How is our game REALLY doing - a possibility

I was curious just how the game really is doing. The Steam Charts page suggests the game gained roughly 6300 players over January and February of this year.
This came after a few months of relative stagnation in the numbers.
Explanations for this varied, but I believe the general consensus was this was a boost coming from the Chinese servers being shut down (and maybe the Australian ones as well).

Assuming that conjecture is correct, this year’s player base numbers are actually rather startling.

If this is what happened, I presume it’s fairly safe to say 100% of the people playing on those shut-down servers did not make the migration to the remaining ones. So, that 6300 players was NOT all of the players. In that initial shut-down of servers, many players were likely lost. Consider that from Targem/Gaijin’s points of view.

Since then, the numbers have been in a free fall with a slight uptick in April and a leveling out for the 1st 2 weeks of September. Anyone remember what happened in April?

Since the badge update, we all know what’s been happening with the reviews.
This is now what people see on the Steam store page for the game.

It was suggested elsewhere that these negative reviews were “bots.”
So, I checked into that.
You can filter reviews by number of hours played by the reviewer.

If I set the filter for roughly the last month & limit reviews to people who have played over 100 hours (meaning you’re getting people who are actually playing the game), this is what you get.

However, if I change the parameters to include people who have only played 0-20 hours (meaning people very new to the game and potential bots), this is what you get.

But what about those bots?
If I set it to only show reviews for people who have played 0 to 1 hour, where I would assume we’d see the avalanche of bot or “review bombing” reviews, this is what we see.
Only 15 reviews. 10 of them have written out reviews, so they’re not some mindless effort. I would assume these are people from PSX and Xbox who created a Steam account to leave a review. These, I suppose, one could call “review bombers.” 15.

My conclusion?

The numbers look brutal. Assuming that 6300 player bump early this year was only a portion of the players from the Chinese servers, then the total player base was most certainly much higher than the 12115 number we saw on the Steam Charts. The original player base prior to that shut down may have been double that. Since then, the number has dropped to 8620. It’s not gaining. Even with very active devs apparently working hard on this game, it’s not attracting or keeping new players.

There wasn’t any wave of bots posting reviews.
The longer people play, the less they like the game.

That “mostly negative” in the recent reviews is not going to encourage people to join.

We have a saying here.
When surrounded by vultures, try not to die.

Are the devs the vultures?

I think there are two possibilities.

First, the less likely.
The Developers realize the game needs to be friendlier to new and casual players and make changes to facilitate this. The game slowly starts to re-gain players, and the players that never left start playing more often. I would be in that latter category.

The more likely one.
The devs saw the huge drop in players when they lost China.
Prior to that, the Western servers were stagnant for a very long time.
Since then, they’ve been losing players.
They came to the conclusion that their time for earning income from this game was limited.
They decided to do everything they could to make as much money for as long as possible.
This is why everything NEW to the game is behind a paywall.
Battle Passes, Mini-Battle Passes, Packs and Crosscrowns.
This is why they attempted to force everyone into clan-like play, because clan player spend money.

This game, I think, will survive as long as the whales keep it alive.
It will continue to get worse and worse for everyone along the way.
If you rank the game a 7 out of 10 today, it’ll be a 6 tomorrow, a 5 the next day, a 4 after that.


High probability of this happening.


The game has double the population it had the first 4+ years. They are doing just fine financially.

They also announced a bunch of new positions they are hiring for.

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If you are just looking at current data, I’d say that is an astute analysis.

However, it should be understood that wherever this game is right now, is not where it’s going to be for long.

Consider the possibility that whatever update they present, good or bad, is incomplete. Breaking schit seems to be a part of their creative process (art doesn’t start finished. It’s a process), and I think there are indicators in this year’s updates of a level of long term planning. I’ve critisized them in the past for clearly not having any long term planning, but I think they have gotten themselves a white-board and are mapping this stuff out now.

