I HATE clan confrontation (rant)

i dont know what the hell the deal is with this mode, but i have been put on the losing team throughout my entire 3 sessions of 40 mins each in clan confrontation. i got quite infuriated at times with these f#$%en people running kings CONSTANTLY. but literally i have been put on the losing team for the past 3 sessions. this is so unbalanced its not even funny. i see people with full fused items, relics (mainly porcs), box builds on legs (very common), shotguns (sometimes) and them god forbidden king builds.
the thing is, im only running a blight remedy build and i get that its not the best, but common.
i got VERY pissed off during one match because literally ANYTIME i went in for a good opportunity to ram the opponent to cripple him i had some j@#$ off run into me or literally right beside me to ruin my plan. this got me killed quite a few times. AND to top it off there was a guy running a fuze build and i have a wedge on the front of my car, i SOMEHOW hit the damn drone, my front end went into the air and wedged me on the environment only to be hit by a damn blight incinerator and die.
BUT on top of all this i only won maybe 2 or 3 matches out of my entire sessions. thats 120 minutes of losses constantly. this is why i originally quit pvp, because of this bullcrap here. i ALWAYS get put on a losing team.

heres the thing though, i wouldnt care if i won a few matches and left the bad ones behind, but literally EVERY MATCH has been a damn loss to me. what the hell is up with this crap? why do i always get put on a losing team?

sorry for the rant all but f@%$ me this game infuriates me sometimes, mostly in pvp though.


That’s just how it goes sometimes. Next session it might be all wins, or it could be a mix.
I had a long losing streak in PVP yesterday, partly because I was trying to make some new cannon builds, and partly just due to bad luck. But at the end of that bad session, I still got a bunch of resources and contributed to the clan challenges.
All you can do is keep playing, or take a break.

Having said that, maybe we should actually try grouping up to do some confrontation matches. I hate using the mic, and don’t know where mine is, but I’ll try to find it. Communication really helps a lot in that mode.

I think this is shaping up to be Crossout’s worst year.


Even if your solo without communication, you have certain things you don’t do in this mode. CW guys find most of these things common sense and can read the room a little better even without talking.

The below is just an example and not about anyone:

Like if you have 3 auto cannon spider guys that want to stay back and your in a shotgun build, then you stay back and defend anything coming in on those dudes.

You play defense.

But what really happens is the shotgun guy don’t know how to play 4v4 so when the other 3 guys stay back that one guy runs in and dies, then complains the whole time that no one had his back.

Go figure.


I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I feel like this has been the best Crossout year for me. Yeah, all the updates have had some problems initially, but overall I’ve enjoyed all the big changes, once I got used to them.

The only thing that has been bugging me is that MGs are now too powerful on certain types of builds, but I’m not sure how they should address that without making them too weak on other builds.


Lol. I’ve never seen you be offensive, ever. I’m not sure you even have what we would normally call a “dark side.”

You totally have a right to have a different opinion. No Problem.

IMO, they’ve gone through every feature in this game this year and made it worse in at least one way.

I like the new sound FX in build mode. The new legs are cool…and…mm…I’d have to think about it a minute to come up with anything else. I’m sure there’s something, but after that last 40 minute session, nothing’s really popping out. That was awful.

IMO, the current state of the game is disappointing. I can hardly play it anymore. I keep saying I’d not likely quit, and I’m content to wait it out, but IDK. I’m really not playing it much any more, and am struggling to find the motivation to grind out my battle passes. When I do make an attempt to, I cheat it as much as I can , just to get it over with, then I log off.

I was never a fan of video games, but this one was different. It allowed for so much creativity. Now it feels like it’s all about the guns, just like any other 3rd person shooter.

Normally, I’d just take a break and circle back around later, but I have these battle passes to grind out. After I do grind them out, that’s probably what I’ll do.

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Is it fun to play vs 4 Crab-Premade?

Before i could just slowly progress over weekly-activity-badge-quests and get fun.
Now i am forced to play additional pay to win shitmeta matches, where victory relies on wallet. NICE !!!


I’ve already got all the structure parts I want from the old badge scheme, so I think I’m just going to drop the whole clan thing and ignore it from here on out. I don’t like it, and I’m not sure I need it. It sure isn’t entertaining me. Far from it.

