How to Pick Up Chicks

The most recent poll states that women are only 2% of this game’s population, and I think that’s terrible, and points to some kind of fault in the game’s appeal that could be improved, but how?

I like girls, but I don’t really feel comfortable speaking to what they may like, and what might make them more prone to visit this wasteland. I’m leery of making suggestions because they might seem chauvinist or be received as offensive generalizations…but then they aren’t really here to complain about it either, are they? Haha.

I’d like to hear their suggestions, if there are any ladies out there, and I’ll go ahead and dare to make my own…once I figure one out. I really don’t have any bright ideas. I’d like to hear some though.

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For reference (Wikipedia):
Candy Crush? Really?

I did some research and one theme I found that I could sympathize with is the loner profile they tend to have in gaming. Due to harassment they don’t do games that require social elements so much.

I don’t care for that either, and is why I really don’t like the new Clan Wars oriented direction this game took with that last update. I also leave my chat in the “off” position, which makes Confrontation mode something I’m never invited to anyway, but I’m fine with that. I don’t care for the mode.

But, maybe forcing everybody to be “community” players isn’t a good direction for this game, and cultivating a more solo-player atmosphere would help attract more women, and also make this game more enjoyable to a lot of us who feel the same way about that.

We can be real ass-holes here in the wasteland, and I can’t blame anybody for not wanting to be social about playing. It is a fun game though, but the Clan stuff sucks, IMO, and according to the research, women don’t care for that sort of thing either, and would prefer to play more anonymously and independent. I can very much relate to that sentiment.

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Another idea…I wouldn’t mind having more interactive range items, that functioned more like a farm simulator.

For example, if that oil pump decor actually produced a resource I could convert to gas, that would be amusing to me, as well as the introduction of some other productive farm game appliances. I am on a farm after all, and I am pumping oil, right?

Maybe one of those little shops on my lot could act as a reward dispenser for completing tasks? Maybe it would be amusing if you could invest resources in one, watch it grow and progress, to deliver some particular reward (also like a farm simulator)

It might be nice if I could tailor the kind of product it outputs. Like, if I added scrap and copper to it, it would produce random items from one particular list, and if I added plastic and wires, I got something else?

IDK. Mostly just trying to change the sour attitude of the forum by changing the subject from how bad this game sucks. It’s making Poony4u cranky, I hate fighting with him, and it’s just better to be more positive, and seems more constructive to ponder solutions, rather than bitch about developer failures.

I thought I’d try it anyway.

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We have an adult female player in our clan, who I knew for a year before she joined the clan. It did take me a awhile to find out she was female. After she finally told me (and no I didn’t freak out), she would invite me to “role play” with her on bedlam maps, looking for suitable housing and supplies (nothing dirty). She’s still active, but gets alot of abuse from other players, most of whom don’t know she’s female. She often calls me in to defend her from the goons. She’s sorta on a hiatus right now, after having had her first baby a few weeks ago.

I suggested she set up a Crossout account for her newborn, so that the kid can start grinding now, and have some decent stuff by the time he reaches 6 years old.


That gives me an idea; what if this game had corporate franchised outlet stores or gas stations scattered about the wasteland in various modes, like the “Waderkvarn Corporation” that would periodically dispense achievement, or profile specific awards to players, but not rewards everybody else could see see and would fight over (your eyes only)? You would just have to keep an eye out for them in game, for when they pop up.

Maybe you can even level up your status with this corporate outlet store for improved awards, like a preferred customer status.

It might give players an excuse to check out different game modes too, like the rewards could be different in different places, or if not, just the plurality of them would entice players into other modes (to collect more). It would make exploration more entertaining, I think.

The first obvious point is marketing. All the visual stuff is about greasy monster trucks smashing each others and hot chicks being hot while old men look serious. The game is full of pink cat tempura cars and other giant duck trucks, but all the marketing is oh-so-serious.

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Broadly speaking

Come on, man, it isn’t rocket science why there is only 2% of women playing crossout.

Let’s start with the basics.

Here we are playing a Mad Max type of game, you build something to slug it out out there, in the other spectre you have Candy crush, birds and whatnot.

If you increase the appeal of this game you will have two possible outcomes.
You will see the male population decline and female population increase or the opposite.

Same goes for other games like WoWs, COD, WoT, WarThunder,

Men like to play war games, Women not so much .

Then, you have the in between those famous MMPOs where you can have a more equal in numbers population because they could have aspects that could appeal to both sexes.

I bet she doesn’t need any help, and i bet she could demolish any guy in a heartbeat.

I’m not shy using their weapons in whatever altercation i may have with someone.
the results normally, they aren’t expecting and they don’t have a ready answer and things can go very toxic, and south with a vengeance.

Right now, this game doesn’t actually appeal to either sex, and generally isn’t that popular with anybody, so I’m not sure they’d have a lot to loose by trying to appeal to the ladies more.

And, if the current population, predominantly male, can tolerate the schit condition this game is currently operating under, they could tolerate some girl-power in their midst without chumping out and leaving, I bet.

Game isn’t geared towards a female audience, simple as really… things don’t have to be appealing to everyone, target audiences are usually extremely specific and include specified genders and ages etc

Well, their current population are half RPG fans, so maybe they could find some middle ground there, and start by actually appealing to the audience they already have (and are loosing). Maybe then they’d get more chicks too, along with that program.

I know I’d sure like to see more come out of Adventure mode. Maybe if they did do some game development there, they could add something for the ladies while they were at it?

I dont think there’s a way for Crossout to appeal to the female audience, it would feel way too forced.

Ya, Candy Crush is retarded, and if that’s what chicks dig, IDK. My wife plays fucking solitaire and does puzzles. I don’t have anything positive to say about that, or the implication of the popularity of garbage like Candy Crush, and I’m trying hard not to be a dick about it and start posting some really offensive opinions.

My female friends that game, mostly play COD and Fortnite with their kids, we use to play other adventure RPGs together.

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Crossout is an engineering vehicle combat game. Women simply are not going to find that appealing the same way they aren’t going to be playing squad or escape from tarkov.

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The same way there are few female gendered Engineers in the real world, there will be few female gendered engineers in the Wasteland.

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I don’t know :slight_smile:

As is, the quickest way to describe this game to someone is using Mad Max as a reference.
Perhaps after the changes ( whatever maybe be) to try to appeal to the ladies, the quickest way to describe this game could be Super Mario Karts?

Imagine the complains here in the forum.

from my guns suck, please buff, to why the hell my guns are shooting fluffy and cuddly rabbits, the strawberry ones are so much better, please nerf the rainbow maker, it’s so OP.

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Ya…dead topic. Failed diversion. This game is just so full of monster amounts of BS right now that there is hardly a feature left that can be discussed without heaps of sorrow and disapproval…I can’t think of one right now, anyway.

I’ll try again tomorrow. If anybody out there is sick of hearing us bitch about how screwed up this game is, and would like to start a topic to discuss in warmth and with celebration, be my guest.

Otherwise, all I can think to say about this game is “Dammit. I hope this year is better than the last.”


How do you pick up chicks?
Number one, don’t call them chicks. Don’t think with your pecker and balls.
The proper thing to call them is women or girls depending on age.

I know several ladies that play. I won’t name them, or all the horndogs will hit on them. If they want to be known, it is their choice, not mine.