Humanity and Intelligence

While discussing other topic I came up with idea to classify different weapon types, corresponding builds and therefore players playing them.
There will be two values each type will be assigned.
Humanity (H) goodwill to teammates and players in general.
base value is 1 - indifferent play without any interactions or help to other players.
Intelligence (i) required to build crafts and play effectively.
base value is 3 - for average crafts build to survive and have at least medium range aimed weapons, with decent speed and firing angles.

  • Lance/explosives h0 i0 - after trying building and playing they realized they are weak at conventional play and decided to take a shortcut. Lances grant easy kills for price of limiting your ability to do more. Also ruins the game for the victim of it and revokes reward.
  • Melee, tempura, booster tusk h0.5 i1 - a slight upgrade over lancers. They want to be able to live and deal unlimited damage and kills, but still are quite ignorant of anything else. At least they don’t kill players on the start before they got the chance to do something to earn reward, at least not as fast as lance guys do. At this point I should point out that even playing lances need tiny bit of tactical thinking to utilize effectively, melee and other require even more, if we talk about those trying to make the best of ambush weapons. Using melee often destroys fuel barrels underneath builds robbing someone of extra reward in case they still survive and win.
    Melee and other ambush types usually require rushing into group of enemies taking lots of fire and loosing his craft early without further abilities to affect the battle.
  • Drones, mines, guided rockets (h1 i1) be like - “I don’t even want to play the game, I’ll just drop these and drive around.” -1h when creating obstacles to allies, even wheeled drones can get jammed under crafts impairing mobility to ally.
  • Retcher h1 i1 - (especially at low PS) Unlike other grenade launchers, this weapon doesn’t have much accuracy and has slower ballistic, so it’s only effective at close range. Same mindset as melee, just someone looking for easy kills. Maybe some smarter ones trying to utilize it as ambush weapon can be elevated to shotguns.(I only talk of pvp here)
  • Shotguns h1 i2 - a step up from melee. They get weapons that can aim and have some range, balanced by vulnerability, but limited by range. A player playing one is still that type that is ready to sacrifice a lot for the easier kill. Still they have a lot of abilities to counter things like drones and can be usefull for team at short radius and it’s an overall improvement over drones and other unaimed weapons.
  • Parser h1 i2 - Although has range and an improvement over shotguns. Single shot in few seconds means limited abilities as support.
  • Turret cannons h1 i2 - Some just love shooting with ballistic and making each shot a gamble(i+1). Most are just noobs that couldn’t make effective build with more fragile weapons. Especially slow ones trying to make a tanky builds.
  • Caucasus h1.5 i2 Some just find it too hard both ride and aim(because often requiring looking other side from heading) This players sacrificed ability to aim to gain easier play. They have effective autoaim on drones, and often equiped with radar. so slightly more h
  • Course MGs h1 i2 - A step aside trying to fix fragility of MGs sacrificing firing angles and therefore abilities of quick support fire for the team. Also more susceptible to drones. In ambushes they don’t loose weapons fast, but often happen to be blocked and end up being destroyed helplessly and uselessly. Fixed by using bigrams, but that sacrifices maneuverability. Also incapable of shooting back chasing melee and shotguns.
  • Course rockets h1 i2 - Weapon having lots of firepower, simplified ballistics, but on the price of accuracy, versatility and fragility.
  • Long range MG h2 i3 - A mobile camper that moves after his team. Can be extra useful for the team if he got some decency in his heart - removing drones, shooting explosive projectiles, rockets, strip weapons, quickly attack ambushers. Other weapons can try to take that role too, but having ballistics and slow turn don’t allow easy quick fire on multiple small targets). Sacrifice some damage and durability of weapons for accuracy and range. I should point out most of accurate weapons deserve h because shooting opponent’s weapons you often allow him to just flee, and if his team wins - he gets fuel. Whilst lots of other weapons are more directed towards overall destruction of builds.
  • Rapidfire MG h2 i3 - With this weapon you either stay with allies and can perform lots of support roles same as longrange MGs, or play it as ambush basically as shotguns, but with wider possibilities, or switch this roles according to situation. -1h for those who don’t utilize it’s support role capabilities.
  • Campers h1 i3 (Medians, autocannons, Astraeus, etc) Typical campers, phobic of fights trying to shoot things from afar. Often leads to standing at one spot and being easy prey for ambushers. Takes some skill with ballistics.(comparing to hitscan weapons, which have less range and have to keep closer to the fight and move more often)
  • Plasma and energy weapons h1 i3 - just trying something different. h+1 for heating ones.
  • Grenade launchers(except Retcher) h1 i3 - Similar to previous type. They take a gamble, trying to play with the ballistic and deal tons of damage but quite ineffective with range.
  • Hovers i3(h1 for cannon h2 for MG) - Typical hover strives to be above others(and they literally do… float above :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). Also escaping bunch of melee and wedging things. A natural camper, taking on things from distance, especially since course cannons have accuracy and hovers basically make them a turret. Not a fan, but would admit it’s trickier to control. And limited top speed requires better map control to maneuver in time not to become a straggler and keep an eye for ambushers.
  • Dog builds i-1 “no matter how it looks if it works”. Quite distasteful really, playing the game for the sole efficiency of grind and noob annihilation. Also like course MG they sacrifice angles and versatility of builds for front attack efficiency, reducing abilities to help allies at chance. h-1
    +1h for those that heat enemies for allies to deal more damage. At least it’s a step toward teamplay and coordinating with a team. :+1:
    -1i for shooting multiple trombones on the same target. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also extra i for smarter builds tactic and skill.
And probably extra h for being extra helpful for the team, but there is not so many ways to be helpful beside of what I described.(just ramming, tanking and dealing damage doesn’t count because everyone does that)

