Hovers out of control

So I have played this game for 5-6 years’ and what I’m seeing is a sickening imbalance. Wheeled cars do not stand a chance in fair battle against hovers that sit at range with the ability to not be affected by ground friction. What I’m seeing is hover teams just ploughing through the whole team without a single scratch on them.

I remember the game before hovers, It was a great metal on metal brawl. The game has now become infuriating to the point its unplayable. One other thing this "Snow’ on the maps wheeled vehicles are sliding on ice and slow moving on snow’ while the hover remain completely unaffected. What ever happened to fairness and sporting play.


Thats true that xo has never been like that before.

It was over 5yrs ago when hovers were added to the game, you should get used to it after so much time :crazy_face:

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Hm… they have tried to balance "Hovers’ like 3-4 times now over the years, every time people find a new way around it. And what’s with the "Crazy face’? Seems a little odd that you would go out of your way to abuse someone simply pointing out unfair play. You sum up the whole game really.


I think you’re overdramatic


It’s okay if you want to retire cuz you can’t adapt

But they are affected by the ground now, even the descriptions of the hovers changed from not being affected to mostly not being affected

So you were around when Crossout had the mechanic of your structure parts losing durability to the point after a while they were useless, but you could sell and buy structure parts, do you miss that huh?

The game has always been infuriating as people dislike change, and this game is all about change!

Do you have skies on your build? Cuz my wheel builds don’t slip and slide or do the snow slow 'em down

Try playing the heli mode? I haven’t seen hovers in that mode yet and if they were one you could why over it and pew pew at it :joy:

That’s most people nowadays, they’ve learned if you pitch a fit loud enough and for long enough you’ll probably get your way!

This post was flagged by people, I assume because of me speaking the truth about how people are so they reported it, which just goes and proves my point


Crazy idea here… get some hovers.

I have 8 hovers… never use em. Literally… never. To each their own. I find a cloak, Aggressor, Cheetah, wheels & almost any weapon to be a great way to give hovers absolute hell. Of course, you can’t just point your car at 'em, start running & then cloak. You gotta use what President Bush called “strategery.”


You can’t challenge the status quo around here on hovers. Here 5 years as well and you will see arguments such as grow up and adapt, retire, crossout is all about change, stuff like that and whatever regurgitated a million times. That is all I got to say on it because I am not wasting all chrstmas getting in arguments on the forums. I agree hovers are ridiculously op and got game ruined and needs something done. I could go on but I ain’t saying nothing else. Merry christmas.


The OP is right about hovers. They really are a absolute mess now and are completely dominating 12k+ ps. The idea of “get hovers yourself then” is not how game balance works. Using them ourselves does not magically make them more balanced, it actually contributes to the problem instead.

There’s a reason many shotgun and Ktm build players have switched to hovers. Before the 2.0 update, they were one of the main metas. Now they’re the meta. They’re almost as fast as wheeled builds now given their acceleration advantages, while being much more mobile. To clarify here, hover 4s are mostly fine. Its the blues that’s the issue.


Now now, I’m not saying they’re not OP. They are. I get it.

If I had my way, they wouldn’t be in the game at all.

That being said, clearly the devs don’t care about fixing them or they would’ve already. Whatever their absurd vision for the game is, it clearly doesn’t match our vision, and it clearly includes OP hovers. I’m not dismissing the complaints, but the complaints about them come in a pretty steady stream.

So, yeah… your choices… our choices are either get hovers & learn to use them and like them or don’t play at PS levels where they dominate. I personally like matches below 10k just because the matches are faster and more fun to me. You have a wider variety of parts in play on the teams, too. If you stay at high PS matches, you forget there are certain weapons even in the game because they’re useless at high PS levels. If you play at those high PS levels, do yourself a favor and open up the tech-tree and look at all the weapons you never see in battle.


With the copter battles, I find the sub 5k PS levels to be the most fun for the same reasons.

As PS gets super high, you just end up locked into Meta-builds with little variation.

At lower levels… yeah… everything is there, and my go-to build isn’t a seal clubber. It’s a quad-sledgehammer build. Tons of fun. :slight_smile:

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Wow. Someone must get pummeled by hovers quite a bit.


Ouch. Right in the porcs.

The really sad thing about it is the "player base’ was down to 2k last year! As a new player coming into the game, after 2 weeks of the 2-4k fun-time, they then get into the 6-9k and find out its full of hovers and relics’ pissing on their fireworks and the game is not very much fun anymore. This is not a good business strategy at all’ and that also goes for the people using them. They are the very cancer that is eating the game alive.

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Yes "Wheels slide on ice! and are slow on snow’ You think im just making this shite up? My goodness it seems that these people have a great deal to lose!! So whats the best method of "Defence? It’s ATTACK… Hover players you should feel ashamed of your actions.

Very Ture I would say Cancer of CrossOut will be more of a fitting title at this point


bro, don’t listen to me. im off my rocker.

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Don’t call it cancer what is part of the game. Everything has it’s counter. Try to search for effective builds. When I play around 7k, half of the players can’t build properly. If you guys can’t win about 5/10 matches, finish in bottom 4 on scoreboard. Can’t win MVP 1/10 games, than eighter the build is not effective or don’t have the skill. First everybody should check his own build if it’s effective enough in the powerscore bracket he is playing. For skill issues can’t blame any movement parts. The game is changing continuously. Meta is changing as well. If you don’t wanna chase it your choice. Builds playstyles has to be changed to remain effective. You must be effective to enjoy the game. It is easy.


Bla bla bla’ Why should I have to build and drive one style of vehicle that is fast enough to keep up with hovers? You will need a car that does 120kph has a camelon’ maybe kapkans. That does not leave much to play with does it? I will no longer keep silent on this matter’ It’s time to reassess this diabolical injustice!


Hovers now are much more balanced than they were before, but at the same time, the update that balanced them (Superstupid update) absolutely destroyed wheeled builds in general, making hovers once again perform much more better than anything else because they just had to go and f*** up the performance of wheeled builds.

I hate the way wheeled builds are currently, to the point of playing only on Omnis and hovers because wheels even at their best are a frustrating mess compared to how good they felt to use before the supercharged update.

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