How are we supposed to melee people?

“How are we supposed to Melee people?” That is a question, therefore you received responses to attempt to remedy the perceived issue. Like Roo stated earlier, if you were making a general statement it would be helpful to place an exclamation point or a period. Otherwise people will assume you are confused about the subject and add their advice to the thread. Clearly you are looking to vent, not for any help, that is ok, just try to clarify that in the initial post.


Im glad you made a new friend who likes your every post Enclave Revenge.
Im going to go back to the game now, you 2 have a nice time together.

Thanks! Enjoy wallowing in your own personal cycle of misery that you continue to perpetuate!


You are a ray of sunshine, the world is happy to have you.

Mount them to both a frame and a shootthrougg piece if necessary. If your frame is getting destroyed, it itself is making contact with the enemy. Find the exposed portion (likely the front corner), and cover it with a lightweight bumper, such as the spike bumper, engineers bumper or the frontal protection system.

If the melee you are using has passthrough, it is passing that damage onto the parts h oldingit, and frames now have a reduced resistance to melee. This is where mounting it to multiple frames/and or shoothrough parts will mitigate that risk.

Id use a 6x2 frame turned sideways, and the place a buggy floor (4x4) directly on it, with tbe melee mounted to both. That makes it so the buggy floor is attached to the frame behind the melee’s frame as well.

But correct me if im wrong, you just seem flabbergasted that the heaviest frame available would fall off ramming people with melee. Again, its only doing that because it itself is making contaft with the enemy. Put passive melee on it and problem is solved as well.

Hope this helped.


In case anyone else wants to see how 1x4s can be better than 4x8s on a melee, I pulled the build out of mothballs. The 1st tiny bit is me getting wrecked in PVP - but the borers are still there. The 2nd & longer one is my kid making multiple full-speed rams with the thing, and the borers last the match.

I play active melee a lot and I use multiple shoot through pieces to mount my harvesters. I will have multiple parts connected to the same weapon.


Well, I’ll be taking this advice (thanks, folks), and once I get some of those crazy new saws from the new Battle Pass, I’ll at least give it whirl. Active melee isn’t my really my thing, but I like trying different stuff. I don’t see me making it a thing, but I am getting the BP (those legs) so I might as well try it, right?

I have seen this build technique (1x frames) used this way, but on other applications, and I don’t often encounter the issue it’s purported to solve, so I’ve never explored the tech myself. But, now that I know the what and the why, maybe it’ll come in handy one day. Maybe soon.

Looks like useful advice to me. Whether I use it or not, I appreciate the input.


Here’s the build taken apart. All the “important parts” are mounted to multiple pieces.

Same… especially with Harvesters since they’re so awkward & you’re REALLY going to want to mount one higher if you’re using 2.

This was one of the suggested threads below this one.
You can’t make this stuff up!

Borers going thru bumpers - Discussion - Crossout

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Thank you Roughmonkey, and DocSavage.
I have playtested it, and it looks like you are right, the shoot through parts are much better than frames for ramming with melee weapons.


Good for you!
Only took you 8 months to figure it out.

and when did you actually ram people at high speed?, all i see is you slowly driving into to people.

I play melee less and I can still say: you can attach it with bumpers
By the way, the new melee weapon should be changed to 2 energy

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and what is your point here?, this statement does not make your multiple 1x frame theory more valid.
congradulations tho in trying your best to dig up dirt on me, it really shows character.

Like I said, it was a recommended thread below this one. It didn’t take much digging. I mean, it was the forum software that’s pointing out you’re asking the same question 8 months later. Oh, excuse me… not asking questions, just whining.

Good show. I’m enjoying it.

And if you’re such an experienced player, how the heck did you not know to mount melee on bumpers, single frames, pass through pieces & mount them on multiple parts?

Not that you take advice well, but the screener is an excellent thing to mount them to. Lots of resistances, durability & mount points. You can mount a borer on two of them & still have another mounting point for a 3rd part to mount to.

its because i refrained from the cheap meta builds for many years, and i wanted to give my opponents a fair chance, thats why i never went melee, hover or machine guns.
im sure you wont believe me and that is ok.

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In all seriousness & sniping aside…
What do you mean by cheap meta builds?
I’ve never been a meta-build player. I’ve not completely refrained, but I just haven’t chased that particular rabbit.

I know the borer truck was meta for a while recently, but I literally haven’t played that build in the video in a very long time. It certainly wasn’t meta when I was playing it.

This is part of why I don’t chase the meta. It’s one thing to kill a dude in a build anyone can win in. It’s another to do it in something silly or beautiful. I kinda’ have Doc’s philosophy when it comes to builds. I’d rather lose in something pretty than win in something ugly (not that the build I posted is pretty).

Anyhoo… we’ve been butting heads, but I really was just trying to help. I think you got good advice from pretty much everyone on here.

Even that build I shared has the borers mounted to frames AND a bumper. :man_shrugging:

Good luck, Derp… maybe you’ll see me out there some day. You’re right about one thing for sure. I don’t get to play nearly as much as I’d like. A week of heavy play for me might be 4 hours.

Sorry buddy, i am editing this post a few day later, i was very drunk and angry when i was replying to your messages
i want to thank DocSavage, and Roughmonkey for giving useful tips, like putting melee weapons on shoot through parts.

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I tried man… I was doing nothing but trying to be helpful to you, and you unleashed the insults first.

Derp indeed.

Carry on, carrion.

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