I was wrong about Thor Generator

Before I had one, I rated the Thor generator as DOA, worse than nothing and as much as a liability as a Gas Generator. This is incorrect thinking. An Apollo Generator is 6 blocks by 6 blocks by 2 blocks for 72 blocks large, 363 points of durability and 1152 kg mass. The durability over size ratio is 5.04 durability per block. A Thor Generator is 4 blocks by 3 blocks by 2 blocks for a size of 24 blocks large, 162 points of durability and 320 kg of mass. The durability over size ratio is 6.75 points of durability per block.

The weight difference between the two generators is 832 kg.

The weight difference between fused -mass versions is 954kg (fused Apollo)- 265kg (fused Thor) is 688 kg.

What I have found on playing Thor, is that it is very hard to hit. You can hide it behind your cabin, and it is only susceptible to blast damage from the side. This is particularly true on big spiders where the cabins are large and some, like the Cohort and Machinist have indented space to hide small modules.

What I have used Thor so far is on a Beholder Onamori hover. I use a Beholder Onamori Cheetah Icarus VII hover for Destructors and Nothungs and general gun use. I used the extra weight the BP Thor provides to place a train plow (950 kg) in front of my Nothungs. This gets much more mileage out of my machine guns and they last much longer in degunning fights. Well embedded Nothungs and Destructors are already very hard to hit and a train plow seems to eat a lot of the shots intended for guns. This creates a more enjoyable playing experience as I hate it when my guns are shot off. I have lost my Thor generator to Scorpions and random blast damage but that seems to happen with my Apollo just as often. It is on me to keep moving, to face my opponents, to watch my map and make sure my generator is not an easy hit.

The cannon rework is going to allow Cannons to hit generators more easily, but this isn’t as drastic as what was shown on the first test server. Typhoons are now only going to pierce to 60 percent of their bullet damage before blowing up. This is going to make the gun more powerful, but not the best gun in the game. Also, the cannon rework is going to hit Apollo hard as well, so there may not be a clear advantage of the Apollo over the Thor.

Another key build type where I think Thor is going to shine is when using ultra heavy weapons. Many desirable cabin/weapon combinations don’t work out because the guns are too heavy for the cabin or movement system. An example of this would be 2 Mastodon, 1 King 1 Flywheel Hadron build and 2 Mastodon Beholder hover. A Thor makes builds and combinations like this possible and increases variety in the game. I don’t play cannons much so I don’t have a solid opinion on this yet.

I have not tried Thor yet on my brawling builds. I have several fire and Porcupine builds to experiment with and I will see if my Thor can handle those situations as well as my Apollo or whether I am better off leaving the close range builds alone.


This is exactly what I predicted, so I feel vindicated.


Let the record reflect that Poony was right all along!


people actually thought the thor was bad?

Apollo is 6x6, not 8x8. Cmon man…

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My take on this “Baby” is perfect. Nice and small, and who cares if it blows up like a nuke, gives extra gear to put on a build. Should be nice for Hover users…


Sheesh. Is it? I will check this out. If that’s true I will post another retraction. 6 by 6 by 2 or 72 blocks is nearly half the size of 8x8x2 or 128 blocks.
Edited to add… I was wrong again. Will update original post.


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I also changed my mind on the wonderkit (idk how to spell it) event thing. (though I still didnt buy it)

It has a large amount of variety for 10 bucks. Great deal for new players that want some variety cheap.

If I didn’t already have the stuff, I probably wouldn’t have thought it such a bad deal.


I’ve already replaced my Apollo with the Thor on most builds. The benefit in weight is just too great to ignore, and I don’t think I’ve died yet due to the Thor. The Apollo is huge in relation, and I’m guessing it’s a much easier target (especially with that co-pilot that highlights juicy bits).

I’m sold. It’s good kit.

Plus, too and also, it’s okay to be wrong.

It’s admirable to be wrong and then acknowledge it.

That’s what we call good character around here.

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I told you so

Thor is excellent and I would like to ask you a question: if Thor was the same size as the Apollo model, but the weight, durability and blast strength remained the same, would you choose Thor? If the majority answer is yes, this is proof that Thor is already stronger than Apollo

You’ve got it wrong , and I made a point of going to the game to see :joy:

Its a common thing among the xout community. Its terrible! Its too op! And then you see those extremes claimed by different people about the same part even though its well balanced. People were definitely jumping to conclusion about the new generator being bad right off the bat. I get mine today!

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I think if I’m being corrected on this, you should state what the true dimensions of the Thor are.

Its 5x4x2. I had to log in just now to find that one out. Its still better than 6x6x2.

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This is true about pretty much every single update, isn’t it? Typically, it’s negative reactions, though.

Even if a change truly looks bad, the XO community isn’t well equipped to give anything a fair chance. :rofl: :man_shrugging:

It needs at least one attachment point on each side imo.

I will still use my fused apollo for medium and heavy builds. The attachment points are more convenient for building.

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The use of the THOR generator is an absolute nobrainer with Omamori. How you can compare THOR to APOLLO is beyond me - THOR paired with an Omamori is vastly superior.
After release it was the first thing I had to purchase to almost perfect my main build (build name: CATA THR DPL MK2). THOR then allowed me to use a doppler, which drastically increases the effectiveness of the build and the team.
Probably the only change I need to make now is to incorporate the fused variant of THOR. Damn, but the current challanges are so boring ;D

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Thor and all these fused BP items are P2W, but only if you have enough modules to assemble a mostly fused build with them.

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You must be pretty bad at this game if you think the bp is p2w.

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