Hover + Toadfish is OP

I love how realistic the physics are in Crossout, and while there are exceptions to enhance gameplay (eg: falling from height with no damage, being immune to friendly fire) it seems there are some things that should be a bit more realistic.

I am tired of a hover build dancing around like a stunt kite and effortlessly picking off all my weapons from 300 meters away. They duck behind some cover and pop out like a hummingbird. Then, the Toadfish has crazy damage and precision, striking with pinpoint accuracy with almost no projectile drop, and covering hundreds of meters with almost no delay. When you meet one of these in a bit of open space you have little chances.

Maybe a small nerf on each is in order.

So is the problem the gun or the hovers, because it sounds like it’s hovers?


Toad fish are really not a problem…they are HUGE hit-bot with a very small durability compared with mass. It should have another 200+ durability and again, very big target

Its situational, but I think all “bolters” should have a realistic recoil. So if the bolt is flipping my 14 ton car, I expect the hover to be smashing into the opposite wall at 100mph from the recoil.

I think that the Toadfishes are pretty balanced themselves, the problem is sideways hover builds alone. They are so good that any kind of a weapon does good on a sideways hover, no matter how “bad” it is in general. Arguments for example, they are at most a nice medium good weapon, nothing too amazing and mostly don’t do much on wheeled builds, but slap them on a basic sideways hover and it’ll perform just as good as any weapon on said build.

Sideways hovers themselves are a pain to deal with because this dancing and staying out of enemy fire is done with strafing with the forward and backward motion of a regular hover, and that makes them over perform at strafe movement. In my thoughts is just as much as “using something against how it was intended to work at an increased efficiency” as forward facing Mandrakes were., because regular hovers don’t strafe back and forth like sideways hovers do.

But they are too knee deep in sideways hover users all ready to throw a hissy fit about taking their wallets somewhere else if anything is ever done to it, for anything to be really done about it.

Mind you they are not as bad as they were in the early days so to an oldtime player like me sideways hovers feel way more balanced now than they did when they were about the only meta that existed, way before wedges

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Why is it that most mid to long-range weapons seem to perform best on Hovers? For example, Scorpion is pretty bad on Wheels, but when mounted on hover they can become much more lethal.

PvP is being dominated by dogs, yet here you are…complaining about weapons that has some of the worst hp/mass/size ratios in the game.

Hovers have also been nerfed around 6-7 times. People really should know how to deal with them by now.


Toadfish are not OP by any means.

hovers have been over nerfed.


I agree about the dog problem. The Blight perk nerf is long over due. While Hovers are a lesser evil compared to dogs, they’re still an evil. If the Dog meta got nerfed into the ground, then hovers will take their place.

It’s too bad that Meatgrinders, ML-200, and a majority of the Tracks suck (with Small and Hardened being the exception.)

Good comments. I am not saying they are invincible, and its mainly in open spaces that they have such an advantage. I do manage to hit one sometimes and they can’t take much. The one build I have that seems to work well against them has 3 fused autocannons that can pelt them pretty bad. Its just that these hover builds seem to dart about as if they have no mass.
Sure, the toadfish is easy to destroy… if you can hit is with a cannon from 300 meters. Now, I will concede that I am NOT a top player in the game (I do have my moments) but sometimes I won’t even see who is shooting me and it’s: pop pop – one cannon gone, pop pop – both cannons gone. And then, while I am driving my large weaponless paper-weight around, I see in the far distance, the silhouette of a hover dancing with glee.

The scorpion is more deadly, it is faster than the crossbow, and does not fall

scorps are only like that because it projectiles penetrate further.

Replace toadfish with any other precision weapon and guess the problem? kekw

they are right in that its hovers youre talking about but fail to give to you the one best advice.

get four blue hovers and try them out.

some come back saying theyre op, some come back saying they cant properly use them.

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I endorse this Monkey opinion!
Agree 100%

Hovers have not been overnerfed, a good hover scorp player is the scariest crap in the game. It’s just that most of them stand there drooling on their keyboards instead of moving properly…

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Hovers have been pooped on, peed on, and kicked around for ages, just because a good player can wreck house with them doesn’t mean anything, I still remember the hover player who mostly used cords and wrecked house with em and I also see people with scorps and hovers get wrecked easily, it’s the player, not the hover #Leavehoversalone #don’tabusethe alreadyabused!


The player that knows how to use hovers properly does extremely well with them, crazy… like they know what movement part is capable of…

Because the game is heavily bias towards close quarters, so it’s inevitable to happen sometimes…

Just because they’ve been nerfed a billion times and some people are trash with them, doesn’t make them underpowered. Any game worth its salt is balanced around top level play, and hover scorp is what wins there.

I find it pretty depressing how all these hoverbois are like “it’s the player not the hovers!” Like yeah sure, you never flip because you’re mad skilled. Sure, you win every peekaboo trade because you’re mad skilled. Has nothing to do with hovers… Oh wait you’re all on hovers… But that’s not hovers, you’re just mad skilled…
I do shit on hover (fused lol) scorps regularly with my Kaiju Spider. THAT’S not the hover’s fault, that’s the players being abyssmally bad. In no circumstances whatsoever a hover scorp loses at range against anything, unless he just a plain worse player than his opponent. I don’t delude myself into thinking I’m a pro gamerz who can own hover scorps all day long, because I know what properly played hover scorps looks like, and I know it demolishes me so hard I’d be playing Patrol if XO hover players were all good lol.

If hovers were overnerfed, they wouldn’t make up a solid third+ of the CW rosters. Played tons of full hover teams yesterday, and maybe a single full dog team, zero full spider team. Everyone’s so skilled :open_mouth:

+30 durability, 0 energy neutrino, +20% hover dura from Colossus, Falcon giving heavy scorp hover-centric buffs… I don’t suscrivbe to the theory that hovers have been overnerfed either… What exactly has been “overnerfed” about them the last year? … Nothing? Yeah, exactly. “b-but they lost 10% acceleration…” yeah, compare it to everything they gained.

Generally speaking, any discussion regarding skills in XO is moot. It’s not a competition of skill if it’s a competition of gear. And with the amount of terribad players scoring quite high thx to Porcs spam and other highly strategic and skilled relic shenanigans… hmmm… It’s definitely in good part a competition of gear. Even Monkey doesn’t shy away from admitting that fully fused hover is going to crap over a non-fused one a billion times at equal skill level. So where’s the skill competition when you need to dump 400k coins in a build before being competitive?

What I hate about hovers the most is that by their existence, certain weapons can’t be buffed so that they’d do well on other platforms, since then they’d overperform on hovers as currently they only work somewhat on hovers but suck in general on most other types of builds. Assembler I am looking at you.

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