Hovers out of control

Power-scores can regulate this somewhat for PVP, and should, I think. Personally, I enjoy the game better without most of its sci-fi frills, and that is how I manage it presently (power-score), but you also have to live with the fact that you can’t enjoy top shelf weapons and modules yourself while leveraging the power-scores this way.

I think it’s unfair to expect hovers to always bend their knee to players who have top-shelf gear and are still getting pwnd by Hovers. It’s hard for me to empathize with people whose inventory is so flush with fused god-level weaponry, and still can’t figure out how to combat Hovers, which is generally the case ( but not always).

While I don’t think it’s “fair” to expect people limited to Vectors and Sledgehammers mounted on cabs that only go 80kph to deal with Hovers efficiently, I don’t feel terribly sorry for people playing the PS 10K+ bracket and are still getting punked by Hovers. There is simply too much stuff available at that level that is as bad or worse than Hovers, usually.

Play a lower power-score. If and when the game is tuned and balanced correctly; that is how this issue should be dealt with, IMO.

I’m not going to argue that Hovers are fair and balanced currently (maybe they are out of control right now), but when they are balanced, I think that is how to deal with it properly, rather than making invisible barriers, conditions, or prohibitions through rules or special modes that ban Hovers from here or there.

Hovers get continuously and unfairly singled out, I think, and I see plenty of stuff out there that is easily as bad as Hovers to try and play against amongst the higher power-scores…at least as far as PVP goes, but I suspect this is really another Clan War issue, and probably Hovers are actually out of control and dominating that mode as the META. IDK. I don’t do Clan Wars, but generally speaking Hover dominance should be controlled by power-score, I think, and generally have been until now, perhaps.

I’m not having issues with hovers, so I’m not as convinced it’s as out of hand as people say it is. I’m also not playing very much these days, so maybe if I actually played for an hour, I might see this issue in PVP. As it is, I’m just getting my event sticker bonus crate and leaving. I’m not enjoying the game as much lately, but that has nothing to do with Hovers. Not for me.

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It is not even just dealing with hovers, even if you do good against them I am just sick of seeing them. There was always loads of hovers but now that is literally all you sees and no exaggeration 85% of players above 13k is using hovers that is how bad it is. There is no variety in the game at all now that is what gets to me the most not just not being able to play against it. It is just seeing the same old same old over and over, it gets dry and boring.


they not whant that player use whell, over 40km\h whell go straight. dead body of car have completly nullified melee whepon and every land veicle.

Melee is definitely dead in anything beyond easy Raids or farting around in Adventure.

I usually farm the 20 side missions in Adventure and do it with a Cerberus/drone build… That’s all melee is really good for.

spoken like a true lunatic. but seriously theyre so incredibly dull and repetitive.


So, in my defense… most of my playing is done on a laptop using a mobile connection in a very rural area when I’m travelling for work. For whatever reason(s), the game drops the connection or outright crashes rather frequently in those settings. I’m quite certain it’s not the game, but the data connection. So, when I’m playing like that, I try to avoid any match where other people are depending on me or I might waste fuel.

So… yeah… Adventure, Patrol, easy raids.

I suppose the downside of hover should be the low tonnage/mass and low HP… but then you need to be able to approach them before they kill you with quad arbiter bullshit, with Catalina on top of that. So I think they should simply be slower, that would make them more vulnerable to melee , and thus there would be a counter to them. (ps. I am melee player, I am able to approach them a good amount of time , damage them, but I still need hover teammates to finish them off. Usually I am near dead after 15 seconds, and the hover opponent is tanking, half of thrusters, but still got its 4 arbiter usually).

EDIT: I am sure a 6 pyre vehicule would be good agasint those constant firing hovers, but I don’t have those.

I did not ask for this at all.

They can buff or nerf hovers to whatever degree they want to make hover players happy. I’m just not going to play with them any more.

No hover game mode and let people decide.

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i use 6 bigfoots and i been “sliding on ice” for years. well for anything thats a light and medium cabin… so its nothing new.

they aren’t called HOVERS for no reason ya know :man_facepalming:

dude theres been imbalance in this game for years and im not referring to hovers. metas been changed all the time and its getting old. people cant even run the weapons they love due to another weapon class being broken. theres many weapons in the game youll never see people use. so they just turn into giant paper weights.

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i do the 20 missions in adventure to. its free badges and the 100 i get is still 100 that i get. no so complaint from me there.

invisibility… 9/10ths of all hovers run invisibility. so rockets or homing missiles would be useless.

The trick to using pyres against cloaked enemies is set your pyres on different triggers. Launch a single pyre first. Force 'em to cloak, watch for them to uncloak, fire a second. If they don’t have a griffon, hit 'em with the rest. Really, half the battle is keep them running so they can’t be aggressive.

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Seemed appropriate.



Your not wrong :slight_smile:

When there are chess games where one side has 50%+ queens and the other has randomized pieces and fewer queens then use it as an analogy


Bah… don’t take the meme too seriously. It applies to more than just the hovers. It applies to more than just cross out. Heck if I had a dollar for every time I have typed “this map sucks” while in the city maps flying helicopters, I would have like $5 Maybe $6. It’s not a lot, but still. LOL

I mean, seriously, I have had matches where my only deaths were from me flying into the invisible walls! LOL

But, everyone in the match on both sides has those same walls to contend with, so I don’t complain too loudly.

The same thing applies to hovers… or queens… whatever. If one side has 50 queens and the other doesn’t, it’s because the other chose not to have 50 queens.

In other news, I have a cousin who is a queen. He used to do a hilarious drag show downtown. Well, it was hilarious assuming you did not take it too seriously. Kind of like memes. LOL

Gee i wonder whos alt account this is.


Aww that’s cute that you want balance. The devs either don’t believe in it or they can’t achieve it. So if you want to be competitive you have to conform and drive what everyone else is driving. I couldn’t do it, The game isn’t even on my system anymore. I only check check in on the forums every now and then to see if things have changed. I can see they have not. Maybe one day😔

I’ve only been playing for about 2 years but pretty much play every day. I use hovers, wheels, legs and augers. I cannot recall a single match where I complained to myself about hovers being OP. Sometimes I hate capcans, drones, mines but never ‘hovers’. I have wheeled vehicles that will eat a hover for lunch. I get that this is your opinion, but I dont see what all the fuss is about.


You can be good without the meta, easily; you just need to be good


Same same same X 1000… and welcome to the forum.

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