Yet another weapon concept

Screenshot 2024-02-07 102102
Screenshot 2024-02-07 102110

Basic info:
Weapon name: Forester
Weapon category: howitzer
Weapon rarity: special
Base size: 4x4
Craftable: yes
Craftable during: all times, scavenger blueprint
Crafting requirements: judge 2x, vector 2x, trucker 1x
Durability - 116 pts
Weight - 360 kgs
Reload time - 5 seconds
Traverse speed - 45 degrees per second
Damage - 200
Damage type - explosive
Trajectory - parabolic (plunging)

Perk: A direct hit on an enemy increases the reload time by 20%, but increases the damage of the next shot by 75%.


It sounds like a legendary fat-man. weight and dur are way off though.

It’s a howitzer.
Like the mandrake
It’s special rarity
And the base ring is 4x4, so it isn’t very big.

I just meant the perk…

Well, it wasn’t specified, so I hope you can see how I misunderstood that statement.

No really I get it which is why I was willing to re-explain what I meant by what I said.

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