How hard is it

To make the Mandrake and Heather shoot straight upwards so they can land shots right infront of them?
They really are useless weapons because they can only shoot stuff far away.


It’s artillery… it’s meant to shot WAY farther then the size of a XO map.

Hey dont go into realism here, nobody believes tank cannons can be shot off by a few uzis at close range in 1 second.


Im just saying, for such a pricey tag these weapons have, why are they so useless?

This thing punishes 9k lobbies.
Pretty much can one shot a car - if they don’t die they never move the same again.

When groups of cars clump up you can take out multiple targets in one shot.

Playing at the right PS is key.

I’m not saying this gun does not need a buff - I’m just saying it can have a good effect at the right PS level, with the right build/skills. Sometimes guys try to force this gun on slow moving large clumps of armor cars, to me this is the wrong approach. Be light and fast - keep moving away from the enemy. Run - fire - Run - fire - Run.

i guess they belong in world of slow moving tanks at high power score then like you say, but not everone wants to play in world of tanks slow moving high hp punching bag cars at high powerscore.
So my do the devs make it possible to use these weapons at 4k?

the mandrake can shoot right in front of you in ‘Brawl’
so it is possible to change it.

I’m not sure you read anything I said.

The above car goes 98.

Where did you read slow moving world of tanks?

It can also do it in PvP, you need to be on right angle of terrain. It takes actual practice, so most people will never get it right.

where i got it is from experience, the higher in power score you go the bigger the cars get, and relatively even in they have a good speed they still make easy targets to shoot at because of how big and easy to hit they are.

The above and below pictured car is 9k - that is low/mid PS at best - it also goes 98 which is fast for artillery.

Slow, large, high PS mandrake builds are trash.

That is why I suggest a low/mid PS car like below.
It’s still going to take practice to be good. 9 out of 10 people will fail at this build, but I have seen a few when master take out half a team or more easy.

If you have another car within range you can not hit then you already messed up and did not “Run” enough. Stay as far away from the action as you can, once they are on you then your dead.

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Ive been playing around 5k for years, the games are much faster and your enemies are faster and smaller. if you want to have slugfests at high powerscore between giant cars thats up to you, and crossout is great to provide you with that easy playstyle. personally i like to have more action than simple facetanking.

Need a friend with kapcans. In 5k I run 2 kaps 2 kings, its great support and it does well on its its own.

Most my 9k games last 1.5 - 2min. With 30 second ques.

Not sure I need it any faster then that.

BUT it seems like you have it all figured out brother, have fun, I’m off to an epic (non-Crossout) weekend.

you assumed wrong, and thanks i will, same to you, enjoy the experience while it lasts.

You can tilt your build a bit if you want to drop a volley close to your build.
Instead of tilting forward, raise the front end.

However, I find the tilt makes it hard to aim anywhere but forward, which isn’t always ideal.

Honestly they should just allow the guns to do this from the get-go, people already play only tilted mandrake builds or use terrain so that they can be targeted close to ones own build or directly on top of it

‘play the Brawl,you will see how much easier it is to shoot’
you should be able to aim it anywhere vertical ‘up in the sky’ and even aim at yourself, ‘if your into that kinda thing’ :crazy_face: :kissing_heart:
‘on another note’ 'why didn’t they fix incinerators from being tilted? they use the same aiming mechanics. :thinking:
'all incinerators have ‘no front movement parts now’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

needs buffed for it’s weight/reload. It’s reload is so slow relative to damage/aim difficulty.

I use terrain. I posted a video of one shotting two people that were right next to me. Just backed up in a circle until the hill angle was right. Both of them poofed. It was grand.

I wouldn’t mind being able to aim just outside my explosion range without a terrain trick though.

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I tried the heavy forward tilting builds, but it seems the game doesnt like it, because the fire trajectory becomes red in stead of white, signifying i cant shoot that low.

I am currently thinking of a build with the mandrake stuck in firing backwards position, but tilting the car forwards so it actually shoot upwards and you can target your own car when enemies close in and drive backwards a bit, i remember a function from crossout to lock your weapon rotation, but sadly it seems they removed this.