Idea for a few new weapons, specifically cannons, and a teeny tiny tangent rant

So, preface: I HATE limited time crafting. Artificial scarcity hurts the playerbase and drives people to not commit to the game as much as they would in a more casual setting and only squeezes 10 IQ whales for a few extra bucks. I’m fine if the recipes stay after being unlocked or its an annual event (Founders and classic Knight Riders for example). But I know thats 99% of future content, $10 battlepasses, limited time recipes, and $60 premium packs. But an idea is still an idea.

Also, we seriously need an overhaul to faction/weapon lines and craft recipes (specifically for resource distribution, IE copper is handed out in droves and barely used comparitively to scrap and plastic, while batteries and electronics are ONLY used in legend and relic). Retcher should be in Scavs, i think frontal MGs fit better into Scavs too, and now that rare was chopped in half for Special tier we need to flesh those out; too many overlapping recipes imo, especially with wheels and cabs (only 6 epic craftable cabs btw, and two are pretty garbage). Tackler should be switched to the Vindicator perk to make it usable, and RFMGs still use Casings for crafting, and would fit nicely into the Stepps imo.

But on to the real post. I had an idea. Avalanche is a low velocity, slow reload high damage THICC cannon based on the Sturmtiger. It’s also practically the only usable cannon in CW and high skill PvP settings, but that’s not important. WHAT IF, we added this as a full line of cannons. I know cannons are in a weird spot, and Fat Man/Executioner are at rock bottom these days, BUT if we reinforced their ideas (rapid reload w/ consistent surface damage and moderate reload penetrating shots for precision damage respectably), we could easily add a third line of slow reload, heavy, low velocity HE cannons. My two ideas were:

Epic: Sturmpanzer II/Sturmpanzer IV (Brummbar) based, same perk as Ava.

Epic 2: Su-152/ISU-152 inspired. Replaces the Sturmpanzer idea, OR offers a tradeoff: higher velocity, lower damage, and a perk akin to the Mammoth of direct hit increases the next shot’s damage, but doesn’t stack like the Fat Man. Lower dura and weight than the Sturm line. (alternative ideas: Object 268, Lorraine thingy with the 150mm)

Special: Churchill AVRE or Centurion AVRE: Same as Ava perk, but at special tier. I know they are turrets, but we can make them statics, the Churchill Gun Carrier exists, and they fit the design.

Rare Tier: Sherman 105mm. Obviously no perk, but a neat introduction to the line, and it covers the 4 major factions of WW2, which this game draws from for inspiration and rounds the line out quite nicely.

We could also add on to the idea of the Tanky-Tank turret cannons the Elephant introduced with a Special version as the Sherman 76W, and a Legendary version as the Panther G, or Tiger E.

Closing: Yes i know cannons are painful enough without more reason to not use the executioner and tsunami, and turrets are declining in viability, but they need tweaked, and much of the cause of this is that melee was practically designed as THE anti-cannon, and fire pops ammo, and thats the meta right now. Without dogs and melee, Dual Fat Man builds still absolutely brawl at 8-10k. Again, these wouldnt be some limited BP that goes away for 3 years, the recipes would stick around in my perfect little world like the Founders did, and you could unlock the recipes in mini BPs later on if you missed them like i missed the Founder epic recipes.

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They are, technically

The Sherman turret already exists, it’s the Jumbo CK for the Elephant. I would like to see more “tank” turrets, the one we have is kinda boring. I like the legendary tiger tank turret, panther would fit well too, but what I really want as a legendary turret would be an M1 Abrams turret. Admittedly, it could be both, with the panther/tiger turret being the 6 energy, 4x4 footprint one and the Abrams turret being 11 or 12 energy, 6x6 footprint one. Also Sherman/Tiger/T-34 track CKs for the Armored Track would be awesome, and a Panzer IV CK for the Elephant (Perhaps a Panzer III/IV CK for the armored tracks too :thinking:). I just want to build a variety of tanks, and the devs aren’t making it easy.

Also there’s these ideas:
Special rarity Artillery
Sponson cannon