I don’t think Crossout 2.0 Supercharged will actually be fully updated until the end of this year, and all of the game breaking crap that’s in the game presently is supposed to work in conjunction with a set of updates, yet to be installed or introduced.

It’s like saying your sandwich sucks because it’s just cheese and mayo. Sure it sucks, because it’s not done yet.
They have changed literally every underpinning aspect of this game, from damage models, to the entire menu, and I think this could be evidence of (an addict rationalizing?) them laying a foundation for things to come. I don’t think it’s done cooking yet, but yes, in it’s current state some things are a bit wonky, I suppose.


just my 2 cents (something I’m guilty of).

I’m still struggling with the “new” real world we all find ourselves in. The old world I love (pre-internet) was filled with fantastic creations that no-one knew were being made. No one knew about Raiders of the Lost Ark until it was released, full and complete. That new real world I speak of is planet Earth AFTER the internet, the world where we all now have access to seeing (or even being a part of) something grow from the ground up. Before the internet, such access could only be garnered by those on the inside and, as such, “development hell” was a very rare thing. After the internet, “Development Hell” is the new normal. It existed before but only to a select few people. Now its existence can be seen by everyone, it can be taken part in by anyone who wants to join, not just the insiders.

Development Hell is where we are and it will remain that way until people (the rest of the world) can get used to how great things are (eventually) created.


Yeah, and it has like 8,000 more than it did 6 years ago. You’re unbridled optimism is ceaselessly amusing. I wish I could find a way to share it with you.

Excellent point. I alluded to this elsewhere, as well, but I think you most certainly made the point more clearly than I did.

You make another good point. I have thought about what you propose, and I think there’s a very good chance you are right. For the sake of a game I have really enjoyed, I hope so.

That is an odd analogy, but I think it is an apt one. The problem here of course, is that the game I am currently able to play is a slice of cheese slathered with mayo.


Everyone that wants to say the game is doing badly includes the flood of Chinese that didn’t stay long when their server went down.

Their is a reason people trying to show the population going down start at a specific month. Because if they go from one month more back to the beginning of the game history we are twice as good now.

Do you think if the game where able to make it with half the population in its first 4+ that it is now doing poorly with double that population? They obviously can keep the light on with less people playing.

These guys are making money hand over fist and the game has a million times more content then year one. They will be fine.

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The fallacy of using Steam as any relevant data toward total player population is quite deep.

The player population has swings… when kids are out for summer vacay, when they go back. spikes at holidays for the same reasons.

The thing about Steam reviews… most people don’t leave a review until they have a problem in nearly all levels of retail. I question the validity of any argument that uses such data as it’s only basis. (I am not saying it is untrue mind you, only I have serious doubts).

The game has far far more players than that data indicates, from which you can infer that there are many many players who have never left a review. We can certainly infer these players who have never left a review think the game is fine.

(i mean look at the total review number vs player base reported by Steam).


If you like something you tell a few people you know - If you hate something you scream it from the roof top to everyone.

Marketing teams already know this and take it into consideration.

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Your screenshots are of Steam statistics, there are players who don’t have crossout from Steam but downloaded directly from the official Crossout website, one of those people is me!
So those numbers are probably not the 100% picture!


I’m aware. In fact, I usually do not bit the game via Steam even though I play on PC.

I am simply using it as it is one of the few metrics we have.

I work with numbers.
They never confuse facts with emotions.

I checked them today to see another drop in the ratings, which I was not expecting (I mention this in similar thread).


Then, I check another number.
This number was down to 12 a few days ago.

That’s quite a rebound!

I have a theory.

Crossout players are like abused women.
They hate the abuse, but refuse to leave.

How else can one explain a hated game recovering players?

I am guilty. My review is negative.
I reinstalled the game today.


It’s because it’s not a hated game by the community.

When you stick your head into a negative comment echo chamber like Reddit and the forums then you might think everyone in the community hates the game.

