High skill vs weak build

There’s a few threads discussing which builds are high skill and which ones are low skill trash for brain dead players.

This got me to thinking about what we actually mean when we use these terms.

Can we agree that “high skill” means “hard to score high with”?

And if that is what those words mean, doesn’t that mean that the most high skill build a person could play would be the weakest build in the game?

But since building is such an integral part of the game, and since building a strong build generally requires some knowledge and skill, maybe we’re thinking about this the wrong way?

I’m not trying to judge or look down on anyone’s approach. I think most of you know that I’m not a meta chaser, and prefer to sacrifice performance for looks and fun. But I also like fine tuning those builds until they are as effective as possible.
Does that fine tuning make my build “low skill”? Or is that fine tuning also part of being “high skill”?

Or maybe none of us really need to think about any of these kinds of value judgements?

Just some thoughts that crossed my mind while riding the bus home from work.

Drive screws with a hammer and call yourself a skilled framer. You are classing the skill of a build by the skill of the player when the two are separate.
If the dog players are so deserving of their performance because they are so skilled, why don’t they upload videos of full confrontation or cw games?


There’s a kink in this sentence cause millage may vary.
What would be a high skill for a player can be low skill for another.

And the weakest build in the game also may vary a lot. Weakest build for what? It all depends for what said build is for.

The fining tune is what makes makes a strong build for something, it’s dialling in the perfect counter
I think META it’s just the massification of a successful design that’s is copied until oblivion, different versions will occur but not with the same properties necessarily

In the end, what really matter " It’s not the size of the dog in fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog "

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I’ll just answer the question. IMO, at the one end is the Hover Cannon build, and at the other is the Boring Trucker.

My question is more, would it be more “high skill” to get an MVP playing a hover cannon build, or phoenixes on wheels?

Assuming non cam steer hover cannon 100%.

It’s the Balloons, IMO. They are OP. Anytime I see a hover sporting cannons and balloons, I know he’s there to cause mayhem. I stick tight, and try to make that work for the team. Protect the quarterback.

When I click the fire button they all shot. If I miss it’s on me, I don’t see this grandiose difficulty thing.

Convoluted topic. Scenarios are needed to really say whats what. A phoenix user on tracks getting MVP vs dogs would automatically be impressive right? But if you watch the video and its just them sitting in park shooting an endless dogpile in front of them while no one pays them any mind, its just dumb luck.

These are fake constructs made up in our heads in which everyone has a slightly different view and opinion on. I dont think in terms of skill unless im watching something. Things being easier or harder to play is a more quantifiable thing imo.


That’s more how I think about it.

Skill is such a subjective thing in a game like this, partly because there are so many types of skills that people can have various mixtures of.

Ive seen a firebug build stripped down to nothing but the guns and cab get underneath a fully intact scorp hover and melt it in an open field by using the brake, gas and turning to match its movements and keep it above it it the entire time. Doing that successfully is as hard as anything in the entire game. One wrong movement and the hover floats away and murders it. He musta done that for 10 seconds, perfectly, to pull that off. For a CW victory no less.

But if i simply said a firedog killed a hover in CWs, it has nowhere near the same effect.

I literally rate that cab and guns firedog killing that fully intact scorp hover as one of the highest skill things ive ever seen in crossout.


its simple: getting at least a single kill with some sort of dog build vs a build that i would say takes more skill to play (almost anything that isnt dogs) requires less gamesense, aim, fine control and awareness.

So ignore the whole topic of dogs for a minute.

Let’s say we put your cannon hover up against someone playing snowfalls on tracks. I think we can agree that your hover build is a stronger build than our hypothetical snowfall tank. Is that underpowered track build the “high skill” build in this scenario?
After all, it will be much harder for that tank to take down a hover, right?

Or is the hover player a better player, because they made a stronger build?

I tend to have my kills picked off more if I’m not in a close range build. I don’t see that as being a skill issue though.

If I’m in my cerb mace build I’m generally doing 2 things outside of managing my cloak and the normal being aware stuff, using the cab to eat movement parts while I target weapons with the maces. To me that’s more complicated then just aiming by itself. I don’t get as many kills with it unless by luck there are enough targets around but I also don’t lose those kills normally.

When I’m in my longer distance builds I can normally strip down a few builds but I often lose those kills to someone in a closer range build. So I tend not to focus on kills being the end point to judge skill by. A person watching doesn’t see whose done the dmg to weaken a build most times either but they will see the kill. So there is going to be some witness confusion involved too.

I mentioned getting killed by one of those the other day though it was low mounted dracos. I don’t think it was a skill issue that let them survive but the general build design. Goblins and gremlins often work out well like that too. If you’re not able to target their weapons or movement parts be it distance or any any other reason it puts a defending player at a greater disadvantage.

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being a better player is a different thing than how skillful a build is, but yes youd consider a snowfall track build a “high skill” build just because its harder to succeed with.
then there is the entirely separate skill of building, which is irrelevant in pvp.

i dont think metas are about skill, in this case dog builds are objectively easier to succeed all the other ‘normal’ or rather non-meta builds

I don’t think I understand what you mean by this.
Why would building skill be irrelevant in PVP?

kills mean nothing. everything that matters is:

1- you dont bait teammates
2- you do a lot of damage / tank for the DPS people in the clan / strip enemy weapons or wheels or whatever

this applies less to dogs since theyre just hold W and win

playing against dogs, especially bricks with undermounted dracos, youre at a disadvantage from the start and in order to win you need something like scorp and great aim, or any other weapon with even greater aim to get the weapons. and forget about dealing enough cabin damage before you die

idk. why do you think that your building skills are relevant in pvp?
i might understand if you knew the weaknesses of certain types of builds, but you dont need to be a great builder for that

You don’t think the strength of a build has any relevance to performance in PVP?
I think I am starting to understand why you are having such a bad time playing this game.

in what way does your building skill make your build physically stronger in pvp? you realise many people have builds from exhibition, often from good builders?