Horrible suggested change to movement parts

I can only get to the test server in a few hours but let me share my thoughts after observing others.
I have spent many hours in this game , this is the single biggest disaster that has been suggested.

I use small tracks allot , I have accepted nerfs that took me many months to adjust too.
For example -25% turning radius , an undisclosed delay when shifting from left to right or vice versa , before it was instant now there is a noticeable delay and my tracks feel sluggish ever since that unannounced change. But this was a some time ago , I adapted but never enjoyed these changes at all.
So now they want change them further “The turning speed of the tracked vehicles has been reduced , The dependence of the tracked vehicle’s turning speed on its mass has been increased , The turning radius of some tracks has been slightly changed”

My worries are they will become completely obsolete , I feel the hovers have been treated even more unfairly if this update gets pushed trough.
I was going to fuse more Hovers soon for CW and I feel that there is no point now if such changes are around the corner. Also Spiders are unhappy with the strafe mechanic so my question is who is actually happy here ?

I really felt the need to come on the forum again which does not happen often but this is just not a right direction .
Do you believe it will get pushed trough ? Please share your opinion.

Thank you for reading have a nice day lads.


I just tried the test server its even worse than I thought , a full second between change of direction is this a joke ?
Small tracks even wheels feel weird , I feel like I am playing a slow-motion game for the mentally challenged . Don’t get me started on hovers .
I don’t mean it in a bad way , but your reflexes used to worth something in this game , now I feel they have rendered them useless . I don’t want to share anymore because I was taught If you have nothing good to say you better not say anything at all. Thanks for reading


And what for you need sideways hovers. Specifics.

I have not mentioned those , but I think most good players agree that the sideway hovers makes them viable in competitive play . Usually I am not using hovers in cw but I face them and they provide a good challenge and you need to improve your tactics. I don’t want them to die or become obsolete its a pretty fair trade durability/ movability.
I still want the option to use hovers in cw and pvp and so should all other players.
Did you even try the test server ? Its just an awful experience


I tested the changes for a while, the worst of all are the mobility changes, this takes away freedom of movement, they force us to always use the front part of the cabin. This looks like a cell phone game.



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next test server upcoming update is gonna bring autoaim and aimbot so players don’t complain about missing shots and aiming being to hard
anything that requires skill must be removed. they should buff fire, melee, spark, lancelot dogs too!!!

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hi! if you don’t like playing with us mentally disabled types, then, go find some other playground for you to enjoy.


That all sounds very funny knowing the only thing you can play effectively is tempura. I would say don’t worry, you’ll find another effective moving option to get your instakill button to the enemy, but I don’t think you will.
Basically devs just removed the absurd of sideways cabin meta and that “skill threshold” for hovers, while actually adding some more skill requirement for other moving parts like wheels. And you don’t like that driving will take some skill? If you played games that try to simulate realistic vehicles physics - that’s pretty much how they are supposed to be.

is that all you can do? here’s what i can do :wink: Doing Cute Things in XO

In my post I meant no offense to anyone. I just stated an opinion if you want to act offended go ahead.


It’s just that there’s a wide spread opinion about down grading/upgrading a game equaling to being mentally disabled. Yeah, they’re making the game more accessible for a wide spread audience. Ain’t no big deal. I like playing with y’all, even you WB. You’re on my in-game friends list and it’s always fun to play when you’re around. Saying all that, I’m only human and getting offended doesn’t happen over night, or from one post, it happens when something wrong has gone on too long.

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Listen people get pretty salty about my “effective” tempura play , you for instance only play meta , I use a built with decor bells and whistles. Not trying to lower my power score at all , no spaced armour , no fueltanks for ramming people you get what I am saying here locust . You search conflict on this forums , I do not. Not many play my weapon well , but plenty play your piercers highly effective , so effective they had to nerf it after codriver change. So good luck with your argument , at least I created my own meta . I love driving , I drive on the track irl , I just dont see how slowing down movement response on tracks and even wheels will bring a more joyful experience . I like things to go fast not slow lad, that’s a reasonable argument is it not ?

P.S. if you would like to face me using other weapon types please try playing some higher ps instead of sealclubbing at 5K.
Its not like I can play tempura in CW and I barely ever see you at any higher ps so please be welcome to join lad then you can refrain from having such narrow view of people .


no body’s saying we can’t go fast, they just saying we can’t go fast sideways.
I got that from the movie Tombstone.

I actually like this update :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You just another

whining here because your seal-clubbing tool got nerfed, trying to make it sound rEaSoNaBle, same like hoevers. You didn’t see me complain about piercers nerf did you?

I do. Melee and dogs won’t be able to be as effective as they were with that unrealistically sharp controls, making more breathing space for other types.

It’s 6600

So reasonable you had to lie to make your point sound better.

This is my clan mate trying to have a laugh ignore his “valuable” opinion :laughing:

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I see locust taking his time to cherry-pick words out of context to support his point , if you are going to ruin this this topic with your personal vendetta against me I will just abandon it if there is no more valuable opinions to be heard.
I do appreciate your on topic input :+1:

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Listen lad when a clanmate want me to test his craft I do it , had 2 battles in it its barely controllable with omniwheels :laughing:. I don’t think anyone seen me on the battle field with this :rofl:

Your topic is just whine against pending changes, like dozens others. You don’t discuss anything. You just being conservative that’s all.