Hover acceleration is no different from cheating

There should be a point where no amount of fusions or engine power/ speed is going to increase acceleration. Fully fused hovers can spam movement keys and strafe around faster than god’s reaction time. Targem still hasn’t realized that max acceleration hovers spamming movement keys are no different from speedhackers. It doesn’t matter how fragile or not they are if nobody can consciously aim at them with natural human reaction time, let alone hit them with weapon traverse speed, ballistics, and latency.


I hit full speed all fused power Kami/Griffon Colossus Icarus VII hovers with my Cyclones just fine. You just have to lead them a little bit. Further, if you can take a few hovers they are in a world of hurt. I can also catch these builds with a Blight/Flash/Cheetah/Firebug build with the Hermits and the Cheetah fused for Power.

Icarus VII is top tier but not unbeatable, particularly since the nerfs.


You dont lead them when they spam QEWD and know how to outmaneuver you. You just spray and pray something hits them. Or you run W meta with a cloak to kill them before they know you exist.

It’s not a matter of reaction time, it’s a matter of weapon rotation speed and maniability. If people could hit each others in DOOM or Quake 3, nothing in XO is above human reaction time.


This is just another case of Get Gud.

I don’t think that’s the case… I think this is more about weapon vs movement platform. Some weapons are better suited for playing against certain platforms. You can take two players of equal skill and hand them different weapons using the same target and get different results. This doesn’t mean the platform is op or the weaps are wrong as they have different functions. If you have a drastic miss match it will normally end badly for the player with the greater disadvantage.

I’ve been there. I was so frustrated at hovers back when I played turreted cannons. Turns out, they’re the worst weapon to deal with hovers. Now we could get into a discussion about how turreted cannons don’t have the DPS, tankyness or burst damage they’d deserve for having literally zero utility, but that’s something else.

Crack your wallet, buy 3 Stillwinds, obliterate hovers. (Unless they’re playing Punishers and are somewhat not too bad at playing, then you’re fucked)

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This. Stillwinds are very powerful. lay them into the side of any hover and watch them go over tonnage, flip on its end and spin in a circle. The only problem with Stillwinds is the durability makes them unsuitable for range wars with Scorpions and Kaiju. Also, on hovers, Stillwinds have terrible spread problems that cause shots to miss when you are being rushed. I wish there was a way to get a -Spread fused Stillwind in the game. :slight_smile:

Buy, I should also add that there is no reason that a player who continually loses to hovers should not get his own hover. Why not pay $10, complete this mini battle pass and get the power fused Beholder cab? This is the same cab all of the top Punisher hovers are running. Here’s why: +Power Beholder has the most power in the game, so that if your hovers are fused, you only need to run a Hot Red to have a good ride. This leaves you with 16 points of energy to build whatever you want.

The +power Beholder hasn’t been offered in two years, and you only got it by completing the 70 day Amusement Park battlepass (Season 3) that gave you nothing but this Beholder, 4 fused Hermits and a Nest. This Beholder is easier to acquire and gives new players a chance to catch up to veterans. It isn’t just good for Hovers. It is also the best cabin for Omni wheel builds, such as Triple Fortune, or for any 16 energy build, such as 5 Imps and a Seal. If you want to win at Crossout, make getting this event cabin your top Crossout priority.


This one among small number of items I fused. After their buff they are great

Why waste 4 jet engines pointing down to make an inefficient monstrosity, when you could make 4 planes out of that dropping bombs on your enemy?


From the video I’ve just seen of quake gameplay people aren’t carefully aiming at eachother in that game. All the weapons fire relatively quickly, players die a lot faster, and most shots miss. Not comparable to XO.

Excuse me sir but what?
Best friend won an european CTF competition, he wasn’t spraying and praying. There’s probably more prefiring and muscular memory involved than in XO, but give him a XO railgun and he fucks a hover up in 0.3s at any distance.
No spraying and praying was ever involved in Quake 3. Even the shotgun had a fixed spread, and people would juggle the crap out of their opponents with rockets, at speeds you can’t reach in XO without boosters >.>

There is always that guy.

Have you played clan wars above tin?

As for the rest here that claim about weapons being better against certain platforms etc, i guess it is completely random and irrelevent that more than 90% of CW teams are only or almost only hovers and a good 15%+ of clans have stoped playing since the update, with the number steadily increasing.

The op might be axagerating a little but in essence, he is correct.

Everyone not playing hovers right now, is playing sub-par.
It had almost always been that way, hence most top clans were hover setups, but before the update you could play anything efficiently if you were good enough and you had a decent setup, which could put you at least somewhere close to top.

Now its pretty much this or completely outclassed.

Game is going downhill very fast regarding its competitive side and it doesnt seem to be looking up anytime soon.


lol no one has ever stopped complaining about hovers. It’s not something that is just post update all it’s done is shift the arguments around again. You have your full anti-hover clique, the lower hover clique, the against side-ways hover clique. The only group that’s kind of gone is the we can’t flip hovers clique. On top of that you have anti-spaced armor cliques.

The decline of clanwars participation is well documented prior to the upgrade too. Hovers were already well established there to the point where as soon as hover changes were even mentioned you had hover players saying they were going to quit because their CW meta creations would be messed up. It doesn’t surprise me in the least bit that it’s declining still. Having laggy servers and best out of 3 matches are not doing it any favors either.

Weapons like porcs could be made to work against hovers without lowering them but they would probably have to lose the ability to spam them. They just need to be able to be detonated remotely by a second button click. The initial blast mechanics could then be changed to hit them efficiently.

