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There are a lot of countries in the Americas. Canadians are american, Mexicans are american, Venezuelans are american… do I need to list them all?

I am curious, why do you think companies without competition like Nvidia are not an enemy of the state? I mean it’s not like they manufacture their stuff in the US putting dollars in US citizens pockets for labor… or keep the technology from an enemy of the state known for stealing tech…

which state would that be. Not all governments observe the same statement. So, which state are they the enemy of?

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there’s 3 America’s. North, Central and South. We just wanna know why you think they’re all in North America?

Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary

So they’re against Hungary? Of which “state” they are the enemy?

What is your point? Gaijin’s games suck? Yes, some of these games do suck, big time. Some others somewhat popular and maybe even good.

What else?

Please point out the “North” in my convo. As per the quote “I assume you are american.”
Where does it say north? You being stupid or biased? Or you just hungry to be right in something? OH Right, you assumed american and went with racist. How racist of you…on top of deleted responses to paint me in a bad light.
Mmmm ok
Love how you edited your response to make it sort of fit. Anything to be right huh? Even in the face of criticism.

I should let you know that I started recording this conversation, and it’s caught you doing something very bad. Conflating things. Sorry if we upset you with asking for you to clarify your statement buuuuuut, and it’s a big smelly BUTT, you’re still going to need to clarify things. things such as “Enemy of the state”. That’s a pretty big thing to say and absolutely requires clarification.

No you didn’t dummy.
And no it doesn’t.
Obsidian is nothing more than a power domineering fantasy troll.
You not smart enough to be a bully in real life so you do it on forums? Forum text isn’t a compelling legal document.

recorded on video, live so that we can see you hit to yourself and then cry that some one else hit you.

still recording

Oh please post!
I love how you actually think this is a threat.

a threat? nope, just protecting myself and others I care about in this forum. You seem super pissed enough to start flinging insults at everyone just for us asking you to clarify your statement. So, I’m recording to make sure things stay in context. I’ll only post it if I really feel like I need to.

Oh dude, do you think youself some fake cop and saying “im recording” while on an internet forum seems relevant?
You come off more crazy moron than intellectual. Everything about you screams “look at me, i got sparklers, instead of addressing a 6+ year old issue with the exact same gms”

I have to do it in accordance with “the state” in which I live. Calm down.

so you gonna clarify this or what?

Oh, look at the poor civi pretending im the cop. the poor little blonde karen “im protecting my community!”
Despite not knowing the community…You an literal HOA.
You paid protection. Say something negative. Or is it against your contract?
Why would anyone ever make a public appeal?
The forums are far more toxic than chat, just without the cursewords.
Seems like bunch of simps passively applying for a job that is minimum wage.

I’m a firm believer in the adage: " Praise in public, criticize in private." anything negative I have to say about Crossout, I say directly to the people that it matters to, those that can actually do something about the issue. Having said that, I do say things publicly.

I’ve worked for 3 different companies who manages their people and portfolio better. From programmer to gm.
TBH, no matter the complaint, you will always have fan boys who defend no matter the offense.
As for my say in regards to this company. Sure its diverse in hungary but here is the next tier of question on google: Do they answer to russia? and its yes.
Want to argue? Public perception says so as well.

And people think im a :eggplant:


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