"I can fix her" Ivy XO edition

'can we just have the /SAME BOTS on both teams.pwease? :crazy_face: :kissing_heart: you all want balance right? well…


And the game used to be like that too so I dunno what’s up :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You use to also only drive around in shopping carts in the game…

This seems quite whataboutist. I’m not sure what other changes, good or bad, have to do with the facts bots used to be mirrored, and aren’t anymore.

I see no valid reason to not have mirrored bots considering the massive difference between a good bot and a trash bot.

one team has 2 10k players the other team has only 8k players how do you balance it.

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I believe gens’ PS prices is really not a problem. Apollo is already 1600 PS, and that’s Power Score you’re spending JUST for the opportunity to spend more PS on weapons or modules. Gens are already high PS enough that there’s pretty much no reason to play them on any cab that is below epic.

That really doesn’t solve for anything other than an easy flow of thought. If the teams have un-equal ps ranges you try to arrange the bots to make up the difference. It’s never going to be a perfect system but your asking them for a slaughter the other way.

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I wish my supermarket had wedges on their carts

Why is that acceptable in the first place?..

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Why’s what? A wedge? Explain a little better question or jokes were too short.

Add 400, 800, 1200 ect to the power score of generators. This will help make a gap between “whales” that are spending money and new players that probably don’t have these generators yet. Would also “freshen builds”.

Remove squad play from random pvp (ONLY because there is now a low level dedicated 4v4 mode, confrontation). This would help with new player retention.

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There’s lots of builds I don’t use generators on all the way up into 9ks… What you’ll end up hurting is the builds that actually need more power to run efficiently already in those power score ranges…

so the change wouldn’t effect those builds. working as intended.

Do you need the generator or not? I’m confused. You state you have builds that don’t take a gen, but then say they have to have them. The whole idea is to make the separation between newbies and established players at lower PS (established players can always build up, while newbies cannot) to encourage player retention.

Wow somehow my message got posted 21hours into the past. Crazy. I’m talking about gens and PS a dozen messages above, if someone’s interested.

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I meant that as some builds require them more then others at the same ps level.

Some of this is do to energy cost on the weapons:
3 3en weapons leave 3 extra energy
3 4en weapons leave 0
2 5en weapons leave 2 extra
2 6en weapons leave 0

So the 3,5en weapons are able to apply some support equipment while the others aren’t.

If we were to look at miniguns 3en vs autocannons 4en and look at the issue of heat management. The autocannons tend to loose out. Not only do they heat fairly fast but they don’t have the left over energy to power rads and coolers. So they require a generator. On the other hand the 3en miniguns can already support some and do not require a generator until you purposely boost the PS range.

Hope that makes more sense.

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I rarely use coolers or rads with autocannons except the ones that fire like Jules or Cyclones.
The rest are much better plinking.

But yes, it makes more sense with the better explanation.

How would you suggest to create a bigger gap between the have’s and have not’s, so the have not’s can become have’s before they quit?

It’s more difficult now then it use to be as the BP hands out upgraded parts of upper rarities fairly affordably. So some new players run around with some higher rarity stuff way early now. As well as run higher ps builds sooner and more often than before.

Some of it I think they need to fix in methods of acquisition. I.e. Missions to get key parts. I believe they’ve done some of that for new players it kind of plays out like a battle pass. Reduction in cost for some key parts. There’s only so much that can be done with that though before it seems like excessive coddling.

I would have liked to have seen more bracketed ps ranges for conf. instead of having it 5k-9k have it broken up into 2 or 3k groupings with the last ended at 10k before going on to full open at CW. I would have had part and rarity limits on the first few brackets as well. I’d take another look at structure parts and perhaps look at giving them rarities as well to match with those limits. This is mostly because we have odd part limits at early levels as well some of the later armor being better then earlier armor. This is more pronounced if looking at it in terms of bracketed competitive play as the game wasn’t designed around that. Then I’d buff the rewards a little for the mode. Fixing this would probably work fairly well as you could get a fairly well controlled bracket out of it for the earlier players.

Fixing up awakening mode would be another fair start that area is great for new players. There’s been a few good discussions on that in the forum. I’m not a PVP only person so I recognize there’s other aspects of the game that could help retain players longer.

I think the biggest hurdle for me at the start was just making coin as everything that I was selling seemed so tiny of a gain compared to the cost of things at higher tiers. Clearing that first 100 or so coin was the hardest portion. After that figuring out the raids was a big hurdle I ended up just watching people play them on youtube before re-attempting them after my first few tries. In the raids I’d probably make the ammo drops visible to non-ammo builds too. I remember scratching my head at how do you make it through a raid with a limited ammo build for a long while lol…

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Make faction builds functional and informative for new players. Re-work it. Replace those horrible builds with something the new player can actually use and give them a construction that informs them how this game works (tuck in the explosive bits the proper way).

Include popular METAs too. It’s what people play (not what I like, but whatever). It would help aces not get pwnd by the Crossout Illuminati. For chrissake add a Trucker with borers on it so they at least know what to expect, and then they can reasonably attain some real META that actually works early on.

The whole faction feature is sort of a catastrophe resulting from the way they just abandon features…like co-drivers, coupons, shell casings, etc.

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Not worried about paying new players, their investment of money most likely says they will play awhile.

It’s the guys that see it in their suggestions (or w/e) that are trying to play for free that need a bit of separation imo.

Not really true 10 to 30 on a game when they are new isn’t a big investment for a lot of people but that really depends on the age demographic though. That’s been a figure I wouldn’t mind hearing about for a while as far as how many one time non-returning buyers they have each year.

The only difference with some paying players is ability to earn via premium. I don’t even pay for that.

Maybe I’m just not getting what kind of separation your looking for? A free player has the ability to get just about everything anyone else has just be it slower.