I’m not sure what will happen as I don’t get involved in it, but I’m going to find out. I always like to test the premise of things. I mean, do I really have to mess with this? IDK. What if I don’t?

I know that would be harder for a greener account than mine, like if you still needed those structure parts, but I don’t, fortunately. So, I’m done banging my head against this wall. If it’s not fun, what the hell am I paying for, and why am I playing it?

Now that I’m done with that feature (whew)…I tried it. I did. I even finished the first tier of my Confrontation challenge, so I think I gave it a fair shake. I shook it well enough to confirm what I suspected; I don’t want to have anything to do with clan wars.

Anyway, now the next problem I need to contend with is the glass guns we all now have. They’ve done this many times (make the gun durability flimsy) and it always sucks. It never doesn’t, and I don’t know why they think that one day it’ll make for a fun experience, because they always end up changing it back.

This time there are these modules, funky rollers, and a cab that can buff their durability that they are trying to sell, so it might not work out like it used to. IDK. We’ll see.

Glad to be done with clan wars, though. What a relief.

Yeah it’s not a very nice mode, I have never played clan wars but now that I got a taste of the diet edition of them, I feel even more adamant on never playing clan wars at all

Absolute cancer

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I love this mode.

We finally have a PvP mode without bots that requires a some amount of player building and combat skill. It’s not the same old PvP missions where you can go in and just destroy all the fish in the barrel because they have bad builds and bad tactics.

The new mode requires people to think. I like that.


Reading here & elsewhere… watching a few vids… I think I know who some people love it & others hate it.

Folks with “all the toys” are min-maxxing their fully fused builds & fighting dudes with unfused vectors.

The prior loves this sh!t, while the latter hates it.



Doesn’t bode well for the long term viability of the game, does it?

Ironic that the dudes being the cancer are also the same ones super confident in that viability.

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We need a drone mode and disguised patrol mode where bums think they are playing pvp…cause that is what most of the complainers need. They want to feel competent and this is just another mode that robs them of that, leaving them flailing for excuses that fall even flatter than when they use them to rail against CW.

Confrontation is not for new players but is still easily played by those with 6 months of experience or by those that are willing to spend $100 on packs tocspeed it up. Unlike CW, you dont need much fused gear. A fused radiator is probably all that is really needed.

You’ve mentioned the degunning thing a few times, and at first I wasn’t sure what you meant, but I think I understand now.

I think two things happened this year that had an unintended result.

First, the introduction of the two defensive modules allowed MGs to be a lot more durable. This was a good thing overall, as it made flimsy weapons a lot more viable. But at the same time, those formerly delicate MGs are good at degunning other vehicles, and now they’re durable enough to degun someone else before losing your own guns.

Second, the camera steering for strafing parts changed how people build hovers, and then the same techniques were applied to other strafing parts. Remember when that patch first dropped, and hover players were complaining about their builds no longer working? Well it only took a few weeks for the horseshoe design to become dominant, and it’s perfect for burying MGs and other DPS weapons.

So now we have seemingly invincible DPS weapons that are great at degunning others, and I don’t know what they can do about it.

Clearly the projectile changes were meant to address that, but cannons still aren’t penetrating those horseshoe builds.

I don’t think they should remove either of the things that led to this, as they were good changes overall. But I do think they need to continue tweaking projectiles so that strafing MG builds have more weaknesses.

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I agree, I think many of these guys want an arcade shooter style game.

Mid and low PS PvP missions can provide this type of feel since half the players are worse then the bots.

It’s not anything against that person, but when faced with the facts that they don’t really know how to play the game it’s kind of devastating.

They need to get mad, train up and get even.

Very astutely put

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The game is in the best state and shape it has been since October last year.

That is a correct analysis, however after the space armor update, mgs are no longer the gods that they once were.
They can no longer make a light armor 95km hover and tank the world, they had to go heavier to be viable, thus slower, thus no longer being able to de-gun anyone at will.
Plus the horseshoe design has been meta since last year, just not so much on hovers, mostly spiders.

Mgs are still good though and cannons do penetrate mg builds, just not as well as scorpions.

If i want a long distance weapon and my aim is decent why would i EVER chose something with limited penetration and non precise damage, instead of something with infinite penetration and a chance each shot takes something very important out of the enemy because of that.

