Hovers out of control

It would be learn to dodge instead.

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Lmao check this shit out. You can’t even come close to being half as maneuverable as hovers with anything else in the game. Top speed is irrelevant when hovers can prance around and spin 360’s while traveling in a straight line over 80kmh. Oh, and they all have enough spaced armor to tank multiple shots from all ranged weapons in the game.


I gave Omnis the best chance with 4 that are fused with an oppressor and 95kmh cab. They are still slow asf and unresponsive compared to hovers. Crossout 2023 01 15 19 22 08 11 DVR Trim - YouTube

Yup, and lie in wait praying they get overconfident, stupid, and get themselves killed by letting u pull the trigger, which is exactly how it is 1v1’ing hovers w/o one. Wait to punish them for making a mistake you were ready for. Really great and fair gameplay if they are competent enough not to do that, cause its not like they have 10x the acceleration as everything else and enough spaced armor to disregard cannons, astras and MG’s for a while.

I think what’s worse about this whole ordeal, it’s that there is no single ps bracket free of many of these meta builds, ive find them constantly, be it, 4k ps, with 3x avenger hovers, that deal massive damage, plus their agility cause no armour, in 5-7k with mg hovers, and lastly all of the meta build at high ps, be it the highly armoured mouse guided builds, at somewhat classic tall hover build, that can delete your guns, forcing you to have: a roof or a hover catcher, a 100kmph build, which really grinds my gears.

TLDR: No matter wherever you go, youll find them, well, maybe not pre-prestigue, since that has the noob protection in the MM, but anyway.

PS: Dont burn my house.


yea I toyed around 4k 3 or 4 weeks ago and noticed squads of those avenger hovers mopping the floor almost every match. Wasn’t fun. It is alright if they are just randoms but when you got 3 or 4 of them in a group then you just as well playing any other power score bracket.

So when is a hover tweak coming? These fast running hovers that turn around like ctazy , espwcially quad arbiter, are not fun to fight against. You have to do 0 mistake while they can just retreat and fire without taking care.

This coming update supposedly.

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Anyone try hovers on the test server? Very curious what they’re like now that the “bug” has been fixed.

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I wonder how many of the hover haters on this board have actually used hovers vs dog teams. That would be interesting info.


I played around with some of the larger hovers from exhibition. With the larger hovers there is more of a curve to get up to speed than there was before. It didn’t seem to effect the smaller hovers as much though. it was very much a similar effect to how the omni’s behave when you eq too many with not enough engine power.

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As I’ve said a few times on here before… I get the feeling that most of the people complaining about any specific part never actually use those parts.

That being said, clearly the hovers need to be addressed. To me, it’s not about “fairness” or balance, but they’re just unrealistic to the point they’re dumb. I mean, the game obviously isn’t meant to be hyper-realistic, but they’re over the top.


not if he wants to main tracks and inside mount wheels for a perk… the inside mounted wheels cant be taller than the tracks which is why bigfoot wont work for him.

I actually have something like this with tracks mounted INSIDE augers. The Augers won’t “climb” another build when they hit 'em head-on, so the tracks protrude out the front a bit & lift the augers on top of the other guy. Then, the augers do their melee damage to the top of the other guy’s rig.

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You aren’t interested in the info. You are small minded enough to think that no true hover hater was ever a competitive hover CW player. And should somebody raise their hand and say I, you would dismiss them. From 2019 to early 2021 I played Pulsar and Phoon hovers between bronze and silver. During the height of dog meta the absolute best hover teams with kapkans would handily beat firedogs, but those were the prevailing meta because of their low skill floor. During that time I’d fuck around and attach a skinner to the back of my pulsar hover and dangle off of tall objects or slingshot myself off the ground whenever getting dogged. It was certainly fun and made me wish for 1 energy skinners.

But now I’m just a lowly Auger/Omni main so I can’t possibly know hovers are op. Show us your main missions build if you want to give us some interesting info.

Why is this matter still in discussion when clan wars is still 80% hovers above bronze?

What kind of discussion is happening? If someone doesnt PERSONALLY feel they are not that good?

In my 2 years of competitive crossout, these last months have been the first time i see a movement part so dominant in clan wars, nothing else came even close.

So, please someone explain to me what kind of further data is needed to decide on that matter.

Are we trying to decide if they are not op on lower ps? Here is the short answer: They have always been strong on low ps. Ever since i started the game 5+ years ago. And they will always be.

Can we move on now?

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Hover are not out of control they are just easy for people to play. i am sure they will be nerfed but its sad what if they nerfed wheels like this? lol they will make hovers where normal players cant play them.

Hmmm, they did this already with wheels in the 2.0 update.

Wheels took a major nerf.

THIS is the problem. Bigrams and wheels were nerfed. Revert those changes and we likely see balance again.


Leave hovers as-is. Reduce energy consumption for all other parts by 33-50%. The game should be made to play faster, not slower.