High skill vs weak build

I’ve never downloaded any builds from the exhibition, other than my own.

So yes, my build skill matters a lot. I don’t care what other people do. Whether I’m fighting a bot, a player using a meta build from the exhibition, or a player who built their own ride like me, I still have to kill them using my building and playing skills.

i see what ur saying,and yes it’s not easy playing a weak low hp build, i showed my heli inc mvp.
that’s not easy to play.
so yes it takes skill.
running bricks and spaced armor well,not to much skill.
the more hp you have…the less skill you need to use it(meaning you don’t have to worry as much in battle because you can survive easier)
‘take two glass scorps and shoot it out with the same build and see who dominates who’ that’s a skill test.unless they have more latency then you.
lag effects all of us,internet is not real life’ everything is delayed.
and my 8666 points in patrol,so far i can’t do it again…so this is skill as well.

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My Chainsaw Trucker was a dreadfully simple build initially, and was very straightforward about getting MVPs over and over. My only real issue was getting from one victim to the next fast enough.

I made it more complicated than I needed to, by turning it into a trash-truck, but in the beginning it was a very simple build; one Trucker, a big box on back for taking heat, two maulers, one Skinner, and a cloak. It was an even more basic version of what everybody else is doing. I built it out of resignation and frustration with competing with all the melee (if you can’t beat’em, join’em).

I’m not even sure the brakes work.

That’s easy money, right there. It’s easy to construct, and easy to operate (just push W). It’s cheap too, and nobody shoots your guns off either, which is a bonus.

There are even dumber versions of this all over the wasteland farming the hell outta the game with no end in sight.

So what I think he’s saying is, no. More complicated designs are not trumping the painfully straight forward designs, and therefore build skill is irrelevant. I think that’s a little hyperbolic, not without exceptions, and not entirely true, but mostly it is. The melee is off the chain.

We haven’t really established what building skill actually means, and I suspect we all have very different definitions.

Me and you might define is as being able to come up with unique builds that are both functional and good looking.

But someone who plays CW might define it as being able to identify and implement the most effective current parts and building principles.

Someone else might define it as being able to pack the most performance into the lowest PS possible.

I think all of these definitions are true, and that’s why these arguments about “skill” are impossible to resolve. We are talking about a very subjective concept, and one that has multiple layers in a game like Crossout. There simply isn’t one answer to the question of skill. It’s completely a matter of perspective.

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Hovers used to be the best examples of this. They were very META or die. You could only use META tech on these, or they would just be trash. I’m not sure how that’s going these days. They seemed complicated to build, and very tenuous to operate to me. They got shoved around a lot, were wobbly, fragile, and the weapons take forever to reload. It seemed like a much harder gig to me, than strapping four drills on the front of a trucker and hitting the gas.

Hovers sure aren’t top-gun lately though. Melee is, and it doesn’t even use guns.

I think melee is very evidently the popular winner because it’s the path of least resistance. It’s easy mode, and it is dominating. It pays out too, as far as farming goes. That’s why everybody is using it.

I’d rather chase dailies than farm that way, though. The game likes you better if you do it that way too. It’s designed to be played that way (completing a variety of tasks using various tools), and personally, I think your day goes smoother if you stick to only dailies that you find amusing, rotate your builds, don’t play the same schit over and over, and don’t over farm.


its pretty simple. dogs require less skill to succeed in than most other builds. building skill may matter in some way when either the dog attacks a big spider or when you look for the quickest way to get rid of a dog, but what matters substantially more is aim and control

Am i correct in assuming you arent playing high PS? What PS range would you say melee dominates? Are you PC?

For me high skill is when I feel like doing good with the gun needs some serious work put into it to do so, and it needs some build planning rather than you being able to slap it onto mostly anything and it’ll just automatically do good. Guns that need you to actually do good with them, rather than hold W or firing button down and try to point in the general direction of enemy, or just spam at the center of mass and hoping for the best

Best example of this was one of the somewhat recent brawl things? with a low enough PS, about back when Impulses got the huge buff. I struggled so much trying to either reach some score bracket or do daily challenges in it with no matter what I made, and then I gave up and made a piercer build (picked the first one off of the exhibition), with like 1500PS to spare from the upper limit, and started to instantly win every match round after round just like that while my skills as a player weren’t any better than many of the failed earlier attempts with the not so easy to use and win weapons. Using that piercer build felt like cheating, especially when I could play way more casually than any of the builds before it, and I was struggling to the point of mild gamer rage

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Things are not so black and white

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I really think you should do something about that dog issue of yours.

There’s a third option
A player can be a worse player than the other one but a better builder.

And there’s all types of good builders ( and now i’m not talking about doing a specific thing to a specific end and refining it to oblivion).

I never copy/paste a build from the exhibition , i never went META. but i’ve been there to see how a certain section was put together ( new weapons, new configurations, new type of builds). In fact, the first thing i do when i’m testing a build from the exhib is to flip it over, to see what’s going under the hood and so on.
But outside my favourites i have two builds from other Authors, one of them is a compact lean killing machine inside it’s type, it looks so focused, but it doesn’t stop there, the all thing was engineer to be a certain thing at a certain place, it is razor sharp.

A good builder also builds for himself, with particular traits to enhance certain things or to overcome / mitigate any fragilities that he may have, the same build in other hands may not necessary behave in the same manor ( i think one popular example of that it’s the famous Tokyo Roller, Sandbland and MR.G.)

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Building skill is definitely a thing. A circumventable thing since you can just download off the exhibition. My best building traits are armoring guns and wheel layout. At this point, most things i build i already know the layout of the armor and wheels before i even start building. Might start up a thread for building techniques, show some of my go to building strats. Still havent seen a properly armored Cyclone build from another user, in all the years ive played, imho.

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Why would you go after weapons on a dog?
The wheels are their weak point.

bigfoots are not a weakpoint, especially since you sort of dont see them when the person is heading directly your way

Bigfoot is going to be more effective to target than the weapons on fire or melee.

Nothing worse for fire or melee than to no longer be able to maneuver well.

Depends on how high up your playing. The more wheels they have the less effect targeting the wheels often has. Comparatively there are sometimes less weapons then wheels not to mention explosive bits that can often have a larger impact.

It’s often a bit of a crap-shot in if those things can be effectively targeted or not. It’s often easier to take them out when they are attacking someone else rather than yourself too.

They got 6+ wheels that are 680 dura each. If you have the DPS to dewheel them in any meaningful way, you have the DPS to degun them faster. The devs have made wheels so invincible to the point where you need a triple spike ghost to strip a single wheel at 9k. They need to nerf wheel dura by atleast 25% because its just too damn much.

its not