some reason they have far to much acceleration when turning and like small tracks it can cause me to spin out and flip my build. i mean its been a long time since i used them but the experience of using them was always bad for me. guess ill have to get some again sometime and experiment with them. i used to have a clan mate who ran a bastion with meat grinders and that thing was so damn solid and heavy you couldnt even move it with the force of an atom bomb. hell i dont even think 15 toadfish hitting it at the same time could budge it. it was rock solid and i ran into it before and it didnt even move. weight is weird in crossout sometimes :expressionless:

That sounds more like how they used to handle, but that was changed many updates ago. I know there are some forum members who are unhappy about the increased stability, but I adjusted fine.
So dual auger builds are a lot more stable than what you are probably remembering. They do handle better if you build wide, but you don’t need to go as wide as you used to.

Give them another try!

I always just wait till the end to spend the lighters.

I’d probably go with an extra Jotun if all you think you’ll have is enough for and extra epic
I’d probably go with an extra Narwhal if I was to have enough to for an extra legendary
Having pairs is sometimes really nice.

The cabs your looking at are offered often in other events so is the quasar. I’d do the quasar when you can do two at the same time. The cabs aren’t ones that I’d even bother upgrading unless the upgrade lets you finish up a build do to weight.

Dang it…Just got done making my second Spectre-2 lol

So far just wheels. The “dual” wheels are the highest tier i have. I forgot how long it takes to get stuff after all this time away from game.