I wish for... better sorting of parts

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

I would like to sort structural parts - not simply based on what has the most durability, but best durability/mass ratio… or durability/volume ratio - the latter of which isn’t even available without you doing the simple math.

Or… what if you could sort a weapon based on DPS per energy used. If you could, no one would use epic machine guns vs. specials. Or, if they did, they’d be very careful with that extra energy.

Or… how about PS vs… well… any parameter.

I’m sitting here toying around with a light build & wanting to find out what parts are best PER MASS UNIT… So, I’m doing math in my head, and I’m lazy. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just click a button?

There is that website that tracks market performance over the past 12 months in detail. Is there something like that out there somewhere?

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Hi, I agree it would be much easier if we had this option.

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We talked about part filtering in this thread too:

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I was thinking about this a little more last night before falling asleep. I’d really like a way of sorting parts by dimensional size. I think it would make for a really easy way to be able to look through the parts for Mass to durability ratios when optimizing builds.

Kind of like:
List of parts…
List of parts…