So that pretty much explains why using certain builds automatically gives you attitude from many players.


Let me guess… Locust plays mainly machine guns.


You have a point to make?

I’m right aren’t I?

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Does it matter? If you don’t agree with something - make your point.

Technically Rapid MGs are shotguns without the stigma. Low range, high burst damage and low precision - I do liek my piercers, but honestly - its just so I can be smug and righteouse about not ever using shotgungs in PvP.

Also - Caucasus is 90% of time just guided rokets with extra steps. Annoying because of the ability to run away while shooting back and pretty high durability for the PS. Most people dont make an art out of standard exhibition stlye Caucasus banana.

Overall I dont agree with most of the list. There is a sense to the grading, but OP seems to have bias or lack of experience.

Thinking Piercers are high IQ compared to shotguns.
Thinking the movement part that has the best accel, flies over porcs and acid and can’t flip takes more “skillz”.

I dunno, man…


Yeah I’m using Yokai’s atm… and damn they’re so cheap cos no one can use them, they’re so skill based and I’m absolutely slapping with them it feels good

When people call me seal clubber and my 8k enemies look like this:

Thicc scores dude

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Where would you rank a double aegis, double punisher wheel build? Cause nothing is more humane then, “Hey guys, I’ll go out and willingly let half the enemy team try to murder me while you get free shots in.” But play it wrong for a split second when you’re in the fray, and you’re dead.

Humanity ratings don’t make sense the way you put weapons into categories.

  1. It is the player who plays a certain role, not the weapon.
  2. I know you don’t have much experience with other weapons besides MGs, but you rate all kinds of weapons lower than MGs while players with other weapon types can do exactly the same and often better.

I won’t go into the intelligence part, you have almost no experience how other weapons can be played except MGs.

It doesn’t explain anything to other players, it’s just your short-sighted opinion.
I’m afraid you’re overestimating yourself here.

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Imagine if locust actual showed gameplay of himself kekw

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They are quickly getting one after shotguns got nerfed and lot of players moved to them but still use it almost like shotguns.

200 m isn’t by any means low range.

They got fairly much. I do agree though that often they feel pressed into that role of short range ambushers class, but that only when teams play the battle like sniper duel. Laser drills have even less range, and some other weapons you wouldn’t compare to shotguns.

I explained why they are head above guided rockets.

Because it’s very efficient weapon layout. They often decorate it in a lot of ways and maintain some shapes - it’s the best you can do without going to complete inefficient art.

