How could helicopters work in a normal game mode?

I see a number of issues with the idea of adding helicopters into standard game modes. And I wanted to discuss potential issues and solution’s. I feel like with enough thought out into it. It could maybe work but. Again. Only with allot of thought out into it please let me know if anyone sees other potential problems and or solutions

Problem 1.
Short range weapons
Porks, shotguns, Mele, mine layers, flame Throwers etc can won’t be able to do. Anything to helicopter’s if they are flying above the ground. Even if you put these weapons in a helicopter. The performance would be very poor IMO when fighting other helicopters

Their is no easy fix for this. The most. obvious thing I can see to do is add more cover. To the maps. Tree’s broken buildings you can drive in etc. And especially around bases. helicopters should be forced to come in close to try and contest a base. Which could make short range builds viable for defending or capturing based etc

Problem 2.
Shooting at a helicopter
For some weapons this is easy. Miniguns. Point hold trigger. Shoot at helicopter. Simple. For skill shit based weapon’s. Heather’s, Cannons, scorpions, course rockets. Crossbows This becomes quite a bit harder to do. Sure they have the range but if you only hit 1 in every 20 shots because you are shooting at a constantly moving. Spiraling crazy flying thing. Shooting hiking rockets at you. Well. Landing a hit can be quite difficult

This one is fairly easy to fix. 90% of what they need is in game already. Let player’s lock onto helicopters only and have the game aim for you. Like a cacacus. Maybe you have to aim at then for a period of time before you lock on etc.
Every been hit by a cannon not from across the map? Well they are pretty good at shooting flying moving. Targets aswell. Playing having bit aim against helicopters only will not only make more weapons viable on helicopters when doing hello vs hello fights. But it gives. ground player’s. A fighting chance since. Helicopters won’t be able to auto lock onto ground targets etc…unless they are. using guided rockets or cacacus

Possible balance option’s

Since helicopters are so powerful I would also suggest making them cost energy to use on your build. Either 1-2 energy depending on how strong they end up being to try and balance them out as much as possible.

Artificial wind that effects helicopters while flying, periodically changing directions and intensity etc

Malfunctions. these are helicopters made out of scrap parts after all. Maybe your engine slows down randomly and more often if your blades get damaged / shot at directly

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Extreme restraint is already present in the game, as Tesla did with missiles and minelayers, so it is not necessary to consider the disadvantages of melee vehicles

If they added them permanently, they should be limited to certain brawls, not added to every mission and raid type.

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I really don’t think they will work well in the regular game either as much as I’d like to see them in some modes.

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I thing this helly is a big miss…Really bad idea in this game, when i want to fly i will play war thunder.

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I’m loving the flying mode, don’t wish to see that mechanic in normal pvp but if they mode this mode a permanent brawl/game mode that’ll be great in my opinion!


The other thing the gets me is if this is introduced as a legendary movement part not many other movement parts will probably ever go in. I’d much rather see this placed as a cheaper relic ( I.e. cheaper then normal for relics) or something side tier in rarity close to it and get one more tier of normal movement parts in the game for legendaries.

I’m struggling with it a little, because the controls are a bit coarse, but I will miss it when it’s gone. I do like building flying machines.

On Topic: In War Thunder, you win when all the enemy ground forces are destroyed (all run by A.I.), or the runway is captured for a period, and you can re-spawn as long as you have a fresh build (plane) available on your roster, and the roster is limited in number. That seems like it would work for this game as well. I don’t think the ground forces need to all be bots, like they are in War Thunder, for this format to work.

I don’t think a single person here understands why I made this thread. I’m not looking for your personal opinions about the helicopter I already know that in their current state. They are a brawl only item. This thing would ruin the balance of the game. I want to discuss the problems and possible solutions that could work to get the helicopter working in every game mode etc. I want to figure out if it is possible to have this flight device. In a balanced Game without the game turning to absolute garage

It is necessary to consider the disadvantages of Mele otherwise those builds will be completely useless
Yes the Tesla coil counters porcupines, missiles and other things but. The Tesla coil is also one of the weakest weapons in the game. It is more of a utility modules other then anything. It takes 4 energy. It destroys mines, and misles, but it deals almost no real damage and is short Range.
A spark has benifits and downsides to it. It hard counters a number of things but it does so by nefing your own vehicle. Spark is also hard countered by anything that is not a minelayer, or missile

So here’s the problem with helicopter’s.
They beat Mele (the spark does not)
They beat minelayer (they spark also beats minelayers
They beat shotguns (they spark does not beat shotguns)
They have a very large advantage over anything that requires you to aim and Shoot. Especially reload weapon’s (the spark does not)
Helicopters are a more or less even match against homing rocket’s (the spark beats homing rocket’s)

The spark is bad against many Things. The helicopter is not bad against anything in particular. At the moment their are no hard counters to it. Nothing else in the game gives you as much advantage as the helicopter does

Your language and grammar is a little unorthodox and difficult to read, so sorry. I Probably have even less of an idea what you want now.

