How do you buy battle passes and event passes? New Player

I have accumulated a lot of items through playing the game. I am new and cannot figure out how to buy the event pass and battle pass. I select the pass I want in game then it takes me to this page.

I don’t see anywhere to purchase the pass. Only coins of some sort.
While making this post I went to the website out of game and through Chrome. Then I looked at the store, and sure enough I seen the passes I wanted.

So what do I do? I click to purchase. Site asks me to login. No biggie. So I login, and this happens.

So what now? GG Gaijin…
How do I fix this? I downloaded the game on ps4 way back. Set my account up, played a few minutes, then didn’t pick it up till recently. I have been having a lot of fun and would like to support the game a little. But holy hell is it super hard to even purchase anything on here.

On another note. I have been trying to complete my account setup. I have everything setup except for my phone number. It will not send a code to my phone to finalize setting up 2 step auth. I contacted support and they said they are aware of the issue with SMS in my area and sorry for the inconvenience…

I try to merge my account from console to pc. But I need the number saved for 2 step to do that. I can’t buy anything. Event is done in a day or so. I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past three or so days. Kind of pissed I wasted all that time to NOT get items I technically worked for in game.

After getting chat blocked for a day for asking for info on flying the Heli’s. To all this other crap. Being a new player, is this common for this game? I just don’t get how a company operates like this?
Are there any of the games GM’s or Dev team able to help me with this issue?
I’m at a complete loss…

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, EVER, IN THIS GAME. Seriously. Lurk around on the forums, read steam reviews. The game is a scam. You buy something today, it will be nerfed to be unplayable tomorrow, and they release new content that you have to buy again to be anything but hopeless fodder, then they nerf it to be unplayable etc and that is really just the very start of a list of predatory, scammy shit the develeopers pull, a list that could fill a book. Do not give them your money, even if you are a billionaire, they don’t deserve a penny and you just get on board of a monetization scheme that is designed not to make the game enjoyable but to frustrate you into spending even more.

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I was just going to get the pass for the event. I’m not buying packs or anything. But I hear you.

It’s in the section called battle pass there are two of them running the event-pass the smaller event and the season battle pass which is the larger one. Click on where it says crossout 2.0 to look at the other sections for whatever reason if forwarded you into the crosscrowns section.


when i log in all that goes away

You have a warning at the bottom?

I didn’t notice this at first.

Is your crossout account on PC or PS? You might have to put in a support ticket.

honestly its a waste i have over 10,000 hour in the game nd things u might own yrs ago they will take out of the game then bring it back yrs later nd say its new then charge cash for it just like all the CK’s, some of the portraits ect ect

i started it on ps4. been playing on PC. I tried to transfer and it won’t let me without doing 2 step. but for some reason setting up 2 step is broken

Ignore the naysayers, battlepasses are a good bang for the buck. Hopefully you figure out how to get one!

Are you logging in via the website while trying this or via PS4 internal pages? I’ve never seen this error before btw. I’m wondering if the account name might be linked wrongly or something? Log in to the non-ps web store with the user name attached to your PC account.

2-step is down for a lot of players or was for a while like I had to move mine from phone to email via support. Contact support about 2step that say it’s keeping you from making a purchase. That might be a second process after we work out the first one.

Wait, did you somehow transfer your PS5 account to PC?
I heard someone managed to do that, but they couldn’t use the store after or something. I can’t remember the details.

i agree. the passes seem the most logical. i’m not buying packs or anything else.

That’s part of what I was kind of trying to figure out as it seems to have that PS store logo on the bottom of the page.

Ps4. I started the game on there.

How did you transfer your account to PC?

A relative of mine started Crossout and Warthunder on PS4, and then had his account “linked” so he could play on PC. After doing so, he was NOT ALLOWED to buy anything in the PC store; no battlepasses, no packs, nothing except CROSSCROWNS and those can only be used in his Warthunder account, not his Crossout account.

The whole thing is a rotten deal and makes NO SENSE whatsoever, and the “support” staff will do nothing. Here’s someone who wants to spend money, never gave them any problems, and they won’t even accomodate him. He can’t progress in the game, so gave it up. What a stupid, stupid company.

To be fair, some of that blame has to go to PlayStation for making it hard for the devs to completely switch an account over.
I’m sure the devs would love to make money off the players they helped switch platforms.

Then maybe it’s time for the Crossout people to renegotiate their contract with PSN. My relative is not the only one screwed by this; a few other people I know have the same issue, and are equally screwed.

There’s issue with the markets being miss-aligned via coin values. Imagine making a lot of coin on the platform version and then moving to PC to spend it.

lol, imagine if Gaijin had that kind of power over Sony.
Unfortunately, the console companies make the rules, and don’t seem interested in helping out smaller publishers.