These are the most weapons played clanwars, the list is of the last week but its been more than a month its practically the same.

The first 2 weapons are the infinite penetration broken one on first spot, and the one that best counters that on second.
It must be a coincidence!
Mgs are no longer close to be most played.
And scorpion is maybe 50% more broken in random matches than clan wars.

Anyway, on topic:

The update took weeklies from solo play, increased them and put them on a clan based system, get the hint?

And i dont think that the mode has any sort of win/loss algorithm like random matches that take care of people giving them bots to shoot and forcing a 50-50.


I think the remaining issue is that there isn’t a scorpion alternative for mid-PS. I mean sure, you can run scorpions down there, but I don’t see many of them, and there aren’t any other weapons that can penetrate like that.
Personally, I think they just need to keep tweaking the projectile mechanics to make cannons a bit more viable against that type of build.

Nevertheless, melee is still pretty effective against horseshoe builds, although spiders can survive a melee attack a lot better than hovers or omniwheels. That’s not a bad thing though, as spiders should have that niche.

Another alternative would be to introduce another epic weapon that specifically targets pass-through parts like blockchains do. I’m thinking maybe some kind of acid weapon, that ignores pass-through and does full damage to those parts? Blockchains are cool, but too big to be truly effective. Adding another tool to melt gun mounts and buggy floors could accomplish a lot.

CLAN WARS! :man_facepalming:

or just, you know, rip one off the exhibition and use that. and combat skill? LOL if i had a dollar for every build i came across thats just R2 mashing then id be able to afford multiple packs in here. there is no combat skills when people are running the exact same builds all the time. and sure theres ALOT of skills required to toss a relic on your build and just frustrate the hell out of people with porcs.

you and me have very different views on this mode but thats fine. im not a pvp person and you are so you like what you like, but i wont agree :smirk:

it is DISGUSTING how many builds i come across with all fused items. i came across very few people who didnt have literally everything and the kitchen sink fused. these people had a major advantage over all other players and to me that just isnt fair. i didnt even have my remedies fused and i was at a HUGE disadvantage despite having my blight and my bigfoots fused. my build would just fall apart instantly. even when i got the jump on someone id die, even when my flamethrowers were directly hitting the guns they wouldnt come off and theyd out damage me everytime. the worst builds were those damn box builds on gerrida legs.
i also seen ALOT of people running around with omamoris to. this module is just downright unfair, it gives people a huge advantage over others and makes them far more durable then they should be. oh and they are giving it a 100 durability buff to absorb damage but the charge has to fully run out before it can be charged again… :expressionless:

dont you give me sass or ill… uhh… tickle you with my daze module! … yeah i couldnt come up with a joke :rofl:

then why do i half the time get put with people who are randoms and be places against people in full clans or in partial clans like 3/4 people. these always result in me losing. even when the other team is random i lose almost all the time. it might be because of my build but i see ALOT of people running around with fully fused builds.


Some of the comments here puzzle me.

Communication? You don’t even need a Doppler.
4-men premade? People seldom do it because only individual performance matters, and bringing good teammates will deprive you of points.
Clan Wars lite? It has much more in common with PvP than CW, for sure.
Scorpions? Nah, they’re a non-factor in Confrontation. 9k Scorp hovers die in 0.5 to any mediocre melee build with stealth…

I despise this update, but Clan Confrontation is mostly working as intended. It’s like regular PvP, you hardcarry your three randoms or lose :neutral_face:. You do one session, score 10k+ points, log off and forget this cursed game for the rest of the week.
Also need to say that I use a 2 years old, half-fused, jank-looking PvP car that was never optimized for the PS played (The extraflat and long Whirl car I posted a few times). Barely reaching 8500PS. No difference. It’s certainly a poor player mode.

I’m willing to offer comments on builds and vids, here or in PMs, if someone wants advice. I can also provide builds on PC’s exhib.


100% - I wouldn’t even concider playing this mode in a group. You have to fight your own team for points and why would I want to fight clan mates?

When I play solo confrontation I don’t care if anyone else gets any points :slight_smile:

And the best thing is they built the Match Maker so you never have to fight a clan member.

Confrontation feels more like PvP lite.