I can tell you I that I’m not on board with the variable auto-lock thing. If you want the features of a Caucasus then just use that. There are plenty, if not too many, auto-aim weapons in the game already.

I do think making them have power usage, like wheels, is a fine idea, though.

I’d love artificial wind, but that’s never going to happen. I’ve never seen that in a game, but it would be cool. It probably is too resource heavy for most computers under current technological restraints. Maybe I’m wrong. IDK. I’ve never seen weather in a video game beyond being just a superficial visual, or a shrinking map effect, like in storm warning, and never as an interactive feature. That seems like a lot of data to map an entire 3D space with an interactive grid and then animate it too. It’d crash the heck out of my com, I think.

As for malfunctions. No. Just no. Nobody will like that. It will make the game appear rigged.

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It occurred to me that while “random” engine failure probably wouldn’t be well received, War Thunder does use flak. That might work. It’s sort of random. Perhaps it could be launched from static structures, buildings, or Bots…or even players. IDK. More anti-aircraft artillery in general would probably be necessary to bring flying things into game balance for regular PVP.

Flocks of birds (crows and ravens) can be aircraft hazards too, but I think this game has an issue with graphic depictions of death.

I can think of a good solution to increase PS and disable it when it reaches a higher value, to control the use of extremely high ps and clan warfare, and to take care of low PS usage we can use a fixed value plus percentage points ps

No aircraft should be in normal pvp. Aircraft completely obsoleted ground vehicles when it comes to killing. Ground vehicles are just the only way to support infantry who are the ones who occupy your soil. Manually flown drones sound really cool, and I’d use them.

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alright so what I’m trying to ask here is
what is your opinion on helicopters? (currently most people are against them in normal pvp across the board for good reasons)
why do you have that opinion? (why don’t you want helicopters in normal pvp)
and then, what would need to be changed in the game for your opinion to be changed, what would theoretically need to happen, to make, helicopters a balanced, viable part in game that people don’t hate

as for lock on aim, yeah, i mean, it is not the best solution but, what alternative solutions are you giving? do you just think cannon players will be able to hit these helicopters on their own without any computer guidance? do you think helicopters dementing cannon players as well would be acceptable?

PS of the helicopter will only effect standard games, and it wont solve the issue of “aircrafts hard countering 90% of the builds in game right now” it doesn’t matter if your aircraft is 17k power score, if they are playing against a tsunami player, even someone with pyres could probably beat a typhoon player, typhoon don’t have the firing angles to shoot up high enough to hit the aircraft

as for clan wars, PS makes no difference whatsoever, you still have the same problem, limited if helicopters are flying around half the weapons in the game cant shoot at them, and even if you have the range to shoot at them, you will probably have a hard time hitting them

they “could” be a balanced movement part and they could be apart of other game modes, but not in their current state, they are too strong, yes helicopters have a massive advantage over ground vehicles, I’m here trying to ask “what could we do, to make it so helicopters don’t have as much of an advantage over ground vehicles” I’m trying to ask “what needs to change, to make helicopter’s balanced” do ground vehicles need to have a lock on feature to use against helicopters? if cannons could auto aim at helicopters that would be awesome, maybe their is a 1 energy module like a lock on sonar tracking device that lets your guns lock on and shoot at air targets, cannons would be great against helicopters if they could do this, if this solution is not acceptable, what other options do we have for balancing out this new movement part?

they won’t work cause adding into a car game it will became unbalancable.
if this will go live in PVP.
I present to you the CV role.
nothing you can do against it and they will crap on you every time.
it will open the way to specialized weapons AA (Anti aircraft) but we are already capped out on energy, the game engine and blá blá blá.
the game as we know it will end, and became a completely new thing, a car game will turn into a aircraft/ helicopter game with wheels.
As is there are people not using any movement parts at all but the propeller.
If they restrain it to a fun mode that’s fine.
But if they release it to the entire game, i’m not so sure.
I tend to prefer the devil i know

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you just told me allot of things that you “think” might happen if helicopters will be added to the game, but you did not give many reasons for “why” these things would happen
look i didn’t make this thread to hear 50 people say “i don’t want it it will ruin the balance of the game”
i made the thread to hear people say
“in their current state it would ruin of the balance of the game, here are a number of reasons for why helicopters would ruin the balance of the game, here is what would need to be change to keep the game balanced if helicopters were added”
literally everyone in here is just saying the same thing over and over and over again, no one seem to actually understand what this post is about

I just told it will be impossible to balance.
you can shoot and hit a hover with undermounted guns before and after the supercharged , with the propeller that doesn’t happen, if the guy wants it can stay way out of your reach while dropping on you constantly.
There’s no way you will balance this without messing around with the propeller or the other weapons.
What i would do to balance this it’s not even relevant.
what’s relevant is what the devs have reserved for us and what they will do.
For now they most probably are collecting data in a save way ( better tan the test server but not quite ruining the live server) to decide later what to do.
For now we all are goofing around, trying to get a hang of it, and what may appear at first glance might not be near the end result (i’m talking about a overall decline in weapon efficiency due to the increase workload in mastering the new mechanics. you may witness this )