You just not getting my point, and can’t prove yours.

Because a good piercer build used to full potential requires lot of ride and shoot which not many do, not often even make a build with good angles. While most shotguns almost same as flamethrower - you just come almost point blank or and click fire. You chase someone and shoot in front of your build. Less i used to operate this builds.

Have you even tried building and playing hovers?

I would say that deserves extra h but lots of mindless players are doing same without any aegis. And having high PS build with firepower of just 2 punishers isn’t very smart.

They perfectly do.

Try playing a role of anti projectile defence and drone cleanup with… melee or cannons. You can occasionally lay a shot to kill a drone or detach phoenix at time, but it’s not very effective weapon for that role and it won’t do it half as good as other more suited weapon. Player might not perform the role, but potential is with the weapon. Lots of weapons have no or reduced potential for support roles.

Do tell… empty accusations without any proofs. Meh. I would like to see the stories where some cannon camper tells how precious and helpful for the team he is. Or some wanker with kapkan spam claiming how usefull that is, forgetting he actually robbed team of 1 good fighting craft and that kapkan spam don’t really always pays for that.
I kind of anticipated everyone would go… “my build is highest i” but try proving your points at least.

You’re blind. People do have stigma for certain things.

You really are a sad individual my man haha!
I’ve been looking at your messages here for a while now. All you do is flex how good you are except you never bring any proof, unlike Lexi. You definitely are one of the players ever lmao! Judging by your build with boosters you try to squeeze every single bit of advantage or you die of sorrow. I don’t really care about perks honestly, i can make whatever work as long as it’s fast. You try to portray yourself like if your playstyle was any different from the usual stuff. It’s really not lol.

You come here and immediately start sh*tting On peoples’ builds,yet you definitely aren’t in a position to do so. Next time really make sure that you are the smartest one in the room.

Go ahead, waste your time and give a long ahh reply, i really don’t care lol. I don’t seek validation from some random people on the forums. You are really insecure with your own skills if you do that so desperately.

Also that pC mASteR rACe bit really made me laugh. It perfectly captures who you are lmao.

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“I would say that deserves extra h but lots of mindless players are doing same without any aegis. And having high PS build with firepower of just 2 Punishers isn’t very smart”


You have shoved your foot DIRECTLY into your mouth. Slam dunk, 5 toes deep my man.

This ride is one of the best in the ENTIRE game. Top 5 at minimum.

Listen, it’s a trap. Don’t respond. You are ignorant of this thing in the truest sense of the word ignorant. I’m am goading you into getting your foot ankle deep in your mouth.

Edit: This is one iteration. I have 3. All of them are different for specific reasons/situations. But I can’t give away the specifics, lest I direct my own CW enemies how to fight me.

And you are? Some console sealclub like Xbox_m_420?


I have more reliable and moderate build, but you’ll keep your trash talk anyway, talking it’s not cool unless you kill a dragon with teabag, whatever.

You don’t know much about tactics. That thing is designed to dodge. Be were it should, and vanish fast from spots you don’t want to be. Build to live, constantly analyze battlefied to find spots to deliver attack and retreat in time for another punch. Typical guerrilla tactics.

As if you know my playstyle. I never said it was special. It’s quite conventional, it’s small detail that bring it to max output.

Like you did? Just self-proclaimed yourself one like right away, never proving or making any point?

It’s not so much for you as topic in general.

Cared enough to write your part, not so small either.

Once again, thinking you know what I do or what I am… I explained why and what I’m doing here. To get to know other and discuss points. Doesn’t work so well because most people don’t have point, and running out of it they just turn discussion into squabble.

You want to touch that one lol.

It’s real simple story - you either have PC but play console for sealclub - shame
You don’t have PC because you don’t need all the capabilities of one - nothing to be proud of either.

You said you will leave forums didn’t you? It seems that you really like writing these essays :blush:

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Didn’t said when I will. Soon, don’t worry)) I’ve gather enough intel here.

No ones worried

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Easy to talk knowing you won’t be challenged being on other platform.
I had my share of fights in bedlam against all kinds of things to know what’s that thing about… could have been an interesting challenge.