Hover top speed buff!

So have have not heard many people talk about the buff to hover speed. I think it is a fair exchange.

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So, no one is mad about the increased the speed?

Everyone would have been in an uproar about it before.

It’s a pretty big buff. I like it.

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I never understood all this hover hate, it was a thing almost right out of the gate with people saying it ruined the mad max feel … Then never stopped no matter how many times the Devs neutered the hovers, and I don’t think it ever will to be frank! I used to argue hovers were being targeted too much, then accused of being a hover player haha, they wouldn’t say that if they saw me trying to use them when I had them years ago, so now I just let the hover rage boner sword fights happen!

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What is the new speeds?

One of the hovers will reach 100km

That is a funny observation.
I guess they were too busy man-crushing over me to think straight.

Why would they even want to?

I’ll take some of that heat. I can’t say I was very crazy about their interpretation of sci-fi here at Crossout in general when I started, and I certainly didn’t come here for that. I’m from camp Thunderdome for sure, but I have to say they have come a long way since then, and their sci-fi keeps getting better. Last October’s Ravager event changed my heart a lot on that (join us…we are one…), and there have been other small things aesthetically here and there along the way. Omni Wheels softened me up a little. I’m loving the ML-200s. I think the Kaiju and the Hadron’s cool too, and I like this update for Hovers. I’m ready to get my sci-fi on.

Besides, they’ve fed my Mad Max fetish a bit too well this year for me to complain about the sci-fi at this point. This new Furia cab with the classic grill and fins really hits the spot too. It feels like it’s my birthday (which it nearly is). All I have to say is, thanks, devs.

They appear to have even poisoned the trolls. They sure sound like they’re dying anyway. It’s gruesome. Maybe they just need to poop, IDK. My kids used to get cranky when they had to poop.

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That is a decent increase in speed i do not deny it. I just build a poc hover forward cab and well…it goes…lol…

Do you know if beholder on Icarus 7 is the 100kph?

I think the biggest issue is cannons on hovers will be very much bad. They will tip so much you will have to totally stop to shoot so i will wait and see.

If it is 100kph, they will nurf the FRACK out of it within a few updates because of all the complaining though - as they have nurfed them 14 times before.

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Beholder cheetah goes 96 no fusions.

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I don’t mind hovers going overall faster now that they’re also removing the sideways zigzag hovers that abuse the throttle/reverse as their strafing


I agree, but no one is talking about the buff, only the nerf.

I think they got more durability too, right?


ya,because i think the most important things are (no peekaboo shooting anymore…maybe) and (no more chasing a hover in reverse constantly shooting and hitting you)… :crazy_face: :rofl:
go as fast as you want :upside_down_face:

Also glad that they made weapons like heavy cannons not so viable for hovers anymore, I always thought being able to fire massive cannons on hovers without much drawback is being unrealistic


I thought that was wonky too, but I didn’t experience any issues with the dual Typhoon build I tested. None. I got the impression that they intended to do something about it, but the build I ran had zero issues bulls-eying targets and recovering stability. No issues with Strafing either. That seemed easier too, IMO. I really am not on board with all the doom regarding Hovers. To me it’s absurdly overboard. I can only guess that it is largely being perpetuated by people who haven’t been on the Test Server, or people who are just upset about disabling their sideways hover. It does indeed mean doom for them.

Personally, I’m dying to get my hands on a set in preparation for the update, because I think it’s such a drastic improvement over the old model. It’s gotten me to venture out of Camp Thunderdome and into Area 51 like nothing else in this game has.

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I have no idea what in this new update would prevent that from happening. In fact there’s a rear view mirror feature that may just help that happen. I didn’t think to test that, because there really was no issue going any direction while keeping the enemy in your Crosshairs. And if I did run into a wall, it’s so much easier to find your way out of that bouncing and spinning spiral of death. All I had to do is see the exit and push “W.”

IMO, Hover jockeys are the last people who should complain about this update. The controls are more unusual and awkward for some of the other movement parts IMO, Like Legs and probably Augers (didn’t test Augers). Having said that, “skilled” gamers ought not find it very challenging to overcome, and I would think be able to exploit the advantages of the new system.

It’s not like the old system was that great, IMO. It had drawbacks too. This new one might as well, but over all, I think it’s much better.

I think it’s difficult to know what will be OP and for what reasons until it goes live. This update shakes the tree hard and is almost like a different game. I don’t even want to play the current system any more. I can’t seem to get the ambition to do it anymore, since I’ve seen the update.


Single shot non charging canons should be fine on hover still. Mastadon hovers will be dead for sure though. Any weapon that needs charging will suck on hovers tbh. Double firing weapons like toadfish won’t fare as well on hovers either.

These new hovers are completely wobbly and they are always dipped over for Porcs. Further, a loss of hovers will cause flipping. what guns will we shoot from the new hovers? How are the new hovers any better than Omni wheels? What happens when they nose tank 3 porcs and lose some hovers? Will they flip immediately?

Check out the huge buff Omni wheels are getting. Glassy smoth acceleration transitioning between forward and sideways and not a single bump to the target reticle to disrupt shooting. With a Golden Eagle, Omnis do 100 kph as well as hovers. If they both can be hit by Porcs now, and hovers have this terrible see saw dipping issue, then why would anyone choose hovers over Omni wheels? I can see hovers being good for Porcupines and Fortune trick shots, as the rocking may be a way to loft Porcs into the air, but aside from mines and homing missiles, I’m not seeing the competitive viability of what is on the test server.

I have full fused sets of Icarus IV, Icarus VII, Hermit, Bigram and Omni, except I need to fuse a few more Omnis. I will play what is good, and the new hovers have some intriguing build possibilities (Fast Harpy/Blight/Griffon/Beholder Porc hover anyone?), but mostly I think this is a massive nerf to hovers and the range players will find hover rocking too distracting to be of further use.

One good solution for me would be erase that CANCER (hovers) from the game, but removing the huge sideways advantage maybe will make them less advantageous and umbalanced, if you want to make them faster playing by the same rules as other movement parts, its more than fine for me and obviously a fair thing to do, hovers have been abused for so many time now, so be it

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^ Reason why you fell from heaven, and not an original or new train of thought. But too bad! Hovers are here to stay or they would’ve removed them years ago!

Well I guess hovers aren’t getting the buff after all, since too many of you freaked out about the movement control changes.
I’m a bit disappointed. I was looking forward to making some builds using the new stats.
Curious how they’re planning on changing the model to discourage sideways builds.
I know I’m one of the few who thought the proposed changes could work, and that they were a decent way to get rid of sideways builds without impacting too many other builds.

I have a feeling that the change will eventually go through, and also that many strafing players will opt to use the new system anyway.