How do we contact gms about overturning chat bans

misunderstanding and GM wrongly banned for 14 days. was NOT violating the rules regarding what we could or couldn’t talk about. Others were talking politics I wasn’t my only crime was I asked what is it to be American these days? wasn’t even asking a political question. Was asking a personal one. wasn’t asking an ideology of political view of what Americans think…

I don’t even know what it is to be American anymore. is it the dream of good life? home? job? playing crossout all day?

There’s a post about it in the rules section.

where specifically they have a lot of content and different mods.

where I need to address specific mods for PSN platform. I just went through the game rules I don’t see any kind of appeal process to in game GMs

as far as I can tell I didn’t in fact break any of the rules. because the one question I did ask wasn’t political propaganda

You have to PM HornOchse about a chat ban appeal. If that doesn’t work, and you strongly believe a ban is wrongful, PM Faley016. One time I had to do just that. I said a mild, practically neutral joke, one short sentence during a political discussion, while someone else used a strong expletive and didn’t get a ban for hours, until I logged off. Got some 2 days, then minutes later extended to 7, IIRC, really weird. Appealing didn’t work, PM Faley016 worked.

Oh, and participating in your thread on bullying made me realize that some just say stuff without caring about the outcome, because they don’t care about much in their lives in general. They spam that around, hoping that something will stick, and they treat is as a free bonus when it does. And when it doesn’t - they didn’t put much effort into it anwyay. Trolls are best ignored, because you lose by giving them your attention and time, while it costs them little time and effort doing their thing.

sorry for forum noob question how do I pm Hornochse?

when looking through penalty the next one will be 1/2 year. and thats NOT right if this one was wrongly given when all I said was " what does it even mean to be American these days?"

which was meant as an identity as a community. or individual .

I wasn’t feeding trolls and bullies they didn’t like what I was saying about how market gets manipulated etc that hampers progression of other players. and Or when I give advice how to use market properly. so that everyone can progress using the market. tips on how to set sell prices for example.

I wasn’t spreading propaganda or anything like that which the rules says NO NO.

I only have the one account so I am locked out till expires or perma if wrongly get banned too many times for wrong reasons.

Honestly I thing the GM was being lazy looking for key words and banning anyone who used American as a word in their comment. AND didn’t bother to actually read the comment. Using word american in and of itself is NOT political

Right near the top of the main forum page:
Game & Community Rules / Violation Reports & Appeals”
Click “Rules,” and on that page click “Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty” to read the procedure of composing an appeal message. Read it thoroughly and compose your appeal exactly as it’s stated.

Yeah, it’s obvious the ban is wrongful. Should be no problem getting unbanned. Follow the procedure and first PM HornOchse, wait at least 2 working days, maybe up to 3, and if the appeal is rejected, or if there’s no reply, PM Faley016.

There is a problem with many of the chat moderators. Apparently the recruitment criteria aren’t very strict. It seems most of them don’t know the definition of “propaganda” or “politics.” I’ve seen them often say in the general chat, “No politics” or “No religion,” when it’s only “political or religious propaganda” that’s forbidden by the rules. Which means when a moderator says that, it’s against the rules. So I’d point that out, to remind them about the rules, and perhaps it’s why my 3 submissions to the Crossout show didn’t make it into episodes, despite showing superb skill with the Clarinet, and revolutionary gameplay ideas that could be of use to many non-hover players. Possibly because submissions are reviewed by the same moderators. Maybe it was also why my flying witch Ivy was removed from the 2022 Halloween clash contest, despite the erotic content being similar to the login screen at the time. I may have had a shot at the 1st place, but no, some moderator removed her as an act of primitive vengeance. A thing of beauty, one of the nicest art pieces in the game, possible only after years of grinding for parts - and it’s gone. If that’s how someone treats art that doesn’t break any rules, it tells you a lot about their state of mind. (The same witch was on the exhibition at the same time and hasn’t been removed by a moderator to this day.)
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BTW, regarding hearing issues, you could try applying for Neuralink human trials. It’s already known the implant can affect emotional states, so it’s potentially a mind-control device, but you could weigh your options and decide what’s best for your quality of life. Participating in trials would get you the implant for free. :wink:

I read all that prior to asking my question how to send a PM to him. or her. I don’t know how to send the actual PM without having their profile at hand to send one.

I can send one to the first person but the second person I don’t know how to send without access to one of their posts where click on their avatar and it gives message option.

hearing no good if brain went to long without practice it won’t recognize what the sound means anymore. ALSO my nerves and inner ear are the problem so the implants won’t help in that case.

Edit: Actually, let’s wait 3 days. PM HornOchse first, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll give you Faley016’s profile. Or you could find it on your own, but it’s better not to PM them both right a way.

will do tomorrow since I had to quit doing mayhem due to bad wifi access at library. keeps disconnecting when in mayhem and getting punished for it.


In some countries it’s illegal to speak about religion or politics.
Perhaps that is where the moderator that banned you is from.

To make appeal on a sanction you need to follow this link Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty, as mentioned before.

Have a good day