Then you realize it’s just a few people kicking their feet. (I mean we have like maybe 50 normal users on both the forum and Reddit combined)

Everyone else has been to busy playing the game and earning fat amounts of badges. Most people love the changes.


Now that’s a fact.

Not really; they’re addicts.

Not really true. My wife works with numbers all the time. One of her quotes I hear her say is something like this:

“I can take the same group of numbers and prove anything I want. It depends on how it is presented.”

It’s just like with the XO numbers, people that want to show a decline in the game stop showing numbers at the month where we had a flood of people from the closing servers BUT if you go back one more month and all the way to the beginning of the game you will see how the game is currently in one of its best population states we have ever had.

It has finally started to balance out after the flood.

Reddit, the forum, discord, the Facebook comments, and the in-game chat all have the same. To find opposing views, that being relentlessly positive ones instead of relentlessly negative ones, I need to find the echo chamber of Rough Monkey and his couple of friends here on the Forum.

You misunderstood my other point about the numbers.

This I agree with wholeheartedly.


This genre doesn’t have any competition. That’s why I still loiter about here. If there was an alternative to this game that provided me a way to create rusty mutant hot-rods with as sophisticated and beautifully crafted a build feature as this one has, I’d be gone, but there isn’t. IDK why, except to think that maybe it’s very difficult to manage, and other companies just don’t want the headache.

They’ve created a very unique game here, but I think focusing on the creative edge, like I wish they would, would alienate a lot of people, so they just sell them guns to plop on top of their heap-mobiles a lot.

They haven’t abandoned the build feature, by any means. They are constantly coming out with new structure parts, paints, and decor, but they do cater to people who aren’t very creative and would rather buy variety, rather than build it from their own imagination, I think out of necessity.

As far as creativity goes, I think this game is one of the best, but as far as a PVP/PVE shooter goes, it’s mediocre often, cycling from great to crap, over and over.

I don’t know why some people want to pretend like that isn’t the case, because it appears that the developers are very aware of it, and are often hard at work trying to fix that dynamic…even if I don’t really agree with their progression or development direction. I do think they see room for improvement, like most of us do, and a few of us pretend not to see, which is very frustrating to listen to, and even worse when trying to contend with the stupid flagging they do to bury dissenting opinions, or comments on perceived room for improvement we might think this game could use.

Well, it’s not really a genre. More like a theme.

But the reason is that post-apocalyptic-themed games are now in past.

By making it untradeable? I mean, come on. What was the last really new decoration part?

The newest structure part is that one “right triangle” in the Beetle pack. Less than mediocre.

If we’re focusing on creativity aspect, there are several better examples, which I already named on this forum.

No, not really that hard. They just don’t want to work. Or they don’t want to think. Or they are happy with what they have already and until their “cows” stop giving golden milk they won’t lift a finger to make a new one.

It doesn’t really amtter what they think because developers do not decide what they wil lbe developing. It’s the management problem. Within the management, I’d say. Management is the problem, I’d say. People who manage this company is the problem. I’d say.

I think there is a lot of evidence for that. I agree.

This last battle pass, and every battle pass before it dumps a lot of structure parts, paints, and decor into the game, completely free too. The structure parts from the current battle pass are pretty good, IMO, which I think was the most valid argument to be made against that badge fiasco they tried to pull, and sort of did achieve to a degree. It’s impossible to get those previous BP structure parts without badges, so I found the fit many of us pitched about it was warranted.

I like this creepy looking sci-fi…

…and the headlights that came with it.

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Rough monkey the game seriously is not doin very good. If you take a look at the top sellers on steam just for the free to play list alone crossout is ranked at 67 on the list which is even doing worst than unheard of indie games like fishing planet lol. The average population on steam charts is 69% of what it was at the time of the player spike in January and and if you had to compare it percentage wise the population is at the equivalent of 2366 average players using the same metrics from before the player spike and there have been only 4 months that has been lower and if you had to use the same formula for last month as well than last month have been the lowest average player count on record.

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