Hovers are pretty OP now

So, I had not had time to really play hovers since the change. (Been testing other movement parts)

Finally put something together tonight and once you get used to the new handling these thing zip around like the first hovers we had in game.

You can bounce around like a pin ball game and still keep punishing cars that will never catch up to you.

You can change sides of the battlefield in an instant.

The height on these things seems pretty high to me. Easy to fly over cars and turn and shot them in the back before they can even turn around.

BUT :slight_smile: I did have a blast playing them.


They are literally 600 coins for a craftable epic part. The trend is that the more valuable a craftable part is, the better it is. Hovers win hands down and have done so since they were added, and they are more valuable now than they have been in several years. They will only be balanced if they are nerfed so their price tanks to 400c.


Why isn’t there an accuracy de-buff on Hovers? They should have no business using weapons like cannons. They should also be a lot more susceptible to impulse.


I’m really enjoying playing hovers right now, but I’m also not feeling like they’re particularly hard to face when I’m playing other movement parts.
I suspect that part of the reason the price of the craftable ones is high right now is because we can exchange them for the other ones, and also because lots of people want to try the new hover physics and features. I know that if I didn’t already have some I would be buying some to try. As it is, I’ll probably be buying some more anyway, so that I can experiment with larger builds.
(If the prices are really high, I might craft a bunch to sell)

Both are on the upgrade table at the moment too I have a feeling that would play into it more.


That makes sense, a lot of items balloon in price because of that.

It won’t be too long until Hovers get another nerf.

Why would so many people want to upgrade hovers over other movement parts?


10k PS + is back to being 80% hovers, but hey, they prob just play that because it’s fun (^:


The other movement parts aren’t up for good rolls right now.

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Could you post a screencap for us all to reference? Im playing another game rn

I think they are more fun now then they have been in a long time. My frequent flyer is sitting at around 9.7k and is a quad-nogen build. Other than some framing changes it hasn’t changed much since before the update. It’s still a nicer experience to fly it now than it was a few months ago.

Some of my other ones I’m trying out all sorts of new configurations with trying to key in what might be nicer for them. I really don’t find them OP though across the board. There will always be a few things that shine a little brighter but that’s not what I normally try for. I like going for what handles well for me instead.

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Of what the prices? or the upgrades?

There’s 8 days left on the upgrades on both hovers. The only other movement part upgrades are Sabbath wheels that start in 4 days, Small tracks for 8 more days, Bigram for 8 more days, buggy wheels for 8 days.

People are going to stockpile items ahead of time tho and the demand on icarus VII is low relative to supply.

And skilled :slight_smile: lol

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Hey 2x hovers are possible at the moment. lol

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Bc hovers are the only movement parts which sucks if not upgraded.


hovers back not because its fun. because its stronger than all other movement pats. whom played for fun played hovers all time not just when they got buffed to the moon. its not good for the game that was made for cars not plans.

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The is is not true.

All movement parts get way better when fused.

They are night and day.

I fuse everything.

Lmao, icardiosis takes a toll on the mind.

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