How are we supposed to melee people?

If you don’t try it, how do you say he’s wrong?

Multiple small frames CAN be sturdier than a single big one. Ram damage is direct damage, not blast damage. If you take 500 damage into your 4x8 frame, it dies, if you take 500 damage into one of your 2x8 frame it dies and you keep the second one, duh. That’s how people were welding their guns back when scorp was king, too. And I have a feeling you go around with your melee weapons and front wheels all attached to a single 4*8 heavy frame lol. That’s a lot of parts lost if your frame gets rekt…
It’s okay to be a grumpy ass person, but if it makes you ignore good advice it’s going to drag you down. Also there’s a bit of projecting going on in the last posts lol, you’re def the one being a rude ass mofo and venting in your thread.

IMO they should be the same height, because I mount them vertically.

I have had much less success with horizontal mounted harvesters.

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Melee weapons should pretty much always be vertical. It drastically reduces your chances of slipping under something and getting stuck without making proper contact. Also helps to get the frame regardless of the enemy’s movement part. Same goes for Tempuras.

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Melee PC Do Less Damage Than Melee on Mobile Version :laughing:

BTW… Why Have SHIVs (Wheels) No Melee DMG ? lol :thinking:

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That’s weird

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I Think That Too… But More Interesting is, Why Has Such Part 200% Melee DMG and That Parts Only 10-50% lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is My Most Favorite Part (Combined with/as WASP Armor and I Never Use This as Melee/Ramming ,Weapon" :rofl:Total Wasted Stats. I Would Have Explosive Resistance or The Other One Reduction.

So do the wheels have melee damage any more?

Or is it just a mess up in the description?

Did you test them?

I think the damage has to do with something being a bumper or being passive melee.

But It seems weird to me too.

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They Do Only Melee Damage by Driving :tipping_hand_man: Not by Ramming SomeOne

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I always thought these wheels should be epic and then they could make them better.

Or we need an epic version.


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I Always Tough Melee DMG Has To Do with Sharp Objects and Speed lol but Here It’s Total Blunt :upside_down_face:

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Thus why I don’t bother offering it, even though if I ran melee I would actually use your advice

No clue why 5 of my posts were hidden after minutes of them being posted, normally that takes a while

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I’ve run 'em both ways. When I run them horizontal, the upper one is usually slightly forward of the lower one. The whole rig will slightly ride up onto, but not over, the enemy. The lower one will catch the wheels & side/rear armor while the top one is basically grinding whatever is on top of the build.

Let’s be honest, though… we don’t see harvesters in serious PVP for a reason. They break.

I have never had success with those… I mean, when they work, they’re hilarious fun, but yeah… no.

You’ve “made friends.” :upside_down_face: :crazy_face: :wink:

I’m really bad at remembering which forum member has behaved like this, but I’ll do my best to make a note of it in this case. Dude got solid advice from everyone on here, not quite sure why I’m the one who he lashed out at. He didn’t even take the time to think through what I was posting. Whatever… his loss.

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We do at ultra high PS on Xbox.

Before the patch it was the goto hover killer. Now I’m seeing more firedogs because we have more spiders and harvestors have a hard time with anything that has melee resist.

I can eat up 3 or 4 hovers in a single match with harvestors, I just need to only pick hover targets.

High PS hovers frames bust super easy and the whole build falls apart in a few second flat.

This is why I only build vertical. Where I’m playing at I’m not concerned with wheel builds.