Idea for a relic kapkan

a net launcher.

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capcan must be deleted, most annoy thing ingame … many pseudo heroes use build with only capcans and annoy skilled players who want fighting .


No, i disagree ,Kapkan are super fun. Nerf the interceptor it’s way too effective.

nerf capcans, better idea is only stop for 0km and release!

Kappcans should have never been added to the game.

Interceptor was introduced because they already messed up and added Kappcan and can’t take it back.

The community is strongly against any new versions of this weapon.


I’m an opponent of capcan, but a weapon that would suck on the enemy and hook 2-3 targets could be funny

stop hate kapkan, use them,fused them,love them.

the community ? You need play the game to be part of it.

I don’t use kapkans but when FerrariFrank is on my team…I get sooooo many points! I run triple fused fortunes all fused for projectile speed/durability and damage with a fused Harpy cabin.


Thank you,bro. Are you FALOOZ (steve alarie)?

Yes sir!

Best fortune player.


1 jubokko is basically a legendary kapkan, but it is balanced, so you say that kapkan itself cannot be eventually balanced as well?

2 i almost never see anyone using kapkans anymore in actual battles, as now they are useless, just nerfing and nerfing an item will not “balance” it, nor will fix the “mistake” kapkan should be reworked totally, and not be given a thousand nerf and counters;

We shoudn’t turn every “bad” or “no skill” weapon into a nest v2, what if a new player picks up that weapon not knowing how many nerfs it went trought? Or because people say that a weapon is “no skill” a new player that does not know how to play sees it, and think they are not going to get wreckt if they use that “no skill” weapon, but instead they use it and get wreckt even harder and quits the game as he would lose money by selling the weapon as no one wants it.

It’s like cloak and detectors, then verifiers and griffon lol, what is balance

i agree

They are a pack only item so they wouldn’t dare, they know what they’re doing, sadly

Hey Falooz welcome to the chat!


So you agree in removing kapkan’s “trapping capability" and turning it into a regular machinigun or cannon instead of a minelayer?

Kapkan is a good and interesting weapon. That said I don’t think it needs a relic one. If anything it needs a craft and a limit of 2 per vehicle. That said the people here saying it should be removed for doing its job are just freaking dumb.

It is a trap, that is what it is meant for, get over it and learn to shoot it, and if you really hate them Grab an Argus those are not expensive.


Just use meatgrinders, you will never get traped, and argus was honestly never good for taking out kapkans near you;

And i disagree on “hard limits” like those, i think a good idea would be to rework the kapkan in a way that it gets an actual perk which changes the way it is played, but the perk itself get less effective the more kapkans you have on a vehicle.

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