Hover strength

They are still powerful and the developer’s fixes to their abilities should be superfluous

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Nah they are weaker after recent update, only with all parts fused (especially cabin for +20% power and hovers for -power) you can have good hover build and again, strafe was nerfed. Before this update it wasn’t easy to hit hover which was strafing on medium-long distance, now it’s fine, omni wheels on strafe may be a problem. I play hovers, wheels and sometimes tracks. And finally hovers are in balance but not really, you had to put 8k coins (for 4 Icarus VII hovers) to have just a build for PVP, -12k coins when i fused 6 of them. You can play tracks or wheels and not fusing them, that’s some advantage towards hovers

I know they got weaker, I mean they are still above normal,as you can see from their usage rates, as for being stronger only after upgrading, that’s a real question, maybe nerf their abilities after upgrading

Nerfing fused items isn’t an option, when you spend coins for it you are doing it for a reason, to get stronger items. Players are happy, devs are happy that coins are wasted


Wouldn’t it be better if a legendary hover was designed and upgrades were turned on, players were willing to spend money to gain abilities, and developers made money?

I actually surprised how the game still holds. They were almost balanced with high PS and low top speed, and now with mouse steering they still have 90km speed and lower PS, it’s surprise the game still ok and they are not as op… but a lot of skilled players actually left after mouse steering update and some others.

They rolled over it like freight train any amount of times. Read ToS, they basically have the right to do anything they see fit, there is even option “to ban account on enough suspicion” they don’t even need any proof. It all holds on good word and faith, like lots of things in life, that doing things good for everyone.
But that one “balance” and not nerfing… They nerfed most weapons any amount of time because they were op and ruining the game and fun for rest of the people.


Regardless of the changes, even if it is completely different from now, the experienced players still have the advantage of their thinking and if they are still not satisfied, then let them go, which is good for new players entering the game

lmao, the “we need all fused” argument.

Yeah hovers are so bad and subpar that’s all that gets played competitively since years.


I’m not discounting what you’re experiencing, but I do disagree.

Since the update, I’m running mostly wheels, and having no trouble downing hovers. I think the lowered ride-height for them is as big a nerf, too.

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Well, i played both hovers and wheels on CW. Wheels build was all stock, firebugs, blight cab and hermit wheels. Killed almost any hover i met with ease, all you have to do is mark your target. For hovers it was pretty hard, you had to use tactics to win, focuse 1 target etc, especially vs full melee team. What i agree with, hovers may be op in pvp but i honestly have no problems dealing with them on my wheel builds, hammerfalls for example or any other cannons ones

if i rolled my eyes any harder theyd roll out of my head and create their own orbit. they got nerfed, stop complaining about every little thing about hovers. apparently legs got a buff with the new legs that came out, 70kmph, great strafing speed, quick response time and can make you look like a tarantula that wants to crawl all over peoples faces. why am i not hearing about people wanting them to be nerfed? cause apparently hovers are the only thing thats broken in this game and that people care to cry about.

look im sorry but im getting tired of seeing these threads every time a update comes out about people crying their eyes out about hovers being to broken still. hovers have been nerfed to hell in the past, what more do you people want?

exactly, this is a nerf on top of the speed nerf they gave the hovers. yet you still have people crying they are broken still. jesus christ people.
on top of this though my hovers seem to be more responsive, they stop and change direction alot faster / quicker then before. idk if it was always like that but i noticed the difference using my blight and incinerator hover.

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Usage rates does not mean the item itself is good. Hovers have been nerfed numerous times (about 15) and I’ve been destroying them “former sidecucks” all over missions. They are not good right now. I’d rather use Bigrams, even in their crappy condition.

Again? Not to be disrespectful but…
OIP (1)

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The hover is superior in flexibility and speed, which is why I don’t say the new mechanical legs

Now that you say that, I’ll be trying out various designs today

Aren’t you claiming you mostly do PvE and barely PvP anymore? Because Bigrams haven’t been relevant since a year, and attempting to use them since 2.0 in CW will lead, at best, to you losing half your rounds to degunned hovers playing hide and seek at 90kmh on one movement part after you slapped them around. At worst some good scorp player is going to melt all your legs on one side in 15s.

I know, I’m the dumbass who sticked to Bigrams because I ain’t going back to crutch hovers lol. Used to murder hordes of melees with those, back when non-hover builds were relevant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Man I miss the Draco teams…

I can do some PvP if I want to lol. And I’m doing some now, since I need wires. I despise it but I have to do it if I want to craft my third Cyclone faster.

It’s not “because”. It’s not relevant. I’m not using my Bigrams in PvP. That was an example of how bad hovers are — on PS brackets I’m on, that is.

