Huginn cabin - pointless?


I was thinking about making a build with Huginn but it doesn’t seem to be worth using. Let me explain:

It has 11 points of energy and the perk is pretty weak


So you can get up to +105% boost to cooling but only in a specific scenario - when at least 3 of your weapons overheat. You lost some weapons? You get smaller bonus. Your weapons are only partially heated up? You get nothing.

Now look at the fused Shiver cooler:


So the increase to cooling rate is basically the same as the highest possible boost of the Huginn but it is also active all the time - no matter the number/heat amount of your weapons. And there’s more - Shiver also has it’s own perk so it can give you even more!


So what is the point of Huginn? Isn’t it always better to use a 12 energy cabin and a Shiver? It gives you a way better cooling boost - at least +103% (up to +148%) active constantly vs +105% (at best) active sometimes. And you also get that additional perk for using a different cabin…

Am I missing something here?


All hail the oblivious Targem Gods.

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Build beefier builds with it.

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Ignore this person’s advice above me, you are right it blows.
Add it to the pile of Crossout items that nobody uses.


Shiver can be shot off. And Huginn, as heavy cab, has huge tonnage.

That’s it.

But your ps is 400 higher,If you compare it with a photon, you see that the cost of 1 energy is huge

It’s pretty good upgraded for +Power.
And no Astreus, Assembler or Scorpion will shoot off your cooling.

It’s basically Machinist all over again. 1 less energy than medium cabs but a tanky perk, right?.. A tanky perk that was plain worse than going around with an Averter lmao.

Generally speaking, Targem devs have no idea how their game is played, and they’ve proved again and again that they just don’t understand how much of a handicap 60 kmh + 1 less energy are.


It’s not that bad when using longer range weapons. I’m using mine with 2x fused millers, 1 Aurora, and a Fused seal. The damage output is rather nice and it has pretty good durability to go along with the 2 train plows and that larger plow.

That’s all good and fun until you’re 1v1 against a degunned hover and he decides to hug that central pilar. Now you make it happen every 3 or 4 CW round, and you realize how fucked heavy cabs are in the current meta.

lol… I probably wouldn’t be taking it into CW either based on what’s hot right now however that’s not really about the Huginn itself.

I’ve been having fun with it in normal pvp, pve, and raids. It really hasn’t given me much trouble. It would be nice if it had a tad more power, the config I have it in can’t use the higher powered motors do to energy usage but other than that I generally think it’s a fair cab. I happy use it at around 12k ps and I’m normally pretty picky about heavies.

I wonder if Catalina is better for AverageSized than Huginn.

Clebardman, I mostly agree with that. Heavys can be effective in groups. But they require more coordination. People prefer dogs and hovers because their mobility provides more flexibility.

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Heavies used to be secret OP when you could slap Hans+Cheetah on them and outrun hovers while snapping every kapkan on the way. They’re just complete garbage now after so many direct, indirect, and ninja nerfs.

Heavies are doomed, wanna be tanky, go Nova+Oma or something like that. You’ll be faster AND tankier.

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If you combine this cabin with a shiver, then you can get more out of it. With the right weapons, it can be a big DPS boost.
Similarly, I find machinist shines when you combine its perk with one of the defensive modules.
I doubt either are good in CW, but both can do decently in PVP.

I actually found I get more dmg out of it with the fused seal but it probably depends on which weapon you use.

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This is true, and I should have specified that. Like you said, depends on the weapon.

well this is how i see it.
the Huginn cabin is a cooling cabin for machine guns or any gun that overheats.
they would be good if you have 3 aspects which would benefit them greatly as they only need coolers and having the coolers plus the cabin would make its cooldown extremely fast.
3 aspects = 12 energy.
1 rad = 1 energy (optional)
2 coolers = 2 energy
total = 14 - 15 energy depending on your set up.
if you choose to opt out the rad on it then you can put in something else like a doppler.

its effect can also be used with arbiters however id only use these in raids as arbiters are easy to strip.
3 arbiters = 9 energy
1 aurora = 4 energy
1 cooler = 1 energy
1 rad = 1 energy
total = 15 energy

it could also be useful with retchers to.
2 retchers = 12 energy
1 rad + 2 coolers = 3 energy
or 2 rads + 1 cooler = 3 energy
again its how you want to play. i personally would change them up to see which one is more beneficial to you.

in all honesty though i would not run this in competitive modes like pvp or clan wars.

It is useful in getting the cooling down effect without having to use a cooler or as ps heavy of a generator, making your build be maybe a little lower in ps, or to be able to make heavy cabin builds with a cooling effect they could not afford to have due to 11 energy

It’s not the most useful thing around, but it has its uses here and there.

Still more useful than some other cabs

The most DPS I got from it was with three gravastars. I can’t remember what cooler/rad setup I used though. Tested a bunch until I found the best combo.