The rate of rotation on legs could be increased making it easier to maintain aim on a hover. Similarly rotation speed on larger tank treads could similarly be increased. Turreted cannons could also use a slight increase in rotational speed. Even the meat grinders could use a slight boost too they are a little sluggish still even though it’s been improved recently.

Cannons have one of the higher disadvantages against hovers especially spaced armored ones do to their low rate of fire and slow and sometimes non-existent rotational speeds. All of the cannons should include some degree of armor piercing explosive charges. The space armor is way to effective against DPH weapons.

There isn’t much you can do for harvesters against hovers by both their very natures it’s a miss match especially if they fail to bother to try to mount them differently. Similar is true to most of the other active melee parts too. These tend to be in the group that keep asking for the lowering of hovers because it can’t actually be inadequacies of the weapon at fault. If they built a 100% pure melee build I have zero sympathy for them.

The game goes down hill because people aren’t honest and direct with what the issues are that they are having. They instead blame their opponent and their opponents builds rather than saying what is inadequate about their own equipment when facing those players. Most of the time they don’t even mention what their own builds are that they are having problems with. This type of methodology doesn’t allow the game to be fixed it just causes the game the endure cycles of nerfing that pisses players off and expedites the distrust of the Devs. Not that the Devs are blameless they obviously need to do more testing on things and their polling practices are still very inadequate too.

There’s also the other outstanding issue is that the game is not purely balanced on CW it’s balance is heavily geared towards general PVP. With smaller grouping sizes in CW (4x4) miss matches are greater due to less compensation and extended coverage from larger group sizes. Even the least useful group member in a larger combat group can be a great distraction.

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The decline in CW participation was there but it has never been so fast and in such extend, the game was slowly bleeding clans every now and then and within months you could tell a significant decrease.
Now its literaly close to 20% in 3 weeks. Never seen that one before.
As for the hover haters etc, if the old forum and my posts from 4-5 years ago existed, i would post here my complete threads with instructions on what imbalances the game had and how they could fix them.
Unfortunately i have no proof, but i can tell you they implemented almost 100% PRECICELY what i suggested withing 2 years of balance changes. Most of what i suggested they implemented in 2019 that i had taken a break from the game.
Did they read my threads? Probably not, but they saw the logic eventualy and did what they should have done 2 years ago, had they done it when they should, the game would suck less sooner.
One of the things they ignored was hover balance.

Movement parts that have map and game design working for them (acids, clean island, ignoring ground collision and mechanics etc) have no buisness having an advantage of height also.
They have always been kinda broken but at least before the update there were some solid counters against them.
I have come here regularly before the update claiming that hovers where perfectly fine as they were and the only thing making them imbalanced was the map advantages, if that was removed they would be nothing to say.

Now the counters have been nerfed and hovers have been buffed. The discussion around them has been going on long enough and devs should have a clear understanding now that the movement part should finally be brought down on par with the others.
And since they dont intend to make core changes they should at the veary least give up their height advantage and the freepass over everything priviledge.

Its even more of a joke that they have been practically the king of clan wars for the last few years and the game images and posters rarely include them because they know that no one will join a game resembling mad max and be expected to play hovering chandeliers to be competitive.

In conclusion, what you suggest, making some weapons work agains them, is just another patch for the hole which will soon leak again. Lowering them effectively has ALWAYS been the sound and simple solution to the problem and they sooner they realize that, the faster the game will breathe again.

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Honestly, I think they should completely rework Clan Wars.
Not sure exactly what they should do, but it needs a big shake-up.

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They have already tried that a number of times and they aren’t even as high as they were when first released. They even flip now and are not very good at flipping back over. They can’t use wheels anymore to boost tonnage. They can be flipped on terrain and no-destroyable ground objects as well however that’s all highly situational and not guarantied. The durability is lackluster.

Some of the hazards that have been put in probably shouldn’t be in the game but players seem to enjoy them regardless of the advantage they give some platforms. The geysers are probably one of my favorites. Not everyone can shoot up to or down from a second floor either. The acid lake and clean island I put on par with desert valley’s map prior to traction changes on wheels. They didn’t nerf tracks and the few other movement parts that couldn’t deal with the soft sand though they fixed the ones that couldn’t traverse the map.

You’re not on here much at all, I would have noticed.

I’m talking about fixing both the weapons and the platforms to work well against them which is a fix not a patch…

This has never worked it’s a short cut that doesn’t really fix the issues which is the other weapons and platforms that can’t keep up.


Its not an advantage. That altitude bites them in the ass when they lose a hover because they nosedive so hard only super fast turning weapons with a lot of vertical aim can be used.

Hovers being OP comes down to their combination of best acceleration coupled with high speed. They literally have easy mode when it comes to positioning and maneuvering.
Spaced armor is the icing that allows them to get away with getting sniped several times w/o suffering for it.

Hovers technically aren’t cheating. But they are BS right now. From my observation, it seems like Machine gun Hovers will dominate everything else. Even Bigrams and Dog builds aren’t as viable against them anymore.

If they weren’t OP, I wouldn’t see them in almost every match.

Also, most people think it would be easier to just nerf Hovers rather than buff all of the other epic movement parts.

I think there needs to be new mechanics to restrict certain movement parts’ efficiency with weapons. That would make the other movement parts worth using.

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It’s easy to throw empty phrases, it’s harder to give a good idea, especially when you don’t know what you want.
Clan wars have already been redone a few times, the general idea is very good. I assume you want to make it more noobs friendly but why? Maybe give uranium in tin league? Or maybe just get better ? :rofl:

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