I don’t give the slightest fornicate about problems in cuckwars. I don’t see how to express is even more clearer.

flexibility in what way?
speed i can understand because they can go from 0 to max in a few seconds depending how heavy / light your build is. on my blight incinerator build i reach max speed in about… 1 second lol. though it does have a slight delay when im strafing left to right but most of the time i can maneuver myself quite well. the only hover i have is my blight incinerator… i have alot of fused hovers in my inventory that used to be for clan wars but eh… ill just let them collect dust i suppose :man_shrugging:

Remove Omni & Hovers and We Have CrossOut Back :+1:



Not sure why omni good, maybe in lower PS, because when i play my typical 14k+ i see like almost zero omnis

First of all, before reading below, IMO Crossout is much more balanced now than before. And i thank devs for that!
At least one good balance update.(still not perfect tho)

Hovers… topic is about “Hover strength” Well, its about:

  • it fly over porc and Ripper disccs (so 2 weapons useless without kapkans/etc against hovers) while this weapons do a lot to wheel/leg/etc builds.
  • Hover builds can fly with just 1 still alife. Imagine this with wheels, not possible.
  • Hovers fly over/ bump off obstacles like Wreckages/etc - wheel builds/etc will stop on them and loose speed and stay in one place vunerable to get shot precisely.
  • You say that fused Hovers give best bonus compared to other movement part.
  • Can use Frames to tank with them since hover fly high and tilt (wheel/etc build cant)
  • Hovers are easy to avoid enemy fire (same like omni wheels, but its flying so even better since can change height faster too - tho they fixed wheels to not be slowed so much by terrain slopes now, tho they forgot about other movement parts fix like this.)
  • im sure i forget some points i told earlier

This are some advantages.
Main disadvantage of hover is that something can catch them and drag them to kill. But every build have some counter to it, so having 2 counter for hovers(counting yokai too), while having 10 counters for slow builds is like total build discrimination here anyway.

For example compare now to hvy counters:

  • porc, deadly (no flying, easy to hit) - hovers no issue if not kapkaned
  • heather, deadly (its slow, easy to target) - hovers quickly avoid, slow build cant
  • point cap speed issue (too slow to block cap or cap)- hovers fast so can
  • fortune, deadly (its slow, easy to target) - hard to hit hover with it, tried, maybe fortune dog can.
  • scorp, deadly (just pop-up and shoot, even kaiju will have much problems) - but well, scorp currently is good against every build anyway.
  • yokai also good vs hvy-spiders - kill frames below like it do for hovers.
  • incinerator, deadly (its slow, easy to target) - hover or fast build just exit it quickly. Hvy cant
  • pop-up shoot weaker for slow builds(before they pop-up they will get shot)
  • retcher, deadly, retcher eat slow builds like butter - hover can dodge easly, hvy cant.
  • any-heat-up-focus-part weapons, deadly since its easy to forcus 1 part on slow build. - hover is hard to target specific part, since its move/tilt/etc a lot.

Ofc main advantage of hvy is Durability in general, but compare now how many counter hover have and how many hvy(slow) builds. Now see that they added new engine adding more mass and made light parts give more HP than hvy ones.

It is much more balanced now anyway(i thank devs a lot for it, spaced(screen) armor change is cool for balancing), but what i want to say is that if HVY would be Meta, people would find counter for it from this 10 points very easly, while for hovers there is just 2 ways rly to counter them and one of them is over-used now… it is fire-dogs.

Anyway they improved balance now a lot, Hovers are still very good, but not as op as before.

Also why firedog META now? just because they can kill hovers easly. How can META be created just based on “hover-counter” its funny. I hope when there will be no more 80% of hovers in late PW or CW, then it will be balanced, since still too many people use them(i belive its because they got no other movement parts and hovers still good lol)

Ofc i find more hvy clans in CW, but still mostly hovers + fire-dogs now.
Also ofc clans will not change their playstyle in a moment, it require a lot of time.

Ofc spider team can be eaten by firedogs too, but it depend on modules also, there is counter to everything, just for hovers there is really only 1 counter, fast-catch-hover builds. And when hovers cry about hvy improvement, then they need learn play, since some hovers show skill and win, others hovers play like **** with **** builds, and tell they loose because of balance.

What suggestion i have for everyone, is to play every movement part, to see exactly how it is. Ofc i agree hovers still very good compared to other movement parts, and we see much firedogs now, just because they counter hovers easly and 50/50 also can kill hvys too(depending on builds), but its only because most light builds are hovers only. Since every build have some counter. A big counter to firedogs is just… Daze… But ofc people still prefer play hovers without it, since they are too good against everything else. Change builds guys, try different movement parts omg.

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