How to kill a brick

Since the new brick meta seems to be frustrating some people, I thought I would start a thread for people to post their anti-brick strategies.

For the sake of clarity, we can define a brick as a heavy cabin on wheels with shotguns. We can also include heavy flamethrower builds, but many of those are still using Blight, so they aren’t true bricks unless they’re on a heavy cabin.

Obviously other close range builds are a good counter, but I don’t think that is the option the brick-haters will be receptive to. And besides, brick vs brick just means the best driver wins, so it’s not really a counter.

I will say that area effect weapons like incinerator or Jotun can ruin a close range attack, but they’re best when defending an ally.

Mines of all kinds are still useful, although heavy bricks tend to drive through kapkans (unless your team has dropped a few close together).

Yaoguai drones can be effective against them, but probably not at higher PS.

Cannons on agile builds can actually be pretty good against bricks, but takes some skill. I’m still not sure if penetrating cannons are better against this meta, so hopefully someone else can answer that. I’m thinking penetrating is probably best against stacked armour, and for targeting their omamori?

I’m surprised I don’t see more players running Daze. It will ruin the day for a lot of bricks and dogs.

I think it’s good to have some ACs on your team to help hold them back, but they tend to struggle once the bricks get within close range. MGs and miniguns are better when they do get close, but aren’t as good at softening them up from afar and closing off approach lanes.

I’m not going to claim my tips will help you in CW, but hopefully some people who actually play CW will chime in with their tips.

IMO, you could make a brick in every weight category and with different type of weapons , millage may vary depending of each one 1 vs 1 you do.
But by definition a brick it’s a good baseline to do a counter to ( insert type of build ).

How to kill a brick?
Easy, with a brick of your own.

It’s not about HP but sheer durability and HP comes second. ( high durability parts will gave your build better stamina than only high HPs with parts)

to obtain Better results.

Focus the build at hand to face a particular type of foe. Things like type of parts used ( resistance values in mind) parts placement ( see how you can better protect susceptive points in your build, not just the cab or modules but more important, the places where your build it’s targeted the most ) multi layered parts to offer more resilience. weapon choice ( what kind of weapons you can use that you are comfortable with and can hurt the most a particular type of build you are targeting)
Face a target of the same weight category of yours or below and choose to attack a heavier or nimbler/faster build than yours with support.

IF you follow this recipe you will notice some extras things like. Improved properties against other types of weapons ( that you never expected)

If in a team there’s a good portion of builds following this and if there’s some diversity it will cause a better resistance to ( whatever META). It will slow them. And hopefully they don’t become so prevalent, the more it takes to kill one, the more susceptive META builds will become to be attacked by others or by you.

Shoot wheels, block shots with Aegis, repeat until dead

every build has a weak spot or even a flaw, if its posted or something similar in exhibition load it nd look it over carefully then u will know what ur actually dealing with


Yeah but not everything has a damn Death Star port you can just shoot and it magically implodes

fire bricks are pretty easy to kill (with a hover) but shotguns are almost unstrippable, have higher speed and also have no turning radius. im starting to think i need a cannon tower build just to attempt to strip bricks

The way these builds spin on a dime and hold all their speed is the part that is the most broken.

Remember when these were the only heavy wheel builds and you had to literally wind them up for them to keep any speed?


I played last night with 3 epic/legendary MG hovers. I think we lost 1 out of 15.

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agreed. b4 u had to actually build speed. now it’s non stop max speed for some builds, or as close as…

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Porcupines best advice I got or cyclones on the whaler and save a charge just in case a brick comes at you. Goliaths also does well against the fire bricks but not the hammerfall ones. Upgraded reduced spread Vindicators ain’t to bad either if its well built and tanky, those bricks still have a rather large hitbox and still not the fastest things so you can still land quit a few shots with vindicators despite the bad spread but do be prepared to have only one sparking vindicator left once the confrontation is over lol.

Also one thing i noticed is that the bricks firing angles got a gap(albeit small) when you right next to them so if you got a low laying build he might not be able to hit you if you can stay right next to them and stay in the blind spot of the hammerfalls firing angle but i never tested that out, I’m glad I’m fortunate enough to have porcs and that’s what works best against it.

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Bricks could be made with the same turning radius before and could maintain their speed. The difference now is FIN gives the biggest speed boost, most tonnage, AND protects the guns. So bricks are faster with fewer wheels to consume power. Their guns (paired with omamori) stay on much better.

Light cab hovers, with top mounted guns, can still dominate SG bricks. Spiders can handle them 1v1…so teams can dealcwith them. Playing solo and catching the eye of two can be very difficult though.

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What a beautiful thing .

Name and author please.

Good advice.

I’ve seen you playing a good variety of builds and succeeding with them. Figured you might have some relevant thoughts.
What kinds of spiders do you think are best against bricks?

I use reaper spiders, sometimes with a skinner. Many others use punny or helios well.

New controls makes sandwich style spiders harder to use well. Because i dont have a premium controller at the moment, and dont want to keep burning out my controller using L3 and R3 to strafe, I am relegated to the older style of spiders, which limits my options.

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mmmmm yes those ive made one yrs ago when i had piercers in it but mine was way different, if im correct the back is the weak spot, i know how they can turn cuz its opt but all st wheels so its best to try and stay far but i also that now a days on console once the cam traction has locked on theirs really no way of out playing it

Play CW and you will realize there is nothing that counters bricks except bricks, dogs, and vertical slit mg bricks built on bigrams. The occasional tryhard will use a narwhal hover but they’d still perform better as a player in anything but a hover.

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I didn’t realize you still played CW.
When did you get back into that?

I dont know if he is back to playing CW but he isnt accurate either way, at least not about skilled hover players being inferior to bricks. Good players on MG hovers can handle bricks. Bad players on hovers, spiders, tracks, grinders, etc (to include bricks themselves) are inferior to good brick play.

Dogs and bricks are easier to do better than average with than most other builds but have a lower overall ceiling.

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if anyone is on xbox please share a brick build to me so i can look into it deeper thanks

MG builds that are good against bricks i see as pretty weak against a lot of other stuff, so to kill a brick you need a specialized build while bricks are a solution to everything