How are we supposed to melee people?

When the heaviest 8x4 frame attached to your melee weapons keeps breaking when you ram people.

Hmm…I don’t do active melee very often (I plan on doing a little because of this BP), but I do lots of passive melee, and after you asked the question, I realized I don’t mount it to the frames directly very often. It’s not really intentional, but that’s how it usually works out.

Maybe attach them to a pass-though part like kids do with MGs and other stuff? I’d be interested in any suggestions too, if anybody’s got one.

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Attach them to multiple 1 X frame pieces.

Sure lets have every seperate melee weapon on its own 8x4 frame, dont worry about that 2-3k extra weight, we dont need speed as a melee guy right?.

That’s why I said 1x frames.

8x frames are huge and easy to hit. A single blast hits your huge frame & you lose your weapons.

Mount them on multiple 1X frames, and you’ll likely keep at least one frame piece.

Four 1x8 frames weigh the same as an 8x4, too.

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Sure 4 of those 1x8 frames with drastically lower hp have a much better chance of not getting destroyed than a 4x8 frame, when you are ramming people.
Seriously tho, did you play one of the characters in that movie Idiocracy?
Because that logic is impeccable.

What kind of melee are you talking about?
I find I usually lose my harvester before the frame it’s attached to, but that’s probably because it blocks damage to the frame. Lacerators also block a lot of damage, although these days I’m more likely to mount them vertically to pass through parts, or directly on the front of the cabin.

I am playing a fast cloaking build with 4 frontal buzzsaws, attached to a 8x4 heavy frame with a train plow at the front

You truly do act like a child… I mean, did you come here for advice, or to whine and complain?
I’m trying to give you advice and help you. I play active melee frequently. You can read and learn or remain ignorant and losing. Your choice.

This is how it works, and it works quite well…

The circles are places where parts are mounted.

Melee is mounted to the ends of two 1x frame pieces, plus that snow plow above it. That’s three parts that will need to be destroyed in order for the borer to be lost.

The wheels are mounted in a similar fashion… Wheels have two mounting points, so one is on the front 1x4 and the other is on the rear 1x4.

The 1x pieces are smaller targets, so they’re harder to hit.

This is the same build with an 8x4 instead of the multiple 1x pieces. A dude with a couple of BlockChains can hit that 8x4 blindfolded & leave you with no front wheels. If he then hits the plow going for your cab, you lose your borers.


nice picture there bro, 2 wheels and 2 borers attached to weak frames and a frontal plate that everybody hits first when they shoot at you, are you trying to get those 2 borers fly of as fast as you can?

So, you came to whine and complain, not take advice. The question mark at the end of your post title should’ve been an exclamation point, and I’d have known how to respond. Got it. :clown_face:

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Thank you for your contribution Roopull, but i am going to disregard it.
When you start your reply with “You truly do act like a child” what do you think is going to happen after that?,
I have been here since before hovers or wedge shotgunners were invented, and i am playing almost everyday.
In all those years i have never met a guy called Roopull in any of my games.
And knowing that there are people out there who just sit in the forum and chat, without actually playing the game.
I am not going to take you seriously because i dont know you and have never seen you play, plus you give crappy advice.

Dude, he’s giving good advice lol. Just because you think you are better than him doesn’t make his advice any less in quality.


Sure, lets ram people with 1x8 frames, how do you think this will go?, i dare you to playtest it and come back to me with your conclusions

The point is you will only lose one or two of them because your weapons are redundantly mounted to multiple 1x frames.


Try it… Just once. The build I actually use regularly has two borers. Each is mounted to the same snow plow, one 1x4 and one 2x6. Another is similar with 1x8s instead of the 2x6.

Suit yourself, but if you’re such an expert, I’m wondering why you’re here asking for advice. :man_shrugging:


And the other point is they will fall off when you bump into someones wheels at 5 km/h, why put them on such a weak frame?
do you want all your melee weapons on a seperate weak frame and scared to ram people?

Dude if you are so adamant that he is wrong then why did you even ask for advice? It seems to me that you won’t even try out peoples suggestions and are just here to argue with anyone who tries to help.

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I never asked for advice, i just stated that the current game mechanics for melee and ramming are broken.

Looks like a question to me. Sorry I made the mistake of